Let’s Celebrate {Christmas in July}

christmasinjulyWith all this talk about Christmas in July, I decided to have a mini-Christmas at home with the kids. I gave a brief thought to inviting friends and making it a real pary, but then decided that simple and sweet was better for us this year. It was really quite simple…


We had a really great day and the kids were TOTALLY surprised. It was so funny — when my five year old woke up, he just looked at the tree and said, “I am SO glad it is Christmas!”

We have already been told by our oldest about 150 times that she hopes that we can do this every year — and I think it is a great idea. I think in the future, with more time, it could be a totally fun day (though I did love the simplicity of this year.) Here are some of the things I have thought of, especially trying to think about how to make a winter holiday a summer one (maybe you Aussies can give us some ideas!)

  • Homemade mint chocolate chip ice cream with red hots
  • Red and green popsicles
  • Grilling a ham
  • Turkey Burgers
  • Peppermint iced lattes
  • Red and Green Kool Aid
  • Put up an inflatable palm tree
  • Make cookies for friends and deliver them
  • Snowmen Shaped pizzas

…oh the ideas keep coming!


So have any of you celebrated Christmas in July with your family or friends? What did you do? Any fun ideas we should try?


And what would the day be without a page to remember it by?

christmas-in-july_450Credits: papers by Amber Clegg (RUSH), Palm Tree by Emily Merritt (Balmy Christmas), stitching by Syrin, stamped alpha by Nancie Rowe Janitz, fonts are CK Ali’s Writing and Typewriter Scribbled