Scan My Photos


A few years back, at a time when I somehow managed to scrap multiple layouts a day, I realized that as much as I loved scrapping current photos, I sometimes got bored and wanted to scrap something different. I had a scanner but hated getting everything set up every time I wanted to scrap some older photos. Then I discovered the amazing SCAN MY PHOTOS. It is a service that will scan all of your photos for you and send them to you on DVD. How cool is that?

Here is how it works:

You order a prepaid box from them and they send it to you. You pack it full of photos (according to their instructions) and mail it back to them. They scan all of your photos (the say the box can hold approximately 2,000 — I think I got about 1800 in there) and send them to you as well as returning your original photos. They are shipped within 24 hours! Here is the description from the website:

We know the project of scanning photos can be daunting. Most people have 1,000’s of photos in their closet packed away in shoe boxes or photo albums. Now there is an alternative to scanning photos yourself. is your cost-effective way to scan photos to digital files. Your pictures are professionally scanned at 300dpi JPEG files, put onto a DVD for viewing or editing on your home computer and returned to you with your photographs. All work is completed on-site so your photo memories never leave our sight during the process and are shipped out within 24 hours of when we receive your order. Choose from either of the options below, visit our frequently asked questions for more information or view a couple sample scans. International orders click here.

There are other ways to do it (including a $49.95 per 1000 photos option) and they also now allow international orders. You can also have negatives scanned (including APS which is good news for me since I cut all my photos of my first trip to India into cute dissgustingly ugly and weird shapes). Slide scanning and VHS to DVD are also options.

Just think…all those boxes of photos just sitting there when they could be scrapped! Here are some layouts I did using some of my scanned photos…