Sponsor Spotlight – Stephanie2


Stephanie and Steph are the two girls behind Stephanie2 (or “Stephanie to the power of two” or “Stephanie squared”) right here in The Daily Digi Store. Naturally, the first thing people want to know is how we started working together, which we will share and so much more after we share our contribution to The Digi Files 5.  The Digi Files are what help pay for the site costs and bring you the content that you enjoy on  daily basis, while keeping the site free of blinkies, banners, and ads.

Here is what Stephanie2 contributed to this months The Digi Files:



Here are a few layouts from the girls at TDD:

max-little-mr-wonderful-052309(layout by Karen: Stephanie2 Pippi’s Dream Doodles; Amy Stoffel Fresh Air kit
(DigiScrapAddicts freebie); Lauren Reid Clearly Trimmed; Lauren Grier
Layered Up In You Circles; Laura Bratcher Once Fabulous black frame; Aja
Abney flower from ScrapArtist Get Creative collab; Designs By Lili blue
string from ScrapArtist Get Creative collab; Emily Powers Let There Be
Light; Kristen Rice star stiches; Fonts are Love Ya Like a Sister and
friends2009(Layout by Rachael: Pippi’s Happy Doodles by Stephanie2
Garden Zest by Kaye Winiecki at The Lilypad
Speckled Papers by Kacque Larsen at The Lilypad)

Kelly did a couple of GREAT hybrid canvases too! 🙂

kelly-stephanie2tdd5followyourheart(by Kelly: I used the Stephanie2 kit from TDD5
with some buttons, tickets and ribbon.)
kellystephanie2tdd5celebratecollage(by Kelly: All supplies from TDD5 Stephanie2 Collection
plus baker’s twine)

All of the Stephanie2 doodle packets include the colored doodles in png format, the outlines of the doodles in png/abr format, and pdf files of all of the doodles for easy printing in your hybrd projects (and for our paper scrapping friends that don’t want to mess with any programs at all 😉 ).  All of the Stephanie2 kits also include a font that co-ordinates with the alpha.

You can get these collections along with many other items for just $5.00 in The Digi Files5.

alittleaboutstephanie1stephanieStephanie is a self-proclaimed “die-hard-long-live-paper-scrapper”.  Her hybrid projects are jaw-dropping gorgeous (you can see them in some of the previews in the store) and her doodles are the same!  Stephanie is the doodler of the bunch and has been designing in the paper industry for years.  She is also known for her brand Homegrown Hospitality and always has some kind of fun scrap related project going on.  She does most of her creating in her Shedteau (the, dare I say, “shed” in her back yard…shhhhh don’t let her know I called it a shed)!  Stephanie is a “Simply Complicated” girl….I love the simple things and most of the time complicate them…in a good way.”


stephI (Steph) am the digital girl of the bunch!  I have been scrapping on my computer since 2003 and love everything about it!!  I am also known around the digiworld as islandmom and I opened Fontologie (my font business) in the spring of 2007.  I love challenging myself by learning new programs and skills, that’s one of the reasons I love digital so much, there is always something new to learn!  I joined Janet here at The Daily Digital before the site went live and love being here!  I am really enjoying teaming up with Stephanie to bring her doodles to the digital world!

startedI (steph) came across Stephanie’s designs for the first time a couple of years ago when I was at the bookstore and saw a magazine called “Homegrown Hospitality” and bought it.  It had some of the cutest doodles in it I had ever seen!  I LOVED it!  Fast-forward to early this year when I saw a post on a blog about ordering your word of the year in a doodle form.  I followed the links to Stephaine’s blog and instantly recognized her style to be the same doodles as the ones I loved in the magazine.  I then went to her Etsy store where I saw a Valentine’s Day kit you could pre-order along with some printable doodles and a font.  So, I emailed her and asked if I could just get the printables and the font.  I just happened to link her to The Daily Digi and my font site and asked if she had ever thought about selling stuff digitally.  Stephanie emailed me back instantly and things snowballed from there.  At some point we decided on the name Stephanie2 because we just kinda liked it!

But we keep finding ways our pathes have crossed, just recently we discovered that Stephanie knows my cousin and in fact…my cousin took her wedding photos!  Yeah, we thought that was funny too!


Our process…it really varies based on the product and is kind of random.  Sometimes I will email Stephanie with an idea and she will say great and doodle it, other times, she just doodles and then sends them to me and says, “How about these?”  The “Together” collection was a bunch of different doodles she sent me at different times that all happened to be in the same color scheme, so I (Steph) put them all together…heehee.  The kits, we go back and forth…she doodles, I add ideas and elements, then Stephanie adds ideas and they kind of explode. No matter what though, she is always the doodler and I am always the digitizer!

Stephanie’s favorite colors to use are what she calls her “homegrown colors” which are barn red, sage green, liberty blue, and tan.  But, she typically just grabs a color and goes for it! My favorite color is PINK…which Stephanie doesn’t really care much for (although I think she can rock the color in her doodles!)  We discovered that we both love gingham when I made up a couple of gingham papers to go in Whirligig and Stephanie emailed me back and said, “I LOVE GINGHAM!!  Let’s do them in every color for both of our kits!” So, we did!

This brings us to our favorite products.  Stephanie says her favorite is the gingham papers.



My favorite products are usually the newest doodles we have done (Pippi in this case) but I think our first two kits will always be on my list.  I love that they have fonts that match the alphas!



Some layouts by Katie with these products:


(Reach for the Stars kit – and the font. I love that these kits
include a font!
Template is by Bree Clarkson)
katie_steph2_whirl(Whirligig kit from The Daily Digi Store
Template by Kaye Winiecki (modified))

Here are a couple of other products:




We want to say THANKS to The Daily Digi readers with two fun things!  The first is a SALE!!!


The second is a random drawing for a custom doodle!!


You pick a word, name, or short quote and we will work our magic on it!  Just post a comment here by the end of Monday, June 22 to enter yourself to win!!