Declutter Your Hard Drive


This is a post by team member, Ana Paula


It’s almost summer and it’s very likely that you had your Spring Cleaning by now. It’s time to get rid of the stuff we don’t use anymore, donate clothes to charity, or maybe sell it all in a garage sale. When we give away what is not useful in our lives, we make space for the new. According to Feng Shui we improve our lives by organizing our home. Check it out HERE.

So, why not do it in our computers as well?

If you are like me (Ana), you probably have thousands of digital scrapbooking files in your hard drive. Tons of them! Last time I counted, it came to over 13 gigabytes! Now, do I use all of the 13 Gb frequently? I think you know the answer.

So, I decided to stop the madness and do a major clean up in my computer. The task is insane, so I am taking baby steps. Each day I delete 5 folders of products I haven’t used recently. In a week, I’ve got rid of 25 folders and hopefully I’ll have a few more megabytes of space in my HD.

Sometimes I delete files within folders. When we get a huge kit, sometimes we are not in love with all of the files. So I choose the ones I like most and delete the rest. This helps reducing the size of my digital scrapbooking folder too.

Now, let’s talk about pictures. Oh, I can hear the screams “No! Don’t touch my photos!” But, really, do you need 372 pictures of your baby taking her first steps? I don’t. With digital photography, it’s so easy to keep shooting and shooting and we end up with tons and tons of images, most of those we never get to print anyway.

I used to be like this – kept every single photo I took and couldn’t even think of deleting one of them. Now I have a different approach. When I download my images, I sort them out right away. I delete the bad ones (blurred, bad focus, bad cropping, etc) and I also delete the extra photos of a scene, keeping just 2 or 3. The rest just goes. Then I scrapbook even fewer, sometimes I just get prints done and put them in my regular photo albums.

Recently I’ve started to clean up my fonts as well. I am a type addict (I specially love the handwriting and script ones) so I install lots of them every once in a while. But, again, some I never used. So I’m using the 5-a-day rule with fonts too. It makes my life much easier when I get to scrap because I don’t need to go over a huge list of fonts to choose one.

So today I invite you to do a major cleaning in your hard drive and get rid of the files you don’t use anymore. Don’t forget to also make regular backups of your files.