Inspiration is Everywhere


No matter where you go, what you do, what you see, you can be inspired. Every day life that happens around us can be a source of inspiration.  We can pay attention to color, pattern, design, texture, and more.  That inspiration can then translate into our art — whether that be photography, scrapping, or some other art form. Inspiration is everywhere!

I asked my team what inspires them and here is what they said:


  • Beautiful photography always inspires me. I love the BIG PICTURE blog at – the pictures are news oriented so sometimes the subject matter is tough, but they are always amazing.
  • Some of my favorite photographers to follow on flickr are tataAnne, dolpharius, and  jeff clow
  • Pioneer Woman always makes me want to take more pictures (and buy more lenses!) Her blogs are amazing!
  • I’m also loving the Gallery Standouts blog to find inspiration for scrapping
  • I’ve also made a commitment to be better about actually reading all the digi newsletters that I download from designers and stores. They have so many great articles and layouts in them!

DUNIA: I love to find inspiration in the galleries, my favorite gallery for inspiration is SISTV and I also like to find inspation in children stuff like books, clothes, cartoons, etc.


  • I was a subscriber of Simple Scrapbooks, which unfortunately was discontinued. I have a dozen magazines that I always turn to when I’m stuck on a layout. So, there’s that.
  • Also, I LOVE seeing Two Peas in a Bucket gallery. I get really inspired by the traditional scrappers there
  • I love Ali Edward’s blog too.  Her approach to life and scrapbooking is just really inspiring.
  • And Etsy.  I can spend HOURS just browsing!

KELLY: I’m a decor magazine junkie. Seriously. I need a 12 step program for my issue. But anyway, I am amazed at the patterns and colors and combinations that fill those pages.  I’ve got stacks of ripped out pages sitting beside my bedside table waiting for me to file them in my idea files. 🙂

AMY: Most of my inspiration has been mentioned, but if you like decor and accessories and stationery and basically eye candy of any kind… I recommend these two blogs: Poppytalk and Oh Joy!


  • I love  love love the Creating Garden at 2Peas. Whenever I am in a creative rut, I always turn there for inspiration. I don’t know why but I just love mimicking paper scrapper’s design layout ideas. I also love the variety of topics they have!
  • Lately, Cathy Zielske’s blog has been such a resource for inspiration too. Have you guys seen her preview of the Encyclopedia of Me (A-Z)? Amazing!

And ME, well, I have so many sources of inspiration!

  • I love to type in a word at istock photo and see what comes up.  SO incredible!


  • I Love Photography is always one of my first stops in the morning.  I love seeing all the amazing photos and reading about how to make my photos better.
  • My Google Reader is full of amazing blogs with great ideas and inspiration for scrapping, photography, and crafts.
  • Online stores like Old Navy and Pottery Barn always leave me swooning!
  • And there is NOTHING like getting a fresh new scrapping magazine in my mailbox and sitting down with a cup of coffee and pouring over the pages.  Talk about inspiration!

So, what inspires you??