If Your Blog Needs a Makeover…


There are lots of us in the digi world that blog. I started my personal blog way back in January 2006 (I think!) and for a few years was blogging every day. I love that blogs allow me to keep track of the day to day stories of my life in a fun way that my friends and family can see. I also love reading other people’s blogs! I have quite a long list of blogs I check out. While most of them I read in my Google Reader, there are some that are just too pretty not to look at directly. I am a sucker for all things pretty.

So what can you do to pretty up your own blog?

There are lots of options! If you don’t feel like doing it all yourself, check out some of these resources for getting your blog to look great!


One of the easiest options is a website called CUTEST BLOG ON THE BLOG. They have lots of free backgrounds and banners and easy installation. This is a great choice for a quick makeover and is also great for your non-digi friends who want to make their blogs as cute as yours!



Shabby Miss Jenn has a TON of fun blog packs. They come with full instructions, including screen shots and html codes. There are also video tutorials. If you have tried everything and still need some help getting you blog looking right, they have an exclusive arrangement with The Blog Shoppe to help you out! Each of SMJ’s blog packs include a banner, banner for a photo, 3 background images, picture frame, border divider, journal mat, tab buttons with text and blank tab buttons.



Shabby Princess also has a lot of options when it comes to BLOGwear. I guarantee that anything you make with something by Shabby Princess will be oh-so-cute!



Zoe Pearn also has a lot of blog packs over at Sweet Shoppe Designs. I love all her fun and fresh designs! This is from the descriptions of her “Blog in a Box”: The “Blog In A Box” line contains everything you need to bring your Blog to life, including Photo Headers, Non-Photo Headers, Sidebar Buttons (both labeled and plain for you to add your own headings), Backgrounds, plus Post-Separator Graphics. Everything is coordinated, right down to the text and link colours to make sure your blog will look absolutely perfect! Installation couldn’t be easier – full, easy to follow instructions are included, PLUS the code for the page to make sure that everything will turn out perfectly!



If you are looking for something totally custom-made but don’t want (or know how) to do it yourself, why not give THE BLOG SHOPPE a try? Kathy, the master behind it, is FABULOUS. She has done everything for THE DAILY DIGI. She worked (cheerfully) with all my questions, plans, mistakes, and made my dream come true. She has also done a lot of other great blogs! In addition, she has permission to use digi materials from great designers such as Kitty Chen, Flergs, and Shabby Miss Jenn.


So what are you waiting for? Give your blog a makeover today!