Spot Lit Wall

Here we are again with another Sponsor Spotlight — our final one for June!  Rachel Young, who sells at Scrapartist, is a fabulously talented designer with totally fun and fresh designs. I just love all her playful elements and electic style.  I am sure you will too.  Just look what she created for THE DIGI FILES 5!



Isn’t it just so fun and carefree?  Look at all the great layouts by our team


layout by Katie


layout by Ana


layout by Karen
rgiallongo_tdf5_rylayout by Rachael



I am a Utah native and also married to my favorite person, Nate Young for nearly 11 years.  I have 3 children ages 9, 7, and 4.   I am a stay at home mom who loves to have a creative outlet and digital scrap-booking is certainly one of my biggest passions.  I had never had an interest in paper scrapping, but at the urging of my sister in law I began digital scrapping in March of 2006 and never looked back.  I began designing shortly after in July of 2006.  In the rest of my limited free time I enjoy gardening, reading, and rocking out with Rock Band.  My designs can now be found at ScrapArtist.com.  For more than you ever wanted to know about me, you can visit my blog HERE.

STORE: Rachel Young Designs at ScrapArtist

BLOG: Rachel Young Designs


I just wanted to see if I could do it at first…then I couldn’t stop!


I am in my third year of designing.


Definitely both….but designing takes a lot more of my time.


Sometimes as much as 5 hours a day…but I do try to limit my computer time to when the kids are in bed.


My Salvaged Spellers Collection



Funky Junky



1. Summer thunderstorms
2. Baking pie
3. Singing
4. Zinnias
5. Fresh garden tomatoes
6. Colors
7. Greek food
8. Sunrises
9. Disneyland
10. The smell of books


1. Toast crumbs in the butter
2. Being late
3. Photoshop freezes
4. Wet socks
5. Grumpy people
6. Disrespectful children
7. Spills that don’t get cleaned up
8. Whining (can you tell I’m a mom?)
9. Headaches
10. Messy cars


And now let’s see some more of Rachel’s fun designs

(all images are linked)











And here are some of her fabulous products on some fabulous pages!








Thanks so much, Rachel, for being a part of THE DAILY DIGI this month.  Your designs are so fun and unique!  I love all the flair they add to layouts!



Before I start this post, I want to apologize to Amanda and to THE DAILY DIGI readers. Amanda’s post was scheduled for Friday and set to auto-post. After finishing, I left the house to move. It is only now that I have been back online and see that not only did the post not post, but WordPress deleted the entire post. Just goes to show you, never trust a computer. And now for the post that should have been up on Friday…

Spot Lit Wall

We are so excited to have Amanda Rockwell with us this month here at THE DAILY DIGI! Amanda is a fabulous designer and has been part of the digi world for as long as I can remember. I love her “worn and comfortable” style and her awesome color combos. Amanda is also the queen of helping other designers — she has a huge collection of commercial use items and is very active in teaching others great design tips and tricks. I just know you are going to love her stuff. Let’s start by looking at what she created for THE DIGI FILES 5.


Isn’t it sweet? I just love the colors and I am always a sucker for flowers. You can get this mini kit and a whole lot more in THE DIGI FILES 5 for just a few more days. Here are some layouts made my our team using this kit.

aggieaviso_tdf5_amandarockwell1layout by Aggie

kids_celebrategrandma_05_web1layout by Jacki

awolff_arockwell_4501layout by Amy

ibu-yenni_web1layout by Janet



My name is Amanda Rockwell. I have been married for 10 years and I have 3 children. My oldest is going to be 9, middle child is 7 and the youngest is going to be 5. They keep me quite busy. We currently live in our hometown in Arizona, where we met in high school.

I currently sell at ScrapArtist. You can see my designs HERE.


I started designing 4 ½ years ago when I was on a photography journey. I ended up giving the photography dream away because I loved designing so much!


4 ½ years


I do scrap when I have free time! I shopped recently and really need to use my new items 🙂


Sometimes I only spend 20 hours a week and other times I put in a good 60 hours. I always consistently work no matter what.


My favorite product to date would be my paper party collection.



1. God
2. My children
3. My husband
4. My dog
5. My extended family
6. Designing
7. People who are humble and giving
8. My friends
9. The store I sell in and especially Nancie!
10. Running


1. Liars
2. People who are mean spirited
3. 100+ weather
4. People who are loud and obnoxious
5. Rude people
6. Squeaky wheels at the grocery store
7. Nails on a chalkboard
8. Neighborhood women who love to gossip about the other neighbors. I have one of those…
9. Dogs that bark at you the whole time you’re having a family barbeque. Why don’t the owners come out and stop them?
10. Drivers who zip around through traffic because they’re in a hurry to sit at a stop light!


And now let’s look at some of Amanda’s awesome designs! Like I mentioned above, she has a great selection of commercial use items as well as regular kits and elements packs. But the thing is, even commercial use items are great for regular scrappers. I LOVE having a collection of great paper textures for when I need a very specific color of paper. I just pull out a paper texture that I love and make my own paper. Easy peasy!

All images are linked









And now see some of Amanda’s designs in use…








Thanks so much, Amanda, for being here with us this month! We love all that you create and can’t wait to see more!


It’s Time for a New Relationship With Food

the-undigi1This post was written by Leo Babauta and was reprinted with permission

Have you ever stopped to consider what relationship you have with food?

We don’t often think we even have a relationship with food, and yet we do — and it’s pretty intimate.

Think about this: if you’re like me, you spend as much or more time with food than you do with many of the loved ones in your life — several hours a day or more.

And consider this: technically, food is just fuel for living. That’s all — nothing else.

And yet … it has become so much more to most of us:

  • we use food for pleasure
  • we use it for comfort
  • we turn to food when we’re sad, depressed, hurt
  • we use food to socialize
  • we use it as a reward
  • we do it when we’re bored
  • food can also be a chore
  • we use food as gifts
  • we turn to food when we’re lonely
  • food can be associated with sex
  • food is equated to health
  • sometimes, food becomes an obsession
  • it definitely can be an addiction
  • food can make us hate ourselves
  • food is the center of many billion-dollar industries

In fact, the huge food-related industries are at the center of much of our relationship with food: restaurants, fast-food chains, convenience foods, agribusinesses, distributors, grocery chains, snack foods, bakeries, coffee shops, dessert chains, health food, diet foods, supplements, bodybuilding food, and many others. They spend billions upon billions every year trying to get us to eat more and more food — their food in particular — and the horrifying thing is that all this advertising really, really works.

We have been convinced that the answer to almost any problem is food. You truly love someone? Buy them chocolates, or take them to a restaurant, or bake them cookies. Want to lose weight? Eat diet food. Want to get fit? Take our supplements, eat our meat, drink our milk. Want to be healthy? Eat our healthy products. Want to reward yourself? There are too many options to name here. Having a bad day? We’ve got the food for you. Don’t have time? Our food will save time. Want to save money? Buy super size and “save”.

Food is the answer to everything, apparently.

And yet, we forget that food is just fuel. We need to eat a certain amount to live and maintain our weight. If we eat more than that, we will store some of that fuel as fat (or build muscle if we’re exercising). And how do we lose weight? By eating, apparently — eat diet food, drink diet shakes, eat Zone bars, eat vegetarian products, eat meat and other protein sources, eat low-fat products, eat our cereal, drink our diet soda.

But what if we … just ate less?

Despite what the food industries have convinced us, we don’t need to eat as much as we do to survive. Sure, maybe eating that much is fun, and pleasurable, and will stave off boredom, and is fun to do with friends and family, and so on. But we don’t need to eat that much. Actually, we need to eat less.

The problem isn’t that it’s so difficult to eat less. The problem is that we have a complicated relationship with food that started when we were toddlers and has become more and more complicated through the years, through endless amounts of advertising, of eating when we’re sad and lonely and happy and bored and at parties and going out and on dates and watching TV and dieting and so on.

Our complicated relationship with food makes it hard to cut back on how much we eat.

So let’s start building a new relationship with food:

  • Start recognizing exactly why we eat — is it just for sustenance or is our hunger often triggered by other things (boredom, socializing, pleasure, etc.)?
  • Start realizing the effects that advertising and the food industries have on how we think about food and how we eat.
  • Stop eating when we’re bored, out of habit, as a reward, for pleasure, for comfort, etc.
  • Only eat what and how much we need.
  • Find other ways to entertain ourselves, comfort ourselves, find pleasure, etc.
  • Find other ways to socialize than eating large amounts of food.
  • Stop obsessing so much about food.
  • End our addiction with certain foods — sugar, for example, or starches. We can still eat them, but we don’t need to eat them as much.

Think about it: how much simpler would life be if you could end this complicated relationship with food? Some changes that might happen:

  • You’d spend less time thinking about food.
  • You’d spend less time preparing food.
  • You’d spend less money on food.
  • You’d eat less.
  • You’d get healthier.

I have to give credit to Brad Pilon and his excellent ebook, Eat Stop Eat, for inspiring this post. Brad shook up a few of my notions about eating, my assumptions about standard beliefs in the health industry, and about why we are conditioned to eat so much.

While I haven’t yet decided to try Brad’s super simple method for losing fat — fast 1-2 days a week and eat normally on other days, plus strength training — I definitely recommend his book as a way to challenge the ideas you might have read in magazines or fitness blogs.

But what’s most interesting is how he recommends 24-hour fasts as a way to transform your relationship with food. By fasting, you learn to give up your need to eat for reasons other than fuel. You learn that hunger is often conditioned by other things, and you end that conditioning. You learn that hunger is OK, and after awhile the fasts don’t bother you at all. At least, that’s what Brad claims, and it sounds reasonable to me. I might try fasting for this reason alone.

Now, some of you will object to fasting on the usual grounds — it’s unhealthy, your body goes into starvation mode, it’ll slow down your metabolism, your body will start using muscle as fuel, your blood-sugar levels will drop too low, you won’t have energy. Those are the same reasons I objected. And I won’t try to refute these ideas — Brad’s book does a much better job. (Note: the links to his website aren’t affiliate links and I don’t make any money if you buy his book. Nor do I endorse his program, as I haven’t tried it. I do endorse the book for informational purposes.)

Anyway, you don’t need to fast to transform your relationship with food. It’s one way, and I thought it was an interesting idea.

In the end, let’s teach ourselves some simple things: food is just fuel. Most of us need to eat less. Food isn’t love or entertainment or anything else like that. It’s just fuel.

Just a Few More Days…


Happy weekend to all of you!  I hope you are enjoying summer, eating yummy BBQ, and making use of your local pool.  I plan to enjoy all those things next week when we are finally done moving.  The painters are painting, the house is mostly packed, and the truck comes today.  And then it is time to gear up for the 4th of July!

There are just a few more days for you pick up this months THE DIGI FILES.  The eight sponsoring designer totally ROCKED this month and I will be sad to see them go.  I have loved (and used!) everything they made and some of it just makes me swoon.

Amy Hutchinson (ah! Designs) at After 5 Designs
Kelleigh Ratzlaff at The Digi Chick
Amber Clegg at Scrapartist
Ellie Lash at Scrapbook Graphics
Rachel Young at Scrapartist
Stephanie2 at THE DAILY DIGI
Leora Sanford at Little Dreamer Designs
Amanda Rockwell at Scrapartist

We get lots of emails asking to see what’s inside THE DIGI FILES.  And although we show you bit by bit and we still have one more Sponsor Spotlight to do (the fabulous Rachel Young) we decided that today was a good day to show you everything all together.  If you are still on the fence about buying it, it is now or never.  On July 1 THE DIGI FILES 5 come down and everything goes into the designers shops for full market value. I don’t even want to start adding that number up. So here you go…in all its scrappy glory….drum-roll please…THE DIGI FILES 5!













So hurry and GRAB IT NOW…before it’s too late.


Getting it done

gettingitdoneSupplies: Kraft paper, Stephanie2; alpha, frame, paper, Rachel Young; font JP’s Hand Slanted

One of the freedoms that digital scrapping gave me was to scrap what I want, when I want and not constantly feel “behind”.  Even with that revelation though, I still wish I could get more scrapped than I do.  I’m sure you can relate…maybe just a little? I have a few tips I have learned over the years that have helped me to make the best use of my scrapping time.  I would like to share a few of those with you today. Then, I will ask you to email anything you have discovered that helps you “get it done” for a future post!


Remember that your scrapbooks are a journey not a destination!! Take time to enjoy the process of preserving these memories!  One of the things that I love most about scrapbooking is that we can enjoy the moments and memories the first time they happen, again while we are scrapping them, and then each time we look through our albums.  If we are enjoying our lives, we will most likely never be “caught up” because for each memory we scrap, there is another memory being made…and that is a GOOD THING!!


When you have some time to scrap, shut your email, close your internet browser, and then keep them CLOSED!! Resist the temptation to hurry and check email, or buy that one kit.   When I started doing this, I was shocked at how much more productive I was during my scrapping time!  Remember that scrapping time is precious and needs to be used for SCRAPPING (haha)!


Schedule time to scrap. I have done this many different ways.  When I first started digital, I had an online friend (that soon became a IRL friend) and we would IM and scrap every Saturday night.  It was fun to show each other layouts as we were working on them.

I have also scheduled scrap weekends away from home that proved to be very productive!  I have a childhood friend that has gone digital and she schedules one Friday a month with her girlfriends (that are all digital too) and go to her mom’s house to scrap.  This way, there are no kids and they can stay and scrap as late as they want.

If it is impossible for you to get big chunks of time to scrap, then give yourself a reward at the end of the day or during nap time and scrap for 30 minutes or an hour.  One of the beautiful things about digital is that you can start a layout and keep it open on your desktop, stealing a few minutes here or there to work on it.


Start a “Ready to Scrap” folder. There are times when I might have time to scrap, but I’m not really feeling like it…my mojo is gone for one reason or another.  Instead of forcing it, it will work on my “ready to scrap” folder.  I create a 12×12 canvas and then pull the photos, papers, and embellies that I want to use for a layout onto the canvas.  I usually make note in a text box, what supplies are there, and then save it as a PSD file inside of my “ready to scrap” folder.  Then, when I have big chunks of time (like my weekend retreats) I can just go to that folder and not waste time figuring out what photos and supplies I want to use.  This is one of the best time saving techniques I have used.

gettingitdonenumber5Don’t use every photo you take. Give yourself permission to scrap a one or two-page layout of an event and that’s all…nothing more.  It really is okay!  I am one that hates scrapping events (birthdays and holidays especially), but I know those will be important to my kids someday.  Some of my very favorite layouts have been ones where I put as many pictures as I tastefully can from one event and then journal about what happened.


Some of these tips might be ones that you already use, but I’m sure you might have others that have helped you GET IT DONE!!  If you do have some tips, then  email me at steph@thedailydigi.com and I will share your tips with our readers in future post! 🙂


Team Play Day


It is hard to believe that the month of June is already coming to a close. The days and weeks just seem to fly by…I am already scared to look at the calendar and know that August will be here before I know it and that means the end of summer and everything wonderful about it (except the weather…living in the tropics does have its advantages 🙂 ) With only a week left to pick up THE DIGI FILES 5 and only one more week to soak in all the yumminess of our current spotlighted designers, we decided to have a team play day! The team did some mix and matching with stuff from THE DIGI FILES and some dug into the designers stores and played with some of their other products. Enjoy the eye candy…and hang on, ‘cuz summer is flying!

sam-cute-face-0409This super fun and colorful layout is by Karen, using stuff from Amy Hutchinson’s store. She used Truly Modly Deeply kit; Cocktail Recipe 2 template; Bottoms Up Boy kit; Spiced Rum alpha; Live & Learn papers; Mini Label alpha; Heaven Sent scallop; Bombay Flower button and brads; Font is Typewriter


This awesome two page layout is by Ana and features products by Leora Sanford at Little Dreamer Designs. She used Hoopla (kit), Doodley Doo (alpha), It’s a date 2, Smudgetastic Doodles, Now you see me (fasteners). Other: Quick Collage 111 Scrapbooks Etc. Font: Rough Typewriter.

Here are the pages individually




Here is a layout from me using a bunch of stuff from THE DIGI FILES 5. I used papers and buttons from Amber’s RUSH kit, Word Art by Steph2, string by Amy Hutchinson’s SPIKED CHAI LATTE, as well as some stitching by Syrin.

karen-042609Here is a another great layout by Karen using stuff from THE DIGI FILES 5 and some other goodies: Leora Sanford Beachy Keen kit; Amy Hutchinson Spiced Chai Latte elements; Stephanie2 Pippi’s Dream Doodles; Something Blue Studios Worn Photo Overlay; Two Sisters Artist’s Canvas acrylic paint; Font is CK BrandyB; Photo actions are Pioneer Woman Fresh and Colorful, Sunshine and Quick Edge Burn

tdf5-duniaThis gorgeous layout by Dunia, also using lots of stuff from THE DIGI FILES 5, features Pippi’s Dream Doodles by Stephanie 2, Spiked Chai Latte by Amy Hutchinson, Rush by Amber Clegg, Beachy Keen by Leora Sanford, and Brush Strokes Photo Masks by Loreta Labarca

teamplayday_katieThis oh-so-sweet layout is by Katie and uses paper and green strong from Leora’s Beachy Keen kit, flower and yellow paper from Rachel’s Glee kit, green paper from Ellie’s Strawberry Hill, and word art by Stephanie2.


And finally, another beautiful layout by Ana using Papers Strawberry Hill, Ellie Lash; Rush, Amber Clegg; Beachy Keen, Leora Sanford; Glitter Rush, Amber Clegg; Heart Glee, Rachel Young; Pippis Happy Doodles, Stephanie 2; Flower Sweet Florals, Amanda Rockwell; Stitching Spiked Chai Latte, Amy Hutchinson; Tag and wordart Beachy Keen, Leora Sanford. Fonts: Rough Typewriter and DJB Sweet Robin, Darcy Baldwin.


So…it’s summertime…so why don’t YOU have a play day?

P.S. The winner of the Stephanie2 custom doodle is chigirl. CONGRATS!


Spot Lit Wall

We are so excited to have Leora Sanford of Little Dreamer Designs with us here at THE DAILY DIGI this month!  I first got to know Leora’s work when I was a part of the Dream Team over at LDD and I have loved it ever since. Leora’s designs are fun, fresh, and full of awesome colors.  I love that Leora is willing to step out, try something new, and be true to who she is.  Before we get to know her a bit better and see some of her work, let’s look at what she created for THE DIGI FILES 5.


You can get this great kit as well as a TON more all in THE DIGI FILES 5 — available for just ONE MORE WEEK!

It’s so fun!  I love the worn and comfortable colors.  Here are some of the fabulous layouts by our team that were create using this kit.


A two page layout by Jacki…here are the individual pages


pg2Credits: Beachy Keen from TDF5 by Leora Sanford, Sandpatch from Spring Break 08 by Leora Sanford, Template by Janet Phillips, Stories 3-2, Messy Date Stamp by Michelle Coleman, Font is Merry by Darcy Baldwin

aggieaviso_tdf5_leorasanfordLayout by Aggie.  Credits: The Digi Files 5 Leora Sanford Beachy Keen Kit; Heide Larsen Hollow Block Alphabet; Michelle Coleman Brushed Edges 2; CD Muckosky Wax Wherls; Janet Phillips template; Font: SS Mono

leora_katieLayout by Katie.  Credits: Kaye Winiecki Template pack 7 from The Lily Pad, Leora Sanford Beachy Keen kit from The Digi Files 5 at The Daily Digi, Fonts are Impact and Calibri

ana_tdf5_leorasanfordLayout by Ana. Credits: All from Beachy Keen (in TDF5), Leora Sanford. Except for: 210 Quick Collage Template @ Scrapbooks Etc website; It’s a date, Chere Kaye; A little Bird Told Me (orange alpha), Designs by Lili; Good Day Sunshine (question mark), Jacque Larsen; Messy Machine Stitches Straight, Emily Merritt. Fonts: VT Portable Remington (journaling) and Sue Ellen Francisco (title)

flip-flops_for-webLayout by Janet. Credits: Beachy Keen by Leora Sanford for TDF5; stitching by Syrin, Alpha stamps by Nancie Rowe Janitz, font is Typewriter Scribbled


I’m Leora Sanford from Pocatello, Idaho. I have 3 girls, a husband of 15 years and a cutie-patootie Boxer. I’m a school teacher by day, designer by night and an aspiring photographer.

STORE: Leora Sanford at Little Dreamer Designs

BLOG: My Many Layers


When get an inkling to try something, I act on it! I looked at all of beautiful things being designed and thought, “I wonder if I can do that…” I just started playing around and loved it. Luckily I was given the chance to sell at Designer Digitals. I moved to Little Dreamer Designs 2 years ago and have been happy to call it “home” ever since.


A little over 3 years ago (wow…time flies!!)


BOTH. I can’t imagine doing  one and not the other. Since I started out as a scrapper, it made sense to make the transition to a designer. Plus it helps to be able to play around with things before I put them out there for others to use. If I can’t make a product work on a layout, it’s back to the drawing board.


The fantastic thing about being a designer (at least at Little Dreamers) is that my schedule is as flexible as I want or need it to be. Because I’m a school teacher, my “free” time fluctuates, so I make it work when it fits in. I would say I spend anywhere between 3 and 15 hours a week being a designer.


That would most likely be my kit,  “A Lovely Afternoon”




My Frayed Fabric Templates



1. My family
2. Being a twin
3. Teaching
4. Designing
5. Taking pictures
6. Karaoke
7. Hanging out with friends
8. The start of each season
The smell of a new car
10. Jewelry


1. Greedy people
2. Cabinets or cupboards that have been left open
3. Aggressive drivers
4. Mean people
5. My messy car or house
6. Slooooow internet connection
7. Renting (someday we’ll have our own place!! LOL!)
8. Paying $10 to watch a movie
9. Road construction
10. Procrastination (which I totally have a problem with)


Now let’s look at some of Leora’s other fabulous work! (all images are linked)









And now for some inspiration with some great layouts created with Leora’s designs (all images are linked for full credits)








Thanks so much, Leora, for being with us here this month!  Your designs are truly inspiring!


A Sassy Little Hybrid Tutorial by Kelleigh Ratzlaff


This month’s sponsor, Kelleigh Ratzlaff, is having a BIRTHDAY tomorrow. So…let’s


Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday dear Kelleigh

Happy Birthday to you

As a fun little birthday gift to you all, Kelleigh has whipped up a “Sassy Little Hybrid Tutorial” for the purse template she included in THE DIGI FILES 5.


I just love that as digital scrappers, we have the ability to quickly sort through our stash for just the right paper to play with. It’s even cooler when you see a gorgeous piece of paper on your screen and then seconds later you are holding it in your hand. And then, to watch it come to life in the form of a 3-dimensional piece of art . . . well, how fun is that?

As I mentioned in my spotlight, I began designing hybrid templates as a way to make my life a little easier. Creating hybrid projects is a lot of fun, however, when you are up against a CT deadline, it is really nice to be able to grab a tried-and-true template from your stash, add papers, junk it up and go!

All of my templates are pretty intuitive, however I like to create tutorials and easy to understand instructions, just in case you are a hybrid newbie.

First, let me direct you to some pretty good tutorials found at The Hybrid Chick:

Where to Start – offers suggestions for basic materials to get you started with hybrid.

Using Templates – guides you through the process of using my templates from downloading to adding digital paper, and preparing to print.

Borderless Printing – shows you how to find your borderless printing option on your printer . . . or at least get you headed in the right direction.

Now, go grab my Sassy Purse #3 template set (available in THE DIGI FILES this month), add your paper, print it out, and I’ll show you how to assemble it.

The first thing you’ll want to do is score all of the dashed lines. I like to do this before I cut, just because I feel like I have better control of my straight lines. I use a bone folder for scoring, however you can also use the dull side of a dinner knife and a straight edge.

Next, cut out your template. I typically use my craft knife for this, because I love the control I have and after lots of practice, I’m super fast. Micro-tip scissors work great as well!

Make sure you cut on all of the solid lines, including the little snips found in the middle of the purse as shown:


Next, fold all of those scored lines and apply a dry adhesive to the tabs that will be glued to the inside. I use Tombow Mono Adhesive which is basically a double-sided tape runner.


Assemble the box bottom by adhering all of the tabs to the inside of the purse. Then, glue the sides together.


For the decorative purse clasp, apply a dry adhesive to one side and both ends. Fold the two sides together, and sandwich the purse between them, as shown in the picture. I also used an eyelet for some added decoration and to give the clasp a little more strength.


Attach the handle about 1 inch down inside the purse. I used eyelets, but decorative staples or brads would be pretty, too! You’ll want to attach the handle with something a little stronger than regular adhesive if you want the purse to be functional. Not that you’ll throw your lipstick in it and call it a handbag for the next big party, but I’d hate for you to put a present inside and try to pick it up by the handle and have your purse fall apart!


The clasp:


The back:


I added a pretty digital flower and attached the clasp to the front of the purse using Velcro tabs made for paper-crafting projects (found at Walmart in the sewing section). You can also use magnets made for scrapbooking (Basic Grey carries some) or two brads and some string (wrapped around the eyelets in a figure 8).

photo8Credits: Sassy Purse #3 Template Set by Kelleigh Ratzlaff, L’Orange Supreme digital kit by Jen Wilson, eyelets by Crop ‘o Dile, Velcro tabs, Tombow Mono Adhesive, Epson Premium Presentation Paper

If you enjoyed this tutorial, be sure to check out the amazing hybrid inspiration and instruction found at The Hybrid Chick. I have also posted a couple of great tutorials on my personal blog.

Be sure to use my coupon in the month of June to celebrate my birthday!!



Thanks so much, Kelleigh, for this great tutorial. We hope you have a FABULOUS birthday tomorrow!


To All the Daddy’s Out There


And especially to the daddy of my kids…the best daddy in the whole world (sorry, ladies). He is the kind of dad that changes diapers, gets bottles, feeds kids, gives them baths, takes them for bike rides, lets them get muddy, says yes to donuts and ice cream, tickles them, plays with them, wrestles with them, and looks forward to being with them…all because he loves them and wants to help me.

So to the daddy in my life and to all the other daddys out there, have a wonderful day. May you know what a precious gift being a good dad is to those little (or not so little) people who look up to you and need your love and acceptance. I think you have one of the most important jobs ever.


When You Want to Know More


It has been so fun to see how the last six months of THE DAILY DIGI have brought so much inspiration and inspiration to the digi world. Before we opened the site, we felt that there was a great need to streamline the ever-expanding digi community and bring some of that information together in one place. We are still growing and evolving, but we feel that we are on the right track for accomplishing our purpose. However, we have no claims of being the only great place to get information. In fact, there are a lot of places in the digi community that offer all kinds of amazing information. Here are some of my favorites:

And for photography,

  • I Love photography is a great resource for those who aim at turning into a professional children’s photographer
  • Clickin’ Moms is a great site for all sorts of photographers — those who just want to learn to shoot better all the way to those who want to shoot professionally. And like the site name suggests, it is geared towards moms. They have a huge section of tutorials as well as a hoppin’ message board for all sorts of photo-related talk. They also have a stunning gallery.

So go on….take a stroll around the digi world and see what great information is out there!