Meet Jacki

jackiBIO: My name is Jacki. I often post in the galleries at SteinyGirl. I work full-time at an international school as an elementary counselor and I keep busy with three kiddos and all their activities (which, trust me, is a lot!). We live in Malaysia and visit family in Minnesota nearly every year. Janet is the one who introduced me to digiscrapping before she left Malaysia and I’ve been hooked ever since! I was never a paper scrapper but digi clicked and now I’m going back in time and recording my kids’ lives and having a total blast doing it!

5 PRODUCTS I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT: I can’t live without templates and whole/complete kits because they help me be time-efficient in my scrapping. Alphas and doodles always catch my eye and I’ve stocked up on lots of beauties from CD Muckosky, Kate Hadfield and Julia Makotinsky. To round out the top five scrapping products I can’t live without I’d have to include stitching and date tags/stamps.

MY STYLE: As far as my scrapping style goes, eclectic probably best describes me because I love to play around and experiment with different things. I tend to scrap events and I gravitate towards multi-photo and double-page layouts and I love the journaling aspect of it.

MY SCRAPPING IDOL(S): If you look at LO’s that I lift, you’ll see I really look up to Michelle Coleman and Dani Mogstad, both as designers and scrappers.

WHY I AM EXCITED TO BE ON THE TEAM: I’m totally thrilled about being on the team at The Daily Digi because I buy into the whole package of what these ladies are doing. Digiscrapping is most fun when it’s shared with friends and when we’re learning new things together. They’ve got all the right priorities and I love that ultimately my kids get to benefit from all of this!

MY FAVORITE LAYOUT: I love this layout because of the process of creating it. I made one for each of my kids and they helped me find and make buttons to represent the things they’re interested in their lives right now.

Meet Dunia

BIO: My name is Dúnia and I’m scrapbook addicted. I’m married about 11 years and we have a handsome 5 year old boy named Yuri and baby twins Eduarda and Rafaela. We also have two dogs: Floquinho and Pantufa. I live in very south of Brazil, in a city call Porto Alegre. I love to read, watch movies and listen to music, and I’m very eclectic about them.


Word Arts – I have hard time making journaling so word arts are amazing for that.
Doodles – I love the funky look doodles give in a page.
Paper – I usually make pages with white background but I love mix papers as emblishments in my pages.
Buttons – I think they are my favorite emblishments, there are so many possiblities using it.
Layered Templates – I love specially the clean ones, my favorites are from Amy Martin and Paislee Press.

MY STYLE: I love to make clean pages, where the photo is the focus, but sometimes I get silly, and make more fun ones.

MY SCRAPPING IDOL(S): My scrapping idol is Liz (Paislee Press) I just love her pages so beautiful scrappeded where everything matches perfectly, and I’m so proud to be on her creative team because her stuff is so chic and amazing, and her blog is a must read, so many great things I learned from that!

WHY I AM EXCITED TO BE ON THE TEAM: The Daily Digi is amazing, I love all the information, tips, tricks, everything here is so interesting. And being a part of this is a dream come true.


Meet Amy

amyBIO: I’m a designer who is rediscovering her love of scrapping. A starbucks iced white mocha addict. This is probably why I am reestablishing my relationship with my treadmill. Mom to 3 kids who have grown up before my eyes into amazing people. Wife to a man who drives me crazy, but also allows me to be whoever I want to be. And, I help out at the Gallery Standouts Blog.

5 PRODUCTS I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT: Kraft paper, stitching, pattern paper (usually small pieces), handwriting fonts, and fasteners (brads, staples, buttons)

MY STYLE: I’ve always thought of myself as eclectic when it came to scrapping. I’m a paper scrapper at heart so I love to make realistic paper looking layouts. Lately my eye has been drawn towards the clean and graphic style, and layouts that tell a story.

MY SCRAPPING IDOL(S): I’m a huge fan of Stephanie Howell (a paper scrapper). I love her use of old and new and her heart tugging emotional journaling.

WHY I AM EXCITED TO BE ON THE TEAM: I anxiously awaited the debut of TDD with the promise of daily inspiration and my expectations have been met and then some. I think TDD is a breath of fresh air and is such a great addition to the digi community. I’m proud to be a part of it.



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Couch to 5K

the-undigi1I’ll admit it.  I am not a runner.  In fact, most of my life I have hated it.  I was the kid who purposely skipped school (both high school AND college) on the day I had to run the mile.  In my Fitness For Life class in college I think I actually got a doctor’s excuse for why I couldn’t do it.  Really, I just didn’t want to.  I also remember one time when my husband and I were engaged and we decided we would run together.  Was that ever a joke!  We had “The Loop” around my campus and I made it about 30 seconds before I quit and told him I would never be doing that again.

Fitness outside

Fast forward a few years and two kids later and I was overweight and out of shape.  I made up my mind that I wanted to change that.  I started looking around the web for ideas on exercise for newbies and I stumbled across the Couch to 5k program. In short, it is a walking/jogging program that takes you from couch potato to being able to run 3 miles (or 5k) in just nine weeks.  The schedule has you jogging three days a week with a set walk/jog schedule.  For instance, in your first week you jog for 60 seconds and then walk for 90 seconds.  You repeat that for a total of 20 minutes. Each day/week, the intervals change a bit and you slowly work up to jogging more and walking less.  And then by week nine, you are running for 3 miles/30 minutes without stopping.  Believe me, I had my doubts.

However, I was desperate to try something and since I am not a very patient person (as far as weight loss goes or with much of anything else), I thought I would give it a try.  If a program could take me — the girl who does NOT run — to being able to run 3 miles in just over two months then it might just be the most amazing discovery ever.  Long story short — I DID it.  Some days were hard. Some days were easy.  But in the end, I accomplished it.  In ten weeks (I was sick for a week) I went from not being able to run at all to being able to run 3 miles.  To say that I was proud of myself is an understatement.  I was thrilled, elated, and admittedly, quite shocked.  Shocked because I actually could run and shocked because I found out that I really liked it.

So here I am, four years later (and two kids later), and I am at it again.  This is actually my third time on the program (I see pregnancy as a time of total rest so by the time I have had the baby and am ready to stop blaming the weight on that sweet kid, I am out of shape and look awful).  I am on week number three, and once again, am actually really enjoying myself. I don’t particularly like it while I am doing it but when I am done I feel so good and proud!  And, I can definitely say that in addition to the physical benefits of running, my level of mental and emotional stress has gone way down.  I am finding myself more patient, more calm, more ready to take on the day’s problems.

Maybe, just maybe, someday I actually can call myself a runner.  And so can you!


P.S.  Want to read a funny story?  After my first time on the program I decided I wanted to run in a 5K race.  We were living in Malaysia at the time but were coming to the States for the summer. I had my in-laws find a race and sign me up. Jason signed up, too, for moral support.  He hadn’t trained at all but all around he is in decent shape, so he wasn’t worried.  The week of the race I chickened out but he decided to go ahead and do it anyway.  When he got there, he found out it wasn’t a 5K, it was a 5 mile!  So glad I didn’t try it! Ha ha!


Spot Lit Wall

To say that I am excited to share this fabulous designer with you is an understatement!  Kaye Winiecki is quickly becoming a new favorite designer of mine.  I originally spotted her because of her templates.  They instantly caught my eye and after using one of them for the first time, I was hooked.  As I started looking at her other templates and then her digital designs, I just got sucked in.  There is something about her color palettes and sense of style that just clicks with me — that “perfectly imperfect” style that combines good design principles with a touch of whimsy.  I hope you love it all as much as I do.  For  THE DIGI FILES 4, Kaye created a template pack AND a mini kit — yea!



And here is a page I created using both the templates and the mini kit.  I love that her templates are versatile — the elements (often painted flowers) can be recolored and used as is OR they can be used for placement idea of other elements.  For someone element-challenged like me, they are PERFECT.


You can get Kaye’s template pack, the mini-kit, and a TON of other stuff from other designers HERE for just $5.00!  THE DIGI FILES are the perfect way to get to try a bunch of new-to-you designers without the risk of spending lots of money.  This months collection is filled with amazing creations from some of the best designers in the industry.  Check it out!


Name: Kaye Winiecki

Family:  I live in Australia with my wonderful husband and 2 gorgeous children

STORE: Kaye Winiecki Designs at The Lilypad

BLOG: Kaye Winiecki Designs


I didn’t intentionally start designing, I just started creating my own papers and elements and from there some wonderful opportunities came my way.


I have been designing for 3 years now, wow times flies when you are having fun!


Both! I have found that if I’m not in the scrapping mood then I am in the designing mood, so most of the time it balances itself pretty well.

(Here is a layout of Kaye’s…isn’t she fabulous?)



It really is hard to say as I don’t tend to sit down and only do designing or marketing etc, that may be the intention but it is too easy to get distracted and wander off into digiland. I tend to use the computer off and on during the day and am glued to it in the evenings!


My most favourite products are the collabs I have done with other designers as I like to see how the different designing styles blend together but my favourite product of mine is probably ‘baked with love’  as I made these whilst my son and I played ‘shops’ together



One of my best selling products is my Paper Daisies which was part of the January BYOC and my aflafla alpha seems to be popular too.




1. my family

2. chocolate (Cadbury is the best!!)

3. hot weather

4. toy shopping

5. smurfs

6. my Mum’s shortbread

7. tulips

8. a quiet place

9. my dogs

10. did I mention chocolate?


1. ignorance

2. folding the clothes

3. shoe shopping

4. when someone steals the last piece of my Mum’s shortbread and it wasn’t me!

5. playdough squashed into the carpet

6. people who talk for the sake of talking

7. when my favourite pen runs out of ink

8. loogie hocking

9. crowds

10. dripping taps


Now let’s see some of Kaye’s gorgeous designs!










And here are some gorgeous layouts created with her templates and her digital designs (all images are clickable for full credits)








Thank you, Kaye, so much for being with us here at THE DAILY DIGI and for your awesome contribution to THE DIGI FILES.  Your talent truly inspires and I hope that many people have found themselves a new favorite designer!

And as a THANK YOU to our readers, Kaye is offering a 30% coupon until May 24 —  kwTDD30fun


The Long and Winding…Path Part 2


Credits: Floral paper and elements (except stitching and staple) by Zoe Pern,Kraft paper and stitching by Stephanie2, staple by Shabby Princess

Last week, we talked about text ON a path and this week we are going to take it one step further and discuss text IN a path. Putting text inside a path will easily make the text fit within a shape that you determine. Sometimes, because of the design of the layout, shaped text would just look better (see above). First, I’m going to link you up with some tutorials and then I will share how I did the text above.

Text inside a shape or inside a path for Photoshop

Text inside a shape or inside a path for Photoshop

Text inside a shape for Paint Shop

For the layout above, I had to alter the shape a little so it would work with my journaling spot. The procedures were very similar to the ones in the tutorials but, here are the steps I took:

paths11First, I duplicated the circle shape that I used for my template or clipping path for the kraft paper and positioned that layer above the kraft paper layer.


Next, I used the rectangle marquee tool to select the left portion of the circle where I would not have any journaling. Then, I deleted that selection by making sure that the copied circle layer was selected and then clicking ctrl+x (or edit>cut).

paths3Next, I used the marquee tool again to select the bottom portion of the circle that would not have any journaling (I took the selection all the way to the bottom and right side of the layout, that is why you can’t see marching ants all the way around). Once again, I deleted that selection by using ctrl+x (or edit>cut).

paths4Now, the fun begins. I selected my magic wand and clicked on the partial circle to select it. We know it’s selected when we see the ants marching around the outside.


Now, select the paths tab in the layers palette and then click on the “create path from selection button”. This will create a path in the same shape as the black shape we just selected.

paths6Select the text tool and then move your cursor inside the shape, it should look like the text tool in the above screenshot. Change your font and size as necessary and then click where you want to start typing.


Click on the layers tab again, so you can see your layers. Click on the eye next to the shape to make that layer invisible. At this point, you can also highlight the text and click on the paragraph and character window tabs to change the justifiction, spacing, etc. Clicking on a new layer will make the path disappear or you can go back to the paths tab and click outside of that path.

I hope you will have some fun with paths! 🙂


Meet The Darers!

Yesterday we got to see some of the cool stuff behind the DIGI DARE site.  Now today, we get to meet the ladies behind it!  The staff of the DIGI DARES has changed a lot over the years but one thing remains the same…it is a group of scrappers dedicated to pushing the level of creativity and helping people try something new!

So here we go:  Just three things!

1. A one sentence bio

2. Why you love being a darer

3. Your favorite Dare layout!




























Thanks again, DIGI DARES, for being with us this month!



Spot Lit Wall

THE DAILY DIGI is so excited for today’s SPONSOR SPOTLIGHT!  It is none other than the fabulous DIGI DARE team!  I will admit a little bias on this one…I LOVE the DIGI DARES.  I served on the team for a little over a year, and then after a six month break, rejoined.  I love the DIGI DARES because they share my passion…to challenge people to tell their stories, try new things, and think creatively.  Some of my very favorite pages have been created as a result of a dare.  But before we get into all of that, let’s see what the team came up with us for this month’s THE DIGI FILES.


Isn’t this SO cute?  I just love all the bright and happy colors.  And you know what?  This is a DIGI DARE exclusive…so after this month it will be gone for good!  Grab this kit, along with a bunch of other great stuff, for just $5.00.  You will get a jam-packed “bag” of goodies and you will also be helping to support the site and its vision.

You already got to see one page I made with this kit for National Scrapbooking Day!  And here is another…I just couldn’t resist all the fun colors!


In addition to this awesome kit, you ALSO get a 42 page pdf file of SIX NEW, NEVER SEEN BEFORE DARES and the pages the team created for them!  It is totally inspiring!  I loved all the dare ideas.



History of the site:

Back on August 25th, 2006, some of your fellow digiscrappers joined forces to bring the digital community a fun and fresh digi-scrapbook dare site. The site, idealized by Kate Hadfield (the fabulous and illustrious designer herself and winner, Digital’s Next Top Scrapper: Level 1 in 2006) is meant to be a fun place for digital scrappers to join in on challenges and win a prize each week for being inspired.  At the end of 2007, the site was taken over by Traci Reed, a veteran designer and digital scrapper with almost 5 years of designing and scrapping under her belt.  Since its start, The Digi Dares has gone through it’s fair share of staff, but one thing remains the same, we’re here to inspire scrappers to step out of their box!

Here’s how it works:

  • Each week the team presents a new dare and some “dare flair” — little things that can/cannot be on your page.  The dare and the dair flair exist to help you think creatively, stretch your comfort zone, and to jump in and try new things.
  • Scrap your page (using any kits/elements you want), upload it to a gallery, and then put your link in the comments section of that weeks post.
  • Everyone who participates that week receives a coupon to the weekly sponsor and then everyone is entered into the drawing to receive the grand prize of a $10 to coupon to ALL of the sponsor stores!
  • How great is that?  A site that challenges you, stretches you, and helps you get your stories scrapped and then they ALSO give you coupons for doing it!  LOVE it!


Here is what it looks like:  This is one of the dares out of the pdf file in THE DIGI FILES.


And here was my response to the dare:


See, it’s that easy (and that fun!)  This is a page I have wanted to do for a while.  Our family has so many little words and phrases that are every day for us but always make other people look at us like we are crazy.  They are part of our story and I wanted to document them…and now I have!




If  you want to be truly inspired, head on over to the DIGI DARES and look through previous dares.  There are some AMAZING challenges in there!  And if you want to be more involved or learn more about the DIGI DARES, try some of these links:





And be sure to come visit this Friday, when I will be hosting the dare.  I have already done my page and am SO happy with it!

Thanks, DIGI DARE team for being part of THE DAILY DIGI this month!  You know I love you and find you so incredibly inspiring.  I hope that all of our readers will think so too!


P.S.  In the orignal pdf file download, a layout on page 33 by Christine Newman was incorrectly attributed to Aggie Aviso.  It has been corrected.  She rocked the dare 🙂

4 Months and 11 days…


Remember THIS post? It was when the site first opened and it was all about PROJECT 365 — a project to take a photo a day for an entire year.

Well here I am, 4 months and 11 days in and things are going great. I did miss one day — but I will excuse myself since i had just gotten back from an international trip and then spent two days in the hospital with my oldest daughter. Other than that, I have a record of each day of 2009. And you know what? I love it far more than I ever thought I would.

Honestly, I was actually a little afraid of starting it. I thought that I would get bored, or that I would forget, or that I would run out of things to take pictures of. However, that hasn’t happened. It has been the opposite, really. I am constantly thinking of things to take pictures of. I am seeing my life, and the little moments that are in it, in a whole new way. I am able to treasure the every day in a whole new way.

If you are participating in Project 365, how is it going? Are you loving it? Dreading it? Or are even more inspired? Are you more thankful for the little parts of your day? How has it affected you?

If you haven’t started, why not start now? I regret that I thought I had to wait until January 1 to start. I spent half of 2008 just waiting for January to come so that I could start. But there was no reason — you can start any day. Any time. Why not have a Project 365 that runs from May 12, 2009 – May 11, 2010? No ones says you can’t! Or, you can start on a significant day — a child’s birthday, the day you move into a new home, or a day that you decide to start exercising. It doesn’t matter when you start; you’ll love the results!

And after four months and 11 days, here are my suggestions:

  • Always be on the lookout for the ordinary. So much of who we are is made up of the the little things we do or say every day. Make sure they find a place in your project. Things like your daily cup of coffee, medicine you take every day, the television shows you watch every day, the tennis shoes you put on every day before you run. Don’t skip it because it seems so “ordinary.”
  • Take pictures at different times of the day. Don’t always wait until bedtime to get around to taking your picture. Your photos will be much more representative of your life if you vary the times.
  • That said, I often take a photo first thing in the morning. That way, if I forget the rest of the day, I still have a photo. I haven’t had to use it much, but it has saved me a few times.
  • Keep your camera out in the room(s) you use most often. You will be more likely to grab it at the perfect moment.
  • Hand your camera to someone else so that you can be in a photo every once in a while.
  • Take your camera out with when you go, even to do routine things like grocery shopping or the daily carpool. I have a picture of picking up my daughter from school that I adore.
  • Try to download and edit (if necessary) your photos every few days so that they don’t pile up and you see it as a chore.
  • Don’t worry about having technically perfect photos every time. Your real life isn’t perfect, so why should your photos be?
  • Vary your photos. If you tend towards close-up head shots, learn to step back and take in more of the scene around you.
  • Don’t forget about food! What we eat is a huge part of our day. Include some food and/or cooking shots in your project.
  • Take pictures of the messes. Do you have a spot in your house that always seems to be cluttered? Take a picture of it. It is part of your life at this point.
  • Don’t feel like you have to scrap all of your photos. I don’t intend to scrap any of it. Sure, the pictures may end up layotus but I don’t intend to scrap my Project 365. Instead, I plan to have it printed, along with the captions, in a Shutterfly book. I love that the photos are powerful all by themselves.
  • Make sure you are having fun. This project is something that is supposed to inspire you, make you happy, and be FUN. If you view it as a chore, maybe it isn’t the right project for you.


Scrap the Outtakes


Please tell me I am not the only one. Yesterday I had grand plans of the perfect Mother’s Day photo. I pictured me looking fabulous, the kids as adorable as ever, all huddled around me just happy to be together. And while we were reveling in our happiness my husband would know just when to press the shutter and I would end up with the perfect photo of me and the kids. Please tell me I am not the only one who thinks this is an actual possibility.

Sadly, as I downloaded my photos my dreams were shattered. Where there should be smiling faces and love oozing out of everything, I have closed eyes, tears, and even a bit (okay, a lot) of snot oozing out of noses. I have kids being silly, six people with six different ideas of what we should be doing, and eyes that are apparently frightened of looking anywhere near the camera. These definitely won’t be going on a canvas anytime soon.

But you know what, I may not have perfection but I have reality. The outtakes, the not-so-perfect-but-oh-so-real photos are some of the truest to life photos we take. I mean really, are your kids always perfectly clean, perfectly happy, loving every moment of getting their picture taken? If they are, please tell me where you picked yours up and I’ll put mine up on Ebay and try some new ones. These photos, the imperfections and all, tell the story of the realness in our lives. Not every moment, nor every photo, is about a portrait-perfect time in our life. Instead, they are the real moments. They show the real personalities and the real chaos of life. And while I love those perfect photos, I secretly almost love outtakes just as much.


Here are a few pages I have scrapped over the years that capture the “not so perfect” photos and moments. I LOVE having them! And you can better believe I will be scrapping yesterday’s shenanigans!





And here are some pages I found in the galleries (all images are linked)







So, come on, scrap the outtakes. Scrap those moments that didn’t turn out like you had hoped but are true to life nonetheless. They, maybe even more than the “perfect” photos, are who we really are.