Inspired By Paper


I am not a paper scrapper.  For many years, as I clutched tightly to my wavy scissors and colored papers, I thought I was.  If anyone asked if I was a scrapper I would enthusiastically say, “Yes! I love scrapping!”  My average of about two pages a year did not diminish my enthusiasm and my firm belief that I was, in fact, a scrapper.

However, once I discovered digital scrapbooking I immediately learned two things:

1. I was not a paper scrapper

2. I never would be

For me, little kids just don’t mix with scissors, glue, paint, printed photos, and a big mess.  Little kids ARE a big mess in and of themselves.  I had no desire to create more of a mess with little bits of paper and cutting utensils.  Digital scrapbooking = no mess = perfect for me.

However, I still LOVE the look of paper.  I am truly amazed at the talent of the paper scrapping community.  They have a skill, talent, and a level of decisiveness and patience that I will never have.  It truly astounds me to see the art they create.  I have done a small amount of hybrid scrapping but my heart isn’t in it.  And that’s okay.

Just because I don’t paper scrap doesn’t mean that I can’t be inspired by it.  In fact, some of my scrapping idols are paper and/or hybrid scrappers. They have a way of creating these beautiful works of art that I can just stare at for hours.  I am inspired by them on a regular basis. And you can be, too!  Take time to look at great galleries such as the ones at 2peas and at SIStv.  You will find all sorts of amazing layouts and projects.  And you can take what you see (and love) in paper, and do it in digital.  Here are just a few of the amazing layouts I found (all images are linked):

bikeI love the wavy paper with the photo.  Gives a fun feeling of movement and playfulness.

caughtThe colored photos along with the big yellow title just pop against the white paper.

oneswellsummerI love the centered feel to this with the large title than spans across the page

pandlThis layout is just so fun with the bright colors and bits of paper, all on top of kraft paper.

itiscoolThe fun, multi-colored square bits of paper add playfulness and a fresh look to this layout

montueI adore the large days of the week on this layout and see lots of different ways to incorporate them onto a digital page


I love the simpleness of this layout with its three colors — white, black, and red.  The lack of a visible photo (is is underneath) adds interest to the page and makes you wonder what it is all about.

brainNot every layout has to have a photo.  This great page records a funny conversation between parent and child.  Love it.

toomanyI can only image the fun she had creating this layout.  Paint, buttons, and tons of photos all reinforce her theme of “too many.” Time to break out my digital paint!


The black and white photos paired with the fun and playful design of the paper and elements make this page just jump out at you.  I’m glad it is so easy to change photos to black and white when you do digi!

And here is a page I did with Jen Jockisch’s  TOO MANY page as my inspiration!



Go on!  Give it a try!  Find a paper page you love and see how you can recreate it digitally!  You’ll love the experience! I did!