Meet Dunia

BIO: My name is Dúnia and I’m scrapbook addicted. I’m married about 11 years and we have a handsome 5 year old boy named Yuri and baby twins Eduarda and Rafaela. We also have two dogs: Floquinho and Pantufa. I live in very south of Brazil, in a city call Porto Alegre. I love to read, watch movies and listen to music, and I’m very eclectic about them.


Word Arts – I have hard time making journaling so word arts are amazing for that.
Doodles – I love the funky look doodles give in a page.
Paper – I usually make pages with white background but I love mix papers as emblishments in my pages.
Buttons – I think they are my favorite emblishments, there are so many possiblities using it.
Layered Templates – I love specially the clean ones, my favorites are from Amy Martin and Paislee Press.

MY STYLE: I love to make clean pages, where the photo is the focus, but sometimes I get silly, and make more fun ones.

MY SCRAPPING IDOL(S): My scrapping idol is Liz (Paislee Press) I just love her pages so beautiful scrappeded where everything matches perfectly, and I’m so proud to be on her creative team because her stuff is so chic and amazing, and her blog is a must read, so many great things I learned from that!

WHY I AM EXCITED TO BE ON THE TEAM: The Daily Digi is amazing, I love all the information, tips, tricks, everything here is so interesting. And being a part of this is a dream come true.