To All the Mothers Out There


To all the mothers out there: HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY. What a special day — a day to be honored for all the hard (and often unnoticed) work that you do…the physical, emotional, mental, educational, and spiritual. Being a mother is a high calling. Let’s not take it lightly. Remember, you may be invisible but you are building something far more amazing that can ever be imagined.

To all those who aren’t mothers yet, but want to be someday: Start now to prepare yourself. Motherhood is the most rewarding — but also the most demanding — job you will ever do. Take time now, while you can, to get yourself ready in all of the ways mentioned above. The more you do before, the more you will be ready to take on the role of “Mom”.

To all those who aren’t mother’s yet but who are trying to become one: I know this time can be hard. It took us three years and losing three babies before I ever got to experience being a mom on Mother’s Day. Be patient. Rest. Relax. Pray. Take care of your heart and your health and let others be there to support you. Read THIS.

To Mothers of preschoolers: Hold on tight. This ride can be tough (I know, I am in the middle of it!) These little people need us for everything. They whine, they cry, they can’t figure out that potty. They wake up when they should be sleeping and sleep when they should be awake. They take that last little nerve we have dangling from a thread and bounce on it. But they also make us laugh till we cry, they think we are the world, they love cuddles and kisses and snuggles. They really mean it when they say “You are the best mom in the world!” We are their everything. Treasure this time. Don’t wish it away. Soak it up and let their laughter and smiles and silly questions light up your life.

To Mothers of older children: You might have to loosen that grip a little. These little people aren’t so little anymore and they need that delicate balance of parental support and safe independence. Watch in wonder as they explore their world and that of those around them. Don’t be afraid to lead them, to set the example, to show them how to make right choices. Use the time now to prepare them for what is to come. They still need you desperately.

To Mothers of teenagers: I’m not there yet, but I remember being a teenager. As much as they say they don’t need you anymore, they so desperately do. Be there for them. Be that source of consistency in their lives when everything around them seems to change daily. Love them, support them, gently guide them. They need to know you believe in them and that you think they can do anything. Help them make wise choices and don’t be afraid to let them fall. They’ll make dumb choices at times but they need to know that you still love them anyway. They will remember these years. Make it worth remembering!

To Mother’s of grown children: Congratulations! You took a child from being a 7lb squalling infant to a mature adult. You worked, cried, laughed, prayed, dreamed, hoped, listened, feared, cooked, cleaned, and loved. They are on their own now. But no matter what, when they are sick, know that more than anything they still want their mother 🙂 Continue to be a support for them. Love them. Call them. Send them something “just because.” They are grown, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t need you.

To Grandmother’s: Wow…you have watched your own child bring life into this world. What an amazing circle of life we have. As you watch your child(ren) raise their own kids, know that you had something to do with this. Love your children. Support them. Even if you don’t agree with how they are parenting, love them anyway. Be a support. Try to remember what it was like and remember what you would have wanted from your own mother. Love those grandkids. Enjoy life as a grandmother. You will be a light in that grandchild’s life.

To all the Mother’s: HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY. May you have a wonderful, blessed, hope and laughter filled day. For a great video, check out this free screening (today only, I think) on Nooma’s Facebook Page: HERE.


P.S. Credits for image: Papers and button by Shabby Princess (Blossom Collection). Alpha by Cd Muckosky (Free Spirit Alpha).