Just For Fun


Do you remember Mad Libs? You know, those funny fill-in-the-blank things we did as kids? I used to love them! My friends and I would entertain ourselves with them for hours! They are hysterical. So, just for fun, I created a little one for you…it’s all about scrapping! If you aren’t familiar with them, don’t worry. Here is what you do:

Copy and paste the following list into a new document. At each prompting, type in a word that fits with the prompt. Do this for all 27 words. When we are done, we will plug those words into a story for a funny, don’t-take-life-too-seriously, great start to your day! Okay, here we go!

1. feeling/emotion
2. adjective
3. feeling/emotion
4. feeling/emotion
5. feeling/emotion
6. adjective
7. name of designer
8. adjective
9. frequency of activity (never, always, etc)
10. verb
11. verb
12. name of designer
13. verb
14. verb
15. verb
16. verb
17. amount
18. number
19. number
20. time frame
21. noun
22. -ing verb
23. personality trait
24. verb
25. time frame
26. term of resignation (oh well, too bad, etc)
27. feeling/emotion


Okay, got it? Make sure you have something for each of the prompts! Now you can plug your words into the following story.

I just _____1_______ scrapping. I think it is ______2_____. When I do it, I feel ______3_____, ______4_____, and ______5_____. Life is ______6_____ when I do it.

My favorite designer is ______7_____. Her designs are just so ______8_____. ______9_____ I see them I just have to ______10_____ them right away.

Just recently I have started to ______11_____ ______12_____. Her work just ______13_____ me. When I ______14_____ it, it makes me want to ______15_____. I ______16_____ I could be like her!

Even though those two are my favorites, I tend to buy ______17_____ of other stuff too. Right now I think I have about ______18_____ kits not even unzipped. I don’t like to admit it, but I usually spend about $______19_____ a ______20_____ on kits! I should probably be buying ______21_____ instead, but I just can’t stop ______22_____ them all!

My friends and family think I am _____23_____ for how much I scrap. I know they are right, but I ______24_____ it too much to stop. Maybe ______25_____ they will be able to understand. If not, ______26_____. I am a scrapper and ______27_____ of it.


And here is a little freebie to scrap your silly start to the day 🙂




P.S. Send me a copy of your story (doesn’t have to be scrapped) to janet@thedailydigi.com and I will post some of them! Can’t wait to read them!