The Best of Both Worlds


I’m indecisive. That is especially true when scrapping. And that is why I love digital…I get to change my mind as often as I would like. I can try papers, take them off, put them back, and so on. I can try my photos in color and then in black and white — just to see what I like best. In the time I create a layout the papers, elements, and photos have usually changed many times. And I am okay with that.

With traditional scrapping and crafts, it’s not that simple! I remember when I was asked to create a paper page for Creating Keepsakes 4 product Challenge. I said yes, thinking, “How hard can it be?” Well I soon found out! I just sat there, staring at the materials in front of me, scared to cut anything since I couldn’t put it back together again. And then I had an idea — I scanned in all the materials I was supposed to use and designed my page in Photoshop. I could cut, uncut, move things around, change my photos, and make sure it was just the way I wanted it. Afterwards, I did my best to recreate the page with all the “real” products. It took a while, but I was able to stay true to my indecisive self without ruining all the products (they send just ONE of everything you need!)

Since that time, I have approached paper and/or hybrid projects in much the same way. By designing the project digitally first, I can be sure of how it will turn out without wasting lots of time and materials.

Here is an example:


I created this set of invitations for my son’s birthday. I knew the materials I wanted to use but was once again afraid of my indecisiveness. So, I created it digitally first.

I knew I wanted a square card and I was sure that I wanted to use CD Muckosky’s Birthday Booya elements. I created a 6×6 page in PSE and then started playing. I tried different elements out and rearranged a bunch of times. I resized according to what I would need and even added shadows to get an idea of what it would look like (I knew I was going to use double sided foam tape).

invitefront(front of invite)

inviteinside(inside of invite)

Once I was happy with how it looked, I dragged the resized elements onto a new document so that they would be ready for printing.


I then cut everything out, added them to my 6×6 card, hand wrote the message inside, and I was DONE. It was so easy and there was no un-gluing or re-cutting necessary! It was truly the best of both worlds!




Go ahead, give it a try!