Oh Happy Day!


Today is a big day for all of us scrappers — {inter}NATIONAL SCRAPBOOKING DAY! If you ask me, it is a pretty cool holiday! A whole day to celebrate what we love so much! It is an especially special day for me because my digi-versary is always this same weekend! Four years ago this weekend I created my first digital scrapbook page. And since then…wow…my life has changed so much! Scrapping has brought SO much into my life. I have met some of the most amazing people (both on- and offline), had some of the coolest experiences, and found an outlet for my creativity that brings so much happiness. That day, four years ago, started a journey that would forever change who I am!

In honor of this special day, I want to challenge you. I know many of you will be “out” all day shopping all over the digi world and that’s great — I love a good sale too! However, I want to challenge you to make today more than just about shopping. I want to challenge you to create a page that celebrates this craft/hobby you love so much. If scrapbooking is a way to remember the big parts of our life, then for many of us, we need to be scrapping about scrapping! We need to be creating pages that talk about how we got started, what we love about it, and the people we have met through it. Scrapping is such a big part of my life that I can’t not scrap about it!

I’ve done a few pages over the years to celebrate scrapping. This first one I did on my one year anniversary and it talks about how I found out about digital scrapping and where the journey had already taken me:


And I did this one a few months later to talk about how scrapping had changed me (it was my first published page, too!)


And here is one of my favorite pages (made about two years ago) that talks about why I scrapbook. I titled it, “To Those Who Have Gone Before


And here I am today…four years into this, running my own website, still loving scrapping just as much as I did in the beginning. Truly, the love I feel for this hobby has never weakened! In order to celebrate my 4th anniversary, I decided to create a new page. I wanted to create something that shared how I was feeling about scrapping as well as an example of where I am style-wise.


This was my challenge to myself:

  • Start with no real plan for how the page will turn out
  • Start opening papers and elements that are “me” — that I use a lot and/or are representative of my digi life
  • Create a page that talks about how I am feeling right now about scrapping
  • Keep the design consistent with my current style

I loved having a page that is very “me” right now. I started by just opening stuff I use all the time — Gina Cabrera’s kraft paper, staples by Shabby Princess, Amber Clegg’s date stamp, Syrin’s stitching, templates (these are by Emily Merritt), papers are by THE DIGI DARE TEAM (currently my only team) and are from the current DIGI FILES (a huge part of my life right now!) I kept with my “perfectly imperfect” style and stayed true to my minimal use of elements and my overuse of stitching 🙂 And having CD’s wordart on there just tops the cake — she is my true scrapping and inspirational idol. I could stare at her work forever. And the picture of my family — well, they are the ones that make me want to scrap. They inspire me, they fill me with laughs, tears, and stories, and they support me in all I do — both scrapping because I love it and scrapping for my “work.” This page is totally me.


So now it’s your turn! Scrap about scrapping. You can start with my challenge or you can start somewhere else. Just take some time this {i}NSD and create a layout about this hobby you love. When you are done, give us a link in the comments before Monday and we’ll send a goodie your way!

And if you need some thing to get you started, the two Stephanies and I created this fun doodle/brush/template set for you!

Happy {i}NSD from THE DAILY DIGI!

s2_jp_tdd_nsd_freebie_preview600Download HERE


P.S. If you can’t help but do some shopping this weekend — check out THIS list of sales 🙂