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If fun, fresh, and FABULOUS is your style of digi product…then today is your day!  We are so excited to have Jacque Larsen with us here at THE DAILY DIGI this month. Jacque is known for her great hand drawn/cut/colored paper pieces.  They add just the most wonderful handmade look to your pages.  And they almost make me want to get out my paper and scissors again!  Look at what she made for THE DIGI FILES 3!


Isn’t that just SO CUTE??  When I first got the set I didn’t know what I was going to use it for (since I have yet to start a garden…plants just seem to die with me doing nothing but walk past!)  But then just last week I went with my kids on a field trip to a place called Little Farmers. There, they got to plant carrot seeds, pick bok choy, and feed the animals.  This set was PERFECT!


Before we take a look at all the other cool stuff in Jacque’s shop, let’s get to know her a bit better!


My name is Jacque Larsen.  I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico with my beautiful family. I have 4 happy and healthy children and one very supportive husband. We also have an english mastiff we call Shrek. Although, I rarely claim him. And not to leave any other pets out… my son is whispering over my shoulder to include his bearded dragon ‘skipper,’ his 4 neon tetra fish, and 2 snails. 🙂

STORE: Jacque Larsen at The Lilypad

BLOG: Crazy Scrapper (there are sometimes freebies!)


I started designing May 2007 and opened shop at my first store TDC on June 1st, 2007. I started making my paper creations after being inspired by one of my daughters favorite children’s book ‘Brown Bear, Brown Bear’ by Eric Carle. That book and another one of her favorites ‘Goodnight Moon’ were the result of my very first paper pieced set ‘Little Luna’. Truth be told to what triggered my desire to sell was little/no cash for all the NSD sales in June.. teeheehee


See above 🙂


I was FIRST a traditional paper scrapper. Making my first album after my oldest daughter was born. That was over 12 years ago. After 4 kids and relatively no time to scrap I tried digital scrapbooking when my youngest was almost a year old. That was in December of 2005. I haven’t  touched a piece of paper since! WELL, not including the papers that I paint, cut and piece to create ALL of my digital designs.. ROFL!



I probably spend about 2 hours a day. Whether it be painting, cutting, gluing, scanning, cleaning up my images, answering emails, sneaking in to scrap a layout or peeking into online forums and galleries. I’d like to say I spend 14-20 hours a week actually ONLINE… however, most of that is just wasted time in the forums, looking at layouts or messing around in Facebook. ROFL! Each set I create really only takes me a couple hours from start to finish.


Oh man… Every time I make something new, I say it’s my new favorite. ‘Little Luna’ has always been one of my favorites. (Now retired because it never sold well, but I still love it and use it quite often…) I also love most of my collabs with Kate Hadfield, but my NEW favorite set would have to be these 2 sets from the November BYOC.

jlarsen_holidayfriends-ep_lrgHOLIDAY FRIENDS

jlarsen_frostyfaces-ep_lrgFROSTY FACES


I don’t know FOR sure what my best selling product is… My pieces are so ummmmmmmmmm. unique. And I really try to appeal to a HUGE variety of scrappers. But I do remember shortly after my debut at TLP I put up this alpha in the March BYOC.


I sold SOOOOOOOOO MANY (and still sell quite a few to this day).  It is so funny to me, because I was just experiencing with watercoloring by hand on some cardstock and didn’t really like the way they turned out.  I NEARLY trashed this set.  But my husband encouraged me to just try and put it up in the store. We get a giggle out of that every time one sells. Just goes to show, you never know…


1. My beautiful children
2. My wonderful husband
3. My camera
4. A clean home
5. Scrappin’
6. Chocolate Cake Batter
7. Summer
8. Caramels
9. Diet Coke w/ lemon
10. Going out to dinner


1. Crumbs in the butter dish
2. Dishonesty
3. Cold (I HATE being cold or having cold feet!)
4. Mornings (I’m sooooooo not a morning person)
5. Little boys not lifting up the toilet seat.
6. People on cell phones while standing in line at the post office, or cash register…(SO RUDE!)
7. When my husband eats in bed. grrrrrrrrrrrrrr
8. Road Rage – Careless Drivers (kids not in seatbelts..what the heck?!)-happens a lot here in NM. sadly.
9. Unmade beds.
10. fingerprints on my mirrors or windows..


Now let’s see some of Jacque’s super creative designs… I had such a hard time choosing because I love them all!









And here are some fabulous layouts created with some of Jacque’s designs…



Jacque, you’re awesome!  I love EVERYTHING in your store and can’t wait to play with more of it. My head is spinning with ideas on how to use yoru unique designs in oh-so-fun ways!  Thank you SO MUCH for being here with us this month!

And Jacque has a special THANK YOU to readers of THE DAILY DIGI