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Misty Cato has been in the digi world for a quite a while and we are excited to have her be a part of THE DAILY DIGI this month.  She shares a vision for bringing information and inspiration to people in the digi world. Her blog is a great source of both!  She shares great tutorials, news from around the digi world, and some of her own designs.  Her store is filled with great kits, element packs, and alphas. We’re excited to get to see of her designs and to get to know her better!  But of course, we first have to look at her contribution to THE DIGI FILES 2!


Isn’t it FUN??  I find it so hard to find boyish kits that I like and this one was perfect.  I also LOVE the cardboard alpha…a LOT.  Here is a page I made with this great kit! (click for full credits)


You can get this kit as well as a TON of other stuff in THE DIGI FILES 2, available only through March 14.  Get it all for just $5.00!

Okay, so let’s learn a little bit about Misty!


STORE: Misty Cato at Sweet Shoppe Designs

BLOG: Misty Cato Designs Blog



It was something fun and creative to do.  I had left a career to stay home with my son.  Turns out he slept a ton that first year and while I loved being at home I was itching for something to do that was ‘my own’.  Designing filled that desire.


Well before I even new digital scrapbooking existed I was making patterns on the computer to serve as background for my son’s photos.  If that counts, then I’ve been designing about 4 years.  It’s a good thing I discovered digital scrapping though, because looking back, those first attempts are pretty scary.  I started selling my work in January 2006.


Both. It’s getting harder and harder to find time to scrap, but I still manage to squeeze in a few layouts now and then.

Here are a few recent layouts by Misty!

myaball-webThe tag lower left reads
The Rules:
1. Only Mya plays Mya ball. It makes her happy.
2. Mya can move the balls, arrange them and rearrange them however she wants.
3. Everyone else is a spectator.
4. Any spectator touching a ball will result in tears of frustration from the star player.

Credits: Pretty Play Clothes by Misty Cato

mistycato-quietmomentslayoutCredits: Deckled-Edge Papers by Misty Cato, Sweet Shoppe Designs, Thursday Page Set by Misty Cato, Sweet Shoppe Designs, Paper Block Templates v.5 by Emily Merritt, We Are Storytellers, Fonts – CK Flip Serif (journaling), CK Academia (Title), scrapNfonts.com


35-45.  Whenever there is downtime at home, I am working (when the kids are napping and after they go to bed).  My husband, Barron, takes charge of the kids and cooking an Saturdays so that is a full work day for me.


Hmm that’s tough.  As far as style and design goes, I’d say Rainforest RevelryI try to make my kits as versatile as possible without being ‘generic’ and I feel like this one really hit the mark.  It can be used to scrap nearly anything and still has and unique vibe to it.



It’s a toss up between Sweet Safari and Heartstrings.




1) Big squeezy hugs from my son

2) Little slobbery kiss from my daughter

3) Bed time stories with the kids

4) The smell of rain on hot pavement

5) Pink flowers

6) Cozy socks

7) Pacific Northwest Beaches, rocks and rain included

8) Visiting new places

9) A good mystery

10) Jellybeans (especially the black ones)


1) The televisions spewing ads at grocery store checkout stands that are always turned up too loud.

2) Being under pressure to be creative

3) That so much junk food is marketed directly to our kids.   Isn’t there a way to make healthy food seems as appealing as sugary cereals and gummy fruit snacks?

4) Channel flipping during TV shows.

5) Crowds – I avoid them as much possible

6) There’s never enough time for everything  I want to do

7) That low-cal never taste as good as the real thing

8) That I usually have to get out my husband’s tool box to free a new toy of its packaging.  Seriously, do they really need to bolt toys to their packaging?

9) Politicians who spend more time blaming others than working on solutions.

10) Whining – which I’ve already done too much of, so I’m glad this list is over 🙂


Now let’s venture into Misty’s store where we can see some of her amazing creations! (all images are clickable)









Thank you, Misty, for being with us this month.  Your fun and fresh designs and your desire to share the love of scrapping with people through your blog are inspirational!

And Misty has a great coupon for our readers…

“Daily Digi readers can receive 25% off my designs this week.  Use coupon code dailydigirocks. Expires March 15, 2009.”