Sharing Files

(stitching and tab by Robin Carlton)

It is probably easy assumption to make that since you are paying for digital scrapbooking products, they are yours to do whatever you want with. The biggest difference between paper and digital products though, is that when you purchase digital products, you are not just paying for the products themselves, you are paying for a license to use them. The license is often in the form of a “terms of use” text docoment inside of the file. A “terms of use” or “terms agreement” is something very common in all types of digital products, artwork, and software that is downloaded from the internet (not just digital scrapbooking supplies). If you have questions about file sharing that you would like to see answers to here, please email me at

So, what is okay and what is not okay? We wanted to help our new friends (and some old ones too 😉 ) understand, so you don’t unintentionally do anything illegal.

Can I give FREE digital scrapbook supplies to friends/family? No. The reasons sites and designers offer free products is to help promote their sites and designs. If you want to share them with your friends, send them a link to the page/site that has the download (do not link directly to the download itself, especially if it is hosted on a file sharing site such as 4shared).

Can I send links to free products included in a newsletter? No. Usually designers offer this as a benefit to their newsletter subscribers only, so honor that and tell your friends to sign up for the newsletter instead.

Can I give people my login information for a store and have them download the products themselves? No. This means that two people are getting the products for the price of one. It is the same as going into a store and paying for one item and stealing one for your friend.

Can I transfer my files to a friend or family member’s computer? No…usually. Some designers are okay with people that are family members AND (not or) living in the same house, using digital supplies on more than one computer, when in doubt it is always a good idea to email the designer.