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Today we have the honor of spotlighting DesignHouseDigital designer AUDREY NEAL — of be Audacious Designs. Audrey is a talented designer, scrapper, and author.  I will always remember Audrey as the first person on my creative team.  I had only been designing templates for a week or two and she wrote me and asked me if I was looking for a team. I couldn’t believe that anyone would actually want to work with my stuff! Since that time, I have worked with Audrey on a number of projects including a special feature for DAM and for her amazing book, Paper and Pixels (see below).  Audrey’s designs are fun, fresh, and full of her gorgeous handwriting.  Just want until you see it all!  First, though, let’s see what Audrey created especially for this months DIGI FILES (available until February 14). You get this amazing set of WINTER WORD ART as well as contributions for 8 other designers/stores for just $5. I love this set of word art — SO pretty!   I especially love the quote, “No winter lasts forever, no spring skips its turn.”  I bet those of you currently buried in snow could print that one out and put it on your dashboard 🙂


alittleabout-copyI’m Audrey Neal, usually called Aud, and I design under the name beAUDacious designs at {we are} storytellers. I’ve been married to my husband Chris for almost 9 years, though we’ve been together for almost 14. We have two daughters: Cassidy is 12, and Cami is 7. We live in a small college town in western Kentucky, where I work fulltime for an educational grant at the university. Prior to that, I taught middle and high school English and K-12 Gifted Studies at a small rural school system.

STORE: be Audacious Designs at {we are} storytellers

BLOG: www.audneal.typepad.com


I essentially started because the more I learned about Photoshop and digital scrapbooking, the more I wanted to know. I liked being able to completely manipulate all aspects of my layouts and being to create certain items if I didn’t have them on hand.


I’ve been designing for almost 2 years now. I started with templates and handwritten word art, then gradually moved on to papers, elements, and full kits.


Both.  Although I’ve been doing much more hybrid scrapping than pure digi lately.  I use all of my products in my hybrid layouts!  I’m both a scrapper and a designer. I started paper scrapping in 2000, and I’ve been involved in just about every aspect of the industry available. I swore that I’d never turn to digital scrapping, but at this point, I really can’t imagine going back to paper.


I spend at least 2-3 hours per day on designing or other work related to it — answering emails, checking forums and galleries, blogging, advertising, and more.


My favorite product to date is my WORD 2009. WORD stands for “write. observe. reflect. daily.” and it’s a simple way to create a place and a time for recording stories that matter. It’s a monthly project, and each month features a certain word and a theme. For example, January’s word was “invite” and all the prompts dealt with the theme of “self.” It’s a downloadable file that gives you a .pdf file that you can print on any printer — you end up with a daily journaling page and plenty of room to write, plus prompts for writing, taking pictures, and creating layouts. You also get access to a fantastic kit each month. The whole concept of storytelling is really important to me, and it’s why I  joined  {we are} storytellers. I think that making time to write each day — even if it’s just something short, a list of certain items, for example — is vital to learning to remember and create layouts where the words and the photos combine to create layouts that really matter.



My best-selling product would probably be my Daily Birdie font. It’s just my ordinary everyday handwriting, and it’s kind of funny to see it turning up on layouts all over the place. My word art packs always sell very well, too. I guess those things — anything involving my own handwriting — are my signature products, you could say.

* playing trivia games with Cassidy
* books — I have piles and piles of them in my house, and I love to visit bookstores
* seeing my favorite musicians live in concert
* snuggling with Cami right before bed
* how my head fits perfectly right in the hollow of Chris’s neck
* finding cool stuff at the thrift store or flea market, especially vintage cameras, embroidered aprons, old vases and teapots, and neat frames
* the smell of honey and orange blossoms — I have this hand soap that I’m in love with right now!
* wandering around new places on foot with my camera in hand, either by myself or with Chris
* camping — I want to take a couple of camping trips to the mountains this year
* sleeping when it is raining outside


* when the toilet paper isn’t put on the dispenser the right way — the paper is supposed to come over the top, not from the bottom
* the word “moist” totally grosses me out
* the lack of any really decent radio stations around here
* when my husband leaves the cabinet doors and kitchen drawers open instead of closing them
* that I’m not very good with money (okay, I have the spending part down just fine, but need lots of help with the saving part)
* people who insist on turning left out of the school parking lot even though the sign specifically says not to (I deal with this every morning and it irritates me to no end)
* when restaurants have Pepsi instead of Coke
* that it’s winter so I can’t ride my bike every day
* that when I order a plain hamburger at Wendy’s, the invariably ask if I want cheese on it
* having to ask or tell the girls to do something over and over — but isn’t that just part of being a mom? 😉

Now let’s take a look at some of Audrey’s other creations  I love the mix of things she has in her shop — kits, fonts, journaling classes, and more!




LAUGH IT UP wordart


loveyLOVEY DOVEY kit


PAPER + PIXELS by May Flaum and Audrey Neal

PAPER + PIXELS book includes 10 exclusive digital kits and 2 template sets by Jen Caputo, Janet Phillips, Michelle Coleman, Jan Crowley, Lauren Reid, Katie Pertiet, Lynn Grieveson, Tracy Ann Robinson, Jen Wilson, and more! Price ($17.00) includes shipping and handling.


Here are some fabulous layouts created using Audrey’s designs and fonts!


Thanks, Audrey, for being a part of THE DAILY DIGI this month.  Your designs are amazing and I can see why everyone wants to have your DAILY BIRDIE font.  What amazing handwriting you have — I am totally envious!  We are glad to have you a part of this months sponsors.  Can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

And thanks for this great coupon just for THE DAILY DIGI readers!



P.S.  I want to wish a HUGE congrats to Gina for being our random winner of the WHAT’S IN A NAME CHALLENGE. She did this layout about her son’s name. I love it!


Thanks to EVERYONE who made a layout for this challenge.  Doesn’t it feel good to scrap such a special story?  I know I am glad I was able to do it!  And for those of you who didn’t win, you can still get your own wooden name letters HERE. But hurry!  This listing ends February 12.  Normally her letters are sold in various high end baby boutiques for twice the price 🙂