We Must Be Happy People


I was all set to post today about Valentine’s crafts you can do with your kids (or with your hubby, friends, or puppy :). My kids absolutely LOVE to make crafts and there are a lot of really fun and simple things you can do.  I think later today we will pull out the glue and scissors and paints and lovey up our house.

However, as I was pulling together some links for you I came across an article from Yes! Magazine that I thought was very interesting.  It is called 10 THINGS SCIENCE SAYS WILL MAKE YOU HAPPY. I was intrigued as I read through the list, often nodding my head in agreement as I looked at my own life and times when I really, truly “felt” happy.  Now I won’t get into the differences of “joy” versus “happiness” here. Suffice it to say that the happiness we are referring to here is the feeling of being happy.


You should definitely check out the whole article and read through the ten items. It was good to be reminded that things like exercise and not focusing on money can seriously enhance our happiness.  However, what I want to look closer at today is the number one thing listed:


As scrapbookers (I know, I know, ssshhh…this isn’t supposed to be about digi…it isn’t, really, it is about happiness!) we must be some of the happiest people around!  I mean, isn’t this what scrapbooking is really all about??  Savoring the everyday moments, moments that are “normally hurried through.”  When we scrapbook, when we take photos, when we stop to think about how those photos make us feel, we are SAVORING the everyday and in the process, becoming happier people.

I know that in the last four years my level of “happiness” has gone way, way up.  I know there are other things involved in this — personal changes I have made, watching my family grow from two kids to four kids, learning more about who I am and what I do best — but I also KNOW that scrapbooking has a lot to do with this. As I look through my albums, as I view photos of my family and friends, I can’t help but stop and realize how truly blessed I am. When I look through the 17 photos I have taken so far  for my photo a day project, I smile thinking of those 17 “everyday” or otherwise “would have missed” moments forever recorded. And yes, I feel happy.

I encourage you to take some time today to read through the other nine items and look at your own life and how those things fit in.  You can download a full size 11×17 pdf file of the poster.  I think I may cut out a few of the ones  I need to be reminded of most often (like exercising!) and frame them and put them in a place I can always see them. Think about what you can do TODAY to bring a little happiness into your life.

And if you have time left over and still want to do some Valentine’s crafts, here are some great ideas:


Heart and Lillipop flowers from Martha Stewart



Heart Pencil Toppers


Puffy Heart


Clothes Pin Fasteners

Or try these:

Valentine Candy Dish

Recycled Egg Carton Heart

Pop Up Cards

Heart Stitched Card

Handprint Wall Hanging

and MORE


Hope that everyone has a very HAPPY Sunday!