The UN-digi

the-undigiFor most people, Sunday is a day of rest.  Whether you put on your nicest clothes and head to church or sleep in and then snuggle up in bed with a newspaper and a second cup of coffee, Sundays are always a bit different.  They are the day we let the rest of our lives sit on hold for a while and we try to set aside the stresses of work, school, and the to-do list.  Yep, a day of rest once a week is a good thing!

Here at TDD, Sundays will be a day of rest too.  Not resting from posting, but rather, a day of rest from all things digi.  Instead, we will bring you the UN-digi.  This is our chance to show you really cool places and products that have absolutely nothing to do with digital scrapbooking (but which you are sure to love!) There is a great big world out there filled with really, really cool things.  We want to show you a bit of it.

So check back here every Sunday for the UN-digi…where you can find cool things that you and your family will love.


This Sunday, we have two really cool websites for you to check out.

1. A few weeks ago I was reading on Lanne’s blog and learned about this site.  Oh my goodness…it is SO cool!  According to the description from their blog, Polyvore.comlets you mix and match images from anywhere on the web, to create outfits, interior designs, or any kind of collage.”

Basically, it lets you grab images from all over the web and mix and match them onto a collage so you can see what they would look like together.  Decorating your new bedroom? Create a set with all the furniture, bedding, and artwork you love.  Trying to find the perfect outfit for a night on the town? Find images from your favorite clothing stores and see if they go together as well as you think they do.  It will also save the link to the items you put together so you can find them again later!

I do have to warn you though…the site does have some certain addictive qualities .   I guess it is a good thing that the to-do list is on hold for the day 😉

2. The second great site I want to show you is BRIGHT OCTOBER.  This site was created by a couple who wanted more for their child than cartoon character toys and other plastic junk.  They wanted to find toys that encouraged imaginative play and motor skill development.  What resulted is an amazing site full of colorful and unique toys that any child is sure to cherish.

I had a hard time picking my favorites since there is just so much to look at!  But here you go…





And all the wooden cars and vehicles from WOODY CLICK


I love that you can shop by age of child, price, brand, or type of toy.  They have a huge selection of quality wooden toys as well as organic toys and even handmade toys.  Parents, if you have been looking for something new for your kids, this is the place to go.

Hope you enjoyed this Sunday’s edition of the TDD.  Check back next Sunday for more things that are totally UN-digi!



P.S.  One of our readers (and a friend of mine!), Whitney created an action based off of yestereday’s vignette tutorial.  Whitney is a great photographer and amazing scrapper! This action allows you to set the area of selection to the size you want (really cool!) When the action completes, adjust the opacity of the vignette layer and then merge! You can download it HERE.

Actions can be great time savers and if you perform the same steps over and over again in your workflow, they are a real blessing.  Just be careful that you don’t depend on actions — no one action will fit every situation.  By learning the process behind the action, you will learn your program better and be more equipped to deal with each individual photo and its unique characteristics.

If you don’t know how to install actions, check out the information HERE.  There is even a cool downloadable .pdf file that has instructions for PC and MAC users of Photoshop 7+ and Photoshop Elements 3+.  Print them out and never be lost trying to install an action again!