Lights, Camera…ACTIONS!


Actions (a precorded set of steps in Photoshop) sure can make life easier and sometimes even more fun. There are actions to speed up your workflow (resizing for web, renaming files), actions to perform cool tricks (like turn things to metal or make your text look “stamped”), and even actions to edit photos (turn to black and white, make the color pop). As digital scrappers, there are often times when actions can come in really handy. But before we can use them, we have to know how to install them.

Wendyzine did a great post for us with instructions on installing and using actions in most programs. Very helpful!!

Atomic Cupcake includes great instructions with all of her actions and effects. I remember when I first bought Photoshop Elements 6 and I was searching all over the web for instructions that made sense. Finally, I just bought something of hers so that I could get the directions. She has generously allowed us to reprint them here (they have been generalized for use with any action).

Installing Actions for Photoshop

Installing Actions for Photoshop Elements 3 and 4 — PC and MAC

Installing Actions for Photoshop Elements 5— PC USERS (there is no MAC version of PSE 5)

Installing Actions for Photoshop Elements 6 –PC and MAC USERS

Since I always find myself needing to load a new action and never remember how, I created this handy downloadable PDF document of all the instructions that you can print out and keep right by your computer. You can download them here:



Wendyzine, the Queen of Actions, also wrote a post for us about installing and using actions.