Photography Class


Photography.  Scrapbooking and photography tend to go hand in hand.  While it is possible to scrapbook without photos, most people assume the two belong together.  We take photos and then on our scrapbook layouts we share the story and convey the feelings through our art and our words.

Here at  TDD we want to help you grow in your photography journey.  Whether you want to learn the relationship between shutterspeed, aperture, and ISO or you need ideas on how to organize your photos, TDD will be here to help.  The digi scrapping community is full of amazing talent and is a wealth of knowledge. We hope to bring you information that you can really use in a way that won’t intimidate you. If you are wanting to improve your photography, get tips from the experts, and make your camera see what your heart sees, then stay tuned for more posts from Photography Class here TDD.

And to get you thinking about photography, read on to find out how you can jumpstart your photographic creative process today.

Most days I think my kids think my camera is an actual appendage to my body.  It tends to go most places with us and it shows up when they would really rather it didn’t.  I really do try to leave it at home sometimes, but of course you know what happens…THAT is the day some magical moment happens and I miss it. Capturing the day-to-day moments truly makes my heart happy and is what makes my kids  love to look through our albums. It isn’t the posed cheesy grins and forced family photos that make us happy.  Instead, it is the everyday.

I am sure that most of you have heard buzz around the community about PROJECT 365. This is a documentary project where participants take a photo every day for an entire year. It is a really cool concept and you can read more about the original idea HERE. They give some tips on how to do it and some really good advice on how to keep going even when you get busy or bored with the project.

If you aren’t inspired yet, then you need to check out Jennifer Woodbury’s Project 365 for 2008.  I have stalked this photo album all year long, anxiously awaiting more of her color rich photos and witty commentary. I love how she varied the content throughout the year — you can tell that her two gorgeous girls take up most of her time but you can also look through the photos and see the love she has for her husband, glimpses of her life in and around NYC, and her love affair with a really good cupcake. Now when she gets the last few days of her album loaded I can say that I completed Project 365 (vicariously through her, of course).

So now that you are convinced you just have to do this project, don’t fret if you missed yesterday.  Take a photo of something that represents yesterday like a photo of yesterday’s newspaper with the date on it, a photo of something that represents what you did (like taking down the Christmas boxes), or even a picture of your camera to represent what you want to do this year. It won’t matter and might even make it more interesting.

A number of sites around the digital scrapbooking community have started up challenges and forums dedicated specifically to this project.

  • Sweet Shoppe Designs has a forum for Project 365 with some other informative links as well as free weekly templates.
  • Scrapbook Graphics also has a special forum for playing along and those that register will get free templates to help them document their photos.
  • Creating Keepsakes has a downloadable document to give you ideas for using their kit (which at the time of writing is sold out) and other ideas for things to photograph.
  • Sarah has created a cool blogsite just for us digi gals…you can buy some really cool templates as well as snag a piece of flair to state that you are doing it digi.

If this all just seems too overwhelming for you — just one more thing on the New Year’s Resolution list that won’t last — don’t worry.  There are other ways to achieve the same concept but on a smaller basis.  Why not try a “month in photos” or “a photo a week”? The idea is just to record the day to day and moment to moment things we do.

For other ideas on how to do this on a smaller scale, check out Ali Edwards’  WEEK IN THE LIFE project and her DECEMBER DAILY. They have the same focus but are on a smaller scale. The point is, try something new. Document the “every day”. You won’t be sorry.