Mr. Printables

I am always on the lookout for fun, free, and quality printables that I can use with my kids. One of my favorite go-to sites is MR. PRINTABLES. This site has so many amazing printable things for crafts, learning, holidays, home decor, and more.

Here are some of my favorite things on the site, but really, this is just the beginning. There are so many amazing and FREE resources. Check it out!

Making Art with Triangles and Digi Supplies

I wanted to make some art for my daughter’s room so I decided to start by looking in my digi supplies and seeing what sparked my interest. After I picked a kit with some fun, playful colours, I created a 12×12 canvas in Photoshop. I made a grouping of triangles, with the edges touching. As you can see, I wasn’t too fussy about overlapping and I let the shapes run off the canvas.

Then I added a circle background:


Next, I clipped some neutral papers to the background:

And finally some pretty patterned papers to all of the triangles. Then I clipped the triangle layers to the circle layer. (So, you can see why I wasn’t concerned about the triangles running off the page.)

I debated about filling the entire circle in with more patterned triangles, but I found some great word art in my stash so I decided to use that instead. (I often sang Three Little Birds to the kids when they were babies, so the word art made me smile.)

Be Kind

Supplies: Heart Art Be Kind by Sugarplum Paperie, Today’s the Day by Sugarplum Paperie

I tried taking a photo of it in its frame, but evidently I picked the most reflective frame possible! So, here is the page, sitting on top of the glass so that it’s actually visible.

My daughter loves it and it makes me smile when I walk by it!

Have you ever made art for your home with your digital scrapbooking supplies? Is it something you might try out?

Using Your Digi Supplies for Birthday Celebrations

Birthdays are the name of the game…for a while, at least. The Daily Digi is celebrating its birthday all month long and our family is getting ready to head into BIRTHDAY SEASON. We celebrate eight birthdays between January 30 and May 1, with SEVEN of those being in an EIGHT WEEK period! Phew! That’s a lot of birthdays! I’ve talked about scrapping and taking photos on birthdays, but today I want to turn our attention to using our digi supplies to help us celebrate!

From the very beginning of my experience with digital scrapbooking, I have loved to use my digi supplies to help with our celebrations. From my photos cakes in 2006 and 2007 to a birthday t-shirt for my five year old in 2013, my digi supplies have always helped us make our celebrations FUN!

There are so many fun ways to use our digital scrapbooking skills and supplies to help celebrate the lives of those we love. Here are just a few ideas for you(and if you have more, I would love to hear them because like I said, we have a lot of birthdays coming up!)


You can make a graphic one like this

Or a hybrid one like this.

A quick search on Pinterest will give you lots of ideas!


I already showed you the cakes I made for my sons’ birthdays many years ago and it’s still a great option. Just look for a place that will do photo cakes and give them your flattened .jpeg file for a perfect customized cake.

Cupcake and cake toppers are super easy to make and the abundant supply of digi materials, they are quick and fun too. Just look at these inspiring ideas from Etsy! Images are linked to original sources.


Nothing says fun like a specially created birthday banner!

To make it easy, you could use a ready made template set like this one at Sweet Shoppe Designs. Heather also sells templates for treat wrappers, treat bags, and hats & blowers.


Your imagination is the only limit when it comes to props and decorations for parties. Check out these fun ideas!


Saying “thank you” to your guests in the form of small gifts and favors is a great way to use your stash.

I’d love to hear how you have used your digi supplies to celebrate!

Here are a few other birthday posts from The Daily Digi

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Zink Printer Review and Comparisons with Instax and Polaroid Camera Prints

Full Disclosure: I was contacted in February by a company working with Zink, to discuss making my iPhone apps (The Daily Digi and Capturing Magic) compatible with the new Zink Printer that would soon be released.  As part of that, I was sent three different units over the next 6 months to test at no cost to me. They indicated they would want the units back. I will be honest, I’m hoping I can keep one of them. Zink works with Android phones and iPhones. This post and any future posts are not part of any agreements I have with Zink. These are my honest opinions.

In early 2009, I bought a PoGo printer that used the Zink (zero ink) technology for about $70.  I loved that little thing and used it quite a bit, until I got my first iPhone a few months later. It just became a hassle to connect cables to print. I wanted to just beam my pictures over to it ala an app. I waited…and waited…and waited.

In February of this year, I got an email from a company working with Zink to identify iPhone apps that would work well with Zink. I was familiar with Zink already and knew that whatever they were working on that would work with smartphones, I wanted in on. I quickly signed the NDA and we set up a conference call.

The Zink people thought adding the airprint technology to my iPhone apps would be great, allowing users to print to any printer, not just the Zink unit. I thought it would be perfect for the Capturing Magic apps, so we added that feature in the last update.  I had a more difficult time seeing the vision for adding that feature to The Daily Digi apps as they are now, so we are waiting on that one.

Over the past several months, I’ve done a lot with this little printer. I fell in love with all of the possibilities instantly.  The ideas of all of the fun ways this little unit can be used just keep coming. I’m excited to share with you and the Capturing Magic readers some of the ways I’ve used it (most of the posts will be over at Capturing Magic for the first while).

Here are a few details about this printer that I love:

  • I can print directly from my phone!!!
  • I can print in several different widths (think washi tape, tiny little photos, stickers, larger photos/stickers.
  • The prints are on a roll, so they can be any length I design them to be
  • The prints are sticky back WITH THE ADHESIVE ALREADY ON, just peel and stick OR don’t peel and stick
  • Battery powered (and has a plug as well for charging)

Some of the things I’ve done with this printer:

  • The very first thing I used this for was a Project Life page. When my family did our Project Life Staycation, we used this little printer quite a bit.
  • Printed photos of all of the cousins during “Cousin Camp” this year and stuck them on their bags of projects and goodies.
  • Printed photos of the cousins to use in crafts during “Cousin Camp”
  • Printed reminder stickers for the kids at church (so their parents knew they had something coming up)
  • soooo many more things that I will save for other posts

One of the big questions I had though is how I would like the prints from the Zink printer as compared to Instax and Polaroid instant print cameras. So, naturally, I bought one of each, put them to the test.  I think some of it is left to personal preference, but for me, I honestly prefer the prints from the Zink printer. There seems to be more texture and depth to them than the Polaroid or Instax prints (the white part on the Zink print is scored to make it easy to pull the backing off and stick it to stuff). The smartphone photos are SOOC and not edited at all.

I’m really not sure what happened in the photos below for Instax and Polaroid. I was in the sun and had the cameras set to sun.

For me, being able to take photos on my iPhone (works with Android too), something I am already familiar with getting good photos on, and then just printing them, is a huge bonus!

You may have seen the deal on HSN for this printer, bundled with some other goodies. It is a really good deal! If I end up having to send all of my printers back, and miss out on this deal, I will be sad!

Tips for a Successful Cousin Camp (or any event with kids)

A couple of years ago, I decided that I wanted to put on a “Cousins Camp” for all of my nieces and nephews (and my own kids as well). It turned out to be a huge hit and is still a much talked about event with all of the kids. It thrills me to death that we were all able to create some amazing memories. Since going through the planning stages of these events (we’ve done two now), I’ve always thought it would be fun to share with our readers some of the fun things we did and how I was able to incorporate my digi skills.

Tips for Success

  1. pick your dates – we found that 2.5-3 days was perfect.
  • pick a FUN theme for each day – the first year we did movies only; the second year, we did a combination of books and movies.
  • divide and conquer – I planned all of the activities and my sisters took care of the food. I thought that was a great deal!
  • Collect ideas for activities – planning the first Cousin Camp in the Spring of 2011 is what motivated me to finally give Pinterest a chance. Trying to track all of my ideas in Evernote was becoming a problem and taking too much time. The second year, I found setting up a pinboard for each theme worked out great and pinned as I found stuff. Now, I call Pinterest the new Google and wouldn’t really even have a need to leave it to find enough ideas.
  • remember the ages of the kids – be sure the activities you plan can be varied by age (our ages the first year were 3-13).
  • limit activities – plan 5 or so activities each day and then let them play and just enjoy being together.
  • take photos – take lots of pictures and be sure to hand the camera off to others.
  • expect bumps – expect there to be bumps and remind yourself that it’s okay. Depending on the ages of the kids, their might be tears (hopefully not yours). Just remember, it’s about the memories being made.

Selecting Themes

I recommend choosing themes that are popular, to make it easier to find activities, ideas, and printables. The first year, our themes were:

  • Despicable Me
  • Toy Story
  • Gnomeo and Juliet

The second year, our themes were:

  • Harry Potter
  • Dr. Seuss
  • Muppets

All of these themes turned out to be really fun! Probably the most difficult to find theme specific activities was the Muppets theme (more on that below).


Each day included:

  • a themed photo booth first thing
  • 3-5 activities and/or crafts
  • a themed snack the kids could create
  • lunch
  • we tried watching the movies after lunch, but the kids just wanted to play, so that’s what we let them do

Fun Printables To Create

I put my digi skills to work and made some fun printables for each day. The big crowd pleasers the first year were definitely the tickets to get in and the water bottles.


For the water bottles and tickets, I used the following supplies:

Despicable Me (first bottle on left) font:

Gnomeo & Juliet (center bottle) font:

Toy Story (right bottle) font:

Cousin Camp Tickets

I actually had the Toy Story invitation made at a website that is now defunct and then I made the Despicable Me and Gnomeo and Juliet invites myself. I would have ordered those too, if they would have had graphics available for it. Now, knowing what I know about Disney copyright, I’m wondering if the images weren’t licensed. Everything appeared to be on the up and up, but that’s what Disney doesn’t want: confusion or the appearance of being affiliated with them or using licensed characters with their permission.

Cousin Camp Tickets Template

I did create a ticket template that you can use for your own Cousin Camp (or any other personal event or purpose). Download it here. They are designed to put two of them on a 4×6 canvas and print as a 4×6.

There are easy ways to get licensed characters on your own personal creations. Check out this tutorial here and this one here.

Here are some ways to find licensed characters that you can legally use for your own personal projects:

  • Google the movie or book name and find the official website. Many official websites have printables that you can download and use to create things using the tutorials above (this is how I found most of the things I used for Despicable Me (they are all gone now though) and Gnomeo & Juliet).
  • is an official Disney site that has a lot of printables for download available. Just use their search bar and type in the movie name along with printable and you might be surprised all you find.

Photo Booth

Cousin Camp Photo Booth

  • I used the same sites as listed above to find printables that I could use for photo booth photos.
  • I also searched on Oriental Trading to find props. I found eye glasses for each cousin to have on Despicable Me Day and then the next year, bought the same glasses and popped the plastic out to use them for Harry Potter Day. I also found Gnome hats there.


Cousin Camp Activities

  • There are a lot of fun, themed activities out there and Pinterest makes them super easy to find. Thanks, to Katie, I was an early Pinterest adopter and back then, you wouldn’t find a ton of activities by searching. I was mostly Googling and then pinning. What a difference two years makes!
  • I found that it was easy to take traditional childhood games and put a spin on them to fit our theme (potato sack races became ‘frog races’ on Muppets Day).
  • By searching Oriental Trading, I was able to come up with ideas for fun activities. I found a 500 piece foam Gnome set for $8 that I used for a Gnome Hunt (we hid the gnomes all over my moms yard and the kids had fun finding them). We used the leftovers for a craft project.
  • Take activities from the movies or books. We used little plastic lawnmowers for a relay race, based on the races in Gnomeo & Juliet.

Cousin Camp-2-2

One of the most loved and talked about activities was this past summer as each cousin was able to work on their own scrapbook of Cousin Camp as it was happening.

Cousin Camp-1-8

I bought some very inexpensive notebooks from Oriental Trading, let the kids cover them in Duct Tape, and each day I printed their photo booth pictures as well as a group photo for each of them and let them glue them in the book and add stickers. It was simple, but most of them really loved it. My youngest daughter spent a lot of time on her book and decided that she LOVES scrapbooking. Now, almost a year later, she still loves her Cousin Camp Scrapbook and can be seen looking at it often.

Cousin Camp-3

Cousin Camp-1-9

Cousin Camp-2-3

Here are my Pinterest Boards filled with activities and food that we have used for past Cousin Camps:

I’m not sure if we will be doing Cousin Camp this summer, but if we do, one of the days the theme will be “Wreck It Ralph”. You will know Cousin Camp is on if I start pinning on some new boards! Winking smile

Using digital scrapbooking for learning

using digital scrapbooking for learning

Valorie Wibbens Smarties journal cards


Here at The Daily Digi we are always focused on how to help others learn about digital scrapbooking. However, digital scrapbooking can also be a great tool for all kinds of learning! Have you ever used any of your digital scrapbook supplies for educational purposes? You might be surprised at how useful being a digi scrapper can be when it comes to creating learning materials!

Flash cards and fun visuals

One of the best ways to use digi supplies for learning is to create flash cards for your little ones to enjoy. The great thing is that you can print out new ones if any of them get damaged or lost! It’s also possible to customize a lot of these projects in your editing program for further personalization. Here are some of my favorite finds from digiland (all images are linked)


alphabet girl

alphabet boy


wimpy chompers







flash cards Mari K


school days by Zoe Pearn


Create your own learning materials

Whether you have a preschooler at home to entertain, kids who need a little extra help, summer learning activities, or you homeschool your children full time, there are digital supplies that will help you out. With a little creativity + photoshop, you can make almost anything you might need for learning activities. I’ve linked up to some great supplies below.



summer writing


sticky learning mailbox


sticky learning time


Rock the science fair!

How many times have your kids been looking for illustrations for science fair or other school projects? There have been many times that my digi stash has saved the day! Whether you are a college student creating a presentation, or your first grader needs something fun to add to their display, digital scrapbook kits can add a great finishing touch! Here are some that might be useful for these types of projects:


Anna Science




explore exhibits


Get Creative!

There are all sorts of ways to use digi supplies to faciliate learning. You can include educational layouts right along side of all the other pages you scrap, or you could even keep a separate album for them. Becky Higgins Project Life or pocket style scrapping are also great formats to use. Of course, there are plenty of hybrid options as well; flash cards, learning charts, posters, and binders are all examples of how you can use your digi scrapping skills to create some amazing and educational keepsakes.

We’d love to hear your ideas, so feel free to share them in the comments!


Happy Easter to Our Peeps – Printables

Happy Easter to Our Peeps Printable Header

If you are a Digi Show listener, you know that I refer to our listeners and readers as our PEEPS. It came about because just calling ya’ll ‘listeners and readers’ sounds so generic and anonymous but I thought ‘friends’ sounded a little preschool. So, peeps kind of stuck.

When I saw this pin on Pinterest, I knew I needed to make a printable version for all of our peeps to print out and use:

Source: via islandmom on Pinterest

Today, I’m happy to share a printable with all of our peeps, so you can make some little gifties to share with your peeps! They are 4×6 printables. I bought some 6×13 cellophane bags with a gusset and some smaller 4×5 bags. I cut the 6×13 bags down so they were just big enough to fold the top edge over and put the printable on. You could also use a standard sandwich zipper bag. I printed my toppers at Persnickety on the pearl cardstock (I did some on matte cardstock as well, but the photos here show the pearl).

You just need to print, fold in half, and staple to a bag of peeps. Smile So easy and fun!

Happy Easter to My Peeps

Happy Easter To Our Peeps

As you can see above, the printables come in two versions: one that says OUR peeps and one that says MY peeps.

You can download the 4×6 jpeg printables here.

Project Check-In


Supplies: The Daily Details by The Digi Chick

Raise your hand if you started a new scrapbooking or photography project on January 1st. It’s a popular time of year for people to kick-off Project Life, Project 52, P365, and other on-going scrapbooking projects. I’ve been browsing the galleries and I am so inspired by all the creative spins on these projects!

So today, let’s do a quick “check-in”. How is your project going so far?

I decided to undertake a photography challenge and a scrapbooking project. For photography, I participated in a Photo-A-Day challenge for the month of January, which I highlighted earlier in the month. It was a great project and I’m thrilled with the results.

In scrapbooking, my project is a combination pocket scrapbook album and Project 52. I’m using the pocket-style pages and scrapbooking weekly spreads over the course of the year. And so far, I’m really enjoying the project!

Here are my pages so far:

Week 1:


Supplies: Pockets No. 6 Stitched by Valorie Wibbens, Layered Up In You December Journals by Lauren Grier, Journalers by Valorie Wibbens, The Everyday by Valorie Wibbens, Not Pictured by Allison Pennington, Force With You It Is Journal Cards by Valorie Wibbens and Emily Merritt, Love Me Overlays by Amy Jaz, Open Polaroid by Amy Martin, A New Start by Little Butterfly Wings, Doodlings No. 1 by Emily Merritt

Week 2:


Supplies: Pockets No. 6 Stitched by Valorie Wibbens, Layered Up In You December Journals by Lauren Grier, Let Your Dreams Fly by Jenn Barrette and Little Butterfly Wings, Love Labels by Wild Blueberry Ink

Week 3:


Supplies: Project Live Laugh Love by Mommyish and Pink Reptile Designs, Pockets No. 6 Stitched by Valorie Wibbens, Writer’s Block Vo. 2 by Paislee Press, Mega Label Pack by Amy Wolff, 4×6 Photo Collages No. 1 by Designs by Lili, Cliff Notes Warm and Fuzzy by Allison Pennington, For the Love of Journaling The Strips by Allison Pennington, Layered Up In You December Journalers by Lauren Grier, It’s A Date by Shawna Clingerman

Week 4:


Supplies: Pockets No. 6 Stitched by Valorie Wibbens, Doodled Stamps by Amy Jaz Designs, Journal Cards by Amy Jaz Designs, Musings by Pink Reptile Designs, 4×6 Photo Collages No. 1 by Designs by Lili, 3×4 Photo Collages by Designs by Lili, Memory Keeper by Paislee Press

Week 5:

I completed week 5, but I used some products that haven’t been released yet, so I’ll have to share that one at a later date!

Week 6:


Supplies: Pockets No. 6 Stitched by Valorie Wibbens, Pagekraft by One Little Bird Designs, Everyday Journal Cards Freebie by Miss Tiina, 4×6 Photo Collage No. 1 by Designs by Lili, 3×4 Photo Collages by Designs by Lili, Raw Color Paper by Micheline Martin, DJB Digi JenLin font by Darcy Baldwin


Think It’s Too Late to Start? Think Again!

If you’re interested in starting a project like a pocket scrapbook album, but you think you have to wait until January 1, 2014, think again! Smile I started my album in October. Why? Because the amazing pocket scrapbooking-related products finally wore me down and I could no longer resist them! Now that I’ve been doing it for a while, I am so happy with the project.

Share Your Pages

Leave us a note in the comments with a link to your project pages, or share them on The Daily Digi’s Flickr page. We’d love to check out your work!

Ringing In a New Year With Printables


Will you be ringing in the New Year with a big party and lots of people? Or will you be like me and keeping it low key and just family? Either way, it might be fun to include some of these printables in the festivities. Note that some of them have the wrong year on them, but because you likely have Photoshop skillz (or another editing program), I decided to include them. Images are linked to the pins on The Daily Digi Printable Pinterest Board, where you can find lots of great (mostly free) printables.

First off, Katie talked last year about doing interviews this time of year and had lots of suggestions. I found this printable that would make it super easy too:

Free New Year’s Eve printables

new year printable


This printable is adorable:

New Year's Eve subway art

Love these party hats! So bright, fun, and festive:

Make New Year’s Eve Party Hats {Free Printable 2012 Template}

DIY printable party hat templates

Some other fun supplies:

2012 free printable NYE party designs


new year's eve printables

New Year's Eve Printables

Holiday Gift Tags


One of my favorite benefits of being a digital scrapbooker is that I always have access to wonderful designs at any time of day! When I decided to wrap some gifts the other night, I realized that I didn’t have any tags. No problem though, I just looked through my digi stash (and even did a little bit of quick shopping) to find just what I needed. Love that! All I had to do was print them out and trim them with a paper cutter. So easy!

I used the free LaurensScript font to add the names.


This is the set I used for my nieces & nephew’s presents.



I printed up some different tags for our family gifts.



I used this set for Alex & Riley’s gifts – and this one comes in The Digi Files this month! Smile



My guess is that you have some presents to wrap also right now. Here are some more of my favorite tags from digi land: (all images are linked)





tlp gift tags preview (2)






Preview_meryy_little_gift tags-3








If you need tags for your holiday gifts, check your digi stash. You might even find some tucked in with some holiday kits. It’s fun & easy to add a personal touch to your presents!

katie big

PS. Congratulations to this week’s readers who have won $10 to one of December’s featured designers: KarYn A (Snips and Snails), azika (Pink Poppy Press) and Teresa (mleCard). Thanks for commenting!