Surviving December


For many of us, the holiday season means that daily routines are put on hold. While we’re busy enjoying parties, school concerts, holiday traditions and visiting family and friends, important things like healthy eating, exercise and down time can get pushed aside.

I did a little research and found some ideas for having a healthier and happy December:

Making Food Preparation Easier

December is a great time to renew your friendship with your slow-cooker. While you’re out all day long, shopping or visiting, it is busy cooking you a lovely dinner. You walk in your front door and the house smells like a lovely feast! Here are some sites to try:

In addition to your slow cooker, you can make some meals ahead. Here are some meals that you can double. Try making one for dinner tonight and freeze the other half to have on a busy day:

And lastly, some good comfort food is always welcome in December. If you haven’t made it yet, you should try Bake Potato Soup. Put on a pot today. You won’t regret it!

A Little Pre-Planning

You can do a lot of things in November or early December to make the rest of the month go smoothly. Some ideas:

  • Pop on a favourite movie, print out your Christmas card address list and get those cards done! If you’re really keen, you can even stamp the addressed cards and have them waiting by the front door to be mailed the next day.
  • Pre-bake freezer-friendly treats to have on hand later for entertaining or gifts. Things like sugar cookies, jam-filled thumbprint cookies, and gingerbread cookies freeze beautifully and you can pop them out whenever you need them.
  • Buy multiples of gifts. For example, you can have several bottles of wine on hand to give as hostess gifts or the same gift cards to give to each of your child’s teachers.



My family runs on Google Calendar. My husband and I each have our own calendars, plus we have calendars for the kids. (I also have calendars for each of my creative teams, but that’s a whole other post!)

I love that I can check my husband’s calendar (and vice versa) to make sure that we avoid scheduling conflicts and overextending ourselves.

You can check out more about Google Calendar in Steph’s post here.

Moving More in December

I’ll be the first to admit that this isn’t my area of expertise. But, here are some ideas to get us all moving this December:

  • Build a snowman. Or a whole snow-family!
  • Take part in your favourite winter sports: ice skating, skiing, snow-shoeing…
  • Clean the house. (I can get a lot of cleaning done while listening to The Digi Show on my iPod.)
  • Hop on that treadmill/stationary bike/elliptical machine in your basement. Make the time go faster by watching a favourite Christmas movie or listening to music.
  • Go for a winter walk and enjoy the neighbourhood Christmas lights.

Making Time for Down Time

I love the busy holiday season and visiting with family and friends. Some of my favourite memories though are the quiet ones spent at home with my family.

  • I look forward to quiet evenings spent with the fireplace on and two little kids snuggled up with me on the couch while I read The Night Before Christmas out loud.
  • We listen to Alan Maitland’s recording of The Shepherd each December. It wouldn’t be the holidays without it.

Those are some of my holiday survival tips. If you have some tips (or recipes!) please tell us in the comments.

Just a note – no affiliate links were used in this post.

Dear (fill in the blank)


Notebook & Pencil from Extra Credit at Digital Design Essentials (Gina Cabrera)


Quite often, the hardest part of journaling is getting started. It can be daunting to face a blank page and realize you need to fill it with words – believe me, I (Katie) go through the same thing when I write a post! Whoever invented the standard form of letter writing must have understood that it’s a lot easier for us if we have an opener to get us started. When you address a letter as “Dear Mom” you immediately establish that you are talking to your mother and you can then proceed with the message. What if we did the same thing with scrapbook pages?

Here are some fun digi layouts to illustrate this approach (all images are linked for credits):


Write directly to someone in your family and tell them what they mean to you. Just treat the page like a letter or note you would put together to describe a feeling or memory about that person.


Address someone who might not be able to hear you in person, or someone who might not appreciate all of your wisdom just quite yet. (think teenagers)


You don’t have to limit your letter writing to a person, how about “Dear Fall” as the subject of your journaling? Talk to a season, a building, a vacation, or anything that is worth a scrapbook page!


Talking to a certain date or point in time will give you a great way to include several events at once.


Pretend like you are opening up a journal and start off with the classic “Dear Diary”.


Here’s your chance for an open letter to anyone, even a large group of people. How about writing to the entire world?


Using the word “dear” and then filling in the blank that comes after it can lead to some incredible creative titles like “dear computer of indeterminate age” – love it!


It’s easy to tell Santa what you want if you include a “Dear Santa” greeting at the start.


Did you ever think to write to yourself? You know the reader will appreciate what you write! Winking smile


Writing to your past self is a great way to reflect on your own growth and development.


I love the idea of writing a break-up letter or a “Dear John” to document the end of an era.



Can you believe how many journaling ideas come from starting off with the word “dear”? It’s a simple shortcut that will help you create many wonderful pages. Remember, your words will make the memory more meaningful!

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A Season of Gifts


How can gift-giving be made more fun, less stressful and maybe a little bit less expensive?

Simplify What To Get

Knowing what to buy is a key part of gift-giving, clearly. I love getting lists from my husband and kids! If I stick to the list, it is guaranteed that the gifts will be enjoyed by the recipient. (I, of course, frequently stray from the list to surprise them with something that I think they’ll love.)

I asked around and found out that many families simplify gift-giving by limiting what they can buy and how much they can spend. Here were some ideas:

  • Draw names and then each person only has one other person to buy for.
  • Share only homemade gifts (if your family is crafty).
  • A funny gag gift theme would be sure to put a smile on everyone’s face.
  • Rather than “things”, give “experiences”. Did you know you can buy memberships to your local museums? Other ideas are movie tickets, concert tickets, and gifts for classes at your local community centre or community college.
  • Homemade baked goods are a popular and well-received gift.
  • An all book gift theme would make me very happy!

When stumped, it’s always easy to get a gift card. You can get mall gift cards that are good at the majority of the shopping centre so your recipient can enjoy any number of items.

Simplify How You Get It

Like many people, I do not like going to shopping malls in December. To make my holidays go more smoothly, I do the majority of my gift shopping online. Toy shopping is a breeze online – and many toy stores have free shipping for the holidays.

The part I like best about online shopping for gifts is that it keeps me on budget. It’s easy to check my balance online – certainly easier than rifling through receipts at the mall and trying to calculate how much I have already spent.

If you’re like me and you have relatives in other cities, you can even send the gifts directly to the recipient. For a small fee, some companies will even wrap the gift for you.

Simplify How You Wrap It

I am all thumbs when it comes to wrapping presents. I just cannot get the tape on the wrapping paper without weird creases and nothing can be done to salvage ribbon after I’ve attempted to make a bow with it. It’s sad, really. So, gift bags are my holiday friends! After many years of doing this, I have an impressive collection of gift bags that I reuse often. Better for the environment and the bank balance!

To make putting together gifts more enjoyable, I don’t wrap each gift as I buy them. I wait until I’m done the majority of my shopping, then I pop in a holiday movie (I like Elf) or some holiday music and start wrapping and bagging gifts. It turns a dreaded chore into a fun couple of hours.


I checked out The Daily Digi and found some gift-giving related articles you might want to check out:

  • For those of you wanting to make homemade gifts this year, now is the time to start!
  • If gift-giving and all the holiday activities do get overwhelming, Steph had a great article on stress that many readers related to.
  • You can find some amazing and unique gifts on Etsy. Shop early to ensure pre-Christmas delivery – especially for international shipping.

I hope you have a fun time gift-giving this year!

Photograph your journaling


(sign from Hogle Zoo)

One of my (Katie’s) favorite resources for finding journaling comes from taking pictures of signs. When I go to the zoo, a museum, or any location with informational signs, I snap photos of the words written on these valuable journaling sources. Someone put a lot of effort into compiling and displaying the information on these signs and that means that I have some easy shortcuts to use when I create my own scrapbook layouts.

I knew when we visited the Totem Pole park in Alaska, that I would never be able to remember all the things we learned about. We loved reading all of the signs to understand more about the meaning and history of the various Totems. I snapped a picture of each Totem Pole and then photographed the accompanying sign right after. When I browse through my photos I have ready-made bits of journaling that I can include by using pieces of the photos, or I can rewrite the messages in many ways to document the memory I’m sharing.

2010 cruise Ketchikan (26)

A recent trip to the zoo gave me the perfect photo-opp with the elephants. I knew I would want to scrap those photos so I took pictures of the plaques that shared details about the family of elephants residing at the zoo.


Even if the journaling doesn’t show up very well in a photograph, I can enlarge it on my screen and read through it to jog my memory. I can also extract the shape of a sign (like the round one pictured below) and use it as a type of “journaling card” embellishment on a layout.


My kids appreciate me taking the time to snap pictures of the things they learn about on our field trips. It’s a great way for them to review their new knowledge and it adds interest to the memory being shared.


Signs can tell an important part of the story that you might otherwise forget to include. We’ve been going to the Shakespeare Festival for years, but somehow I’ve neglected to mention the ongoing campaign to raise funds for a new theater. Now that I have this photo, I will remember to journal those details.


We had a fabulous time at a recent Weird Al concert (he’s so funny!) and the t-shirt we bought for my son had all the tour stops listed on the back. This is a fun and interesting tidbit to remember!

DSC_0015 (8)

If you get a really clear picture of journaling (like this jellyfish sign at the aquarium), you have a ready-made journaling card. I can use this picture just like a photo on a page, but it tells a very interesting story that I wouldn’t have known about without the sign.


Journaling doesn’t have to be hard, and it doesn’t always have to be in your own words. Feel free to borrow from all the readily available pieces of text that are informative and well-designed. Just take a picture and you will have instant words to add interest and meaning to your layouts.

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Let’s Talk About the Weather (and scrap it!)


Happy Planet by Kate Hadfield, The Architect by Heather Hess


Weather is one thing that people can always talk about, and we often like to complain about it also! Good weather can be wonderful, and bad weather can range from annoying to downright destructive. As I (Katie) was browsing through our Digital Scrapbooking Inspiration Flickr Group, this layout from Ronnie caught my eye.  I realized that I have done very little scrapping about the weather!


Weather is a big part of our everyday life and often plays a significant role in the stories of our lives. Weather can change our plans in a heartbeat. Storms can suddenly appear, or last for days. The weather is always on our mind. I’ve been stuck in snowstorms, had a car damaged in a hail storm, been sunburned on a sunny day, and was even injured once when a massive gust of wind forced a container up against my face. I’ve also enjoyed the sunshine, felt depressed on an overcast day, and I’ve been known to sing in the rain. These are all experiences and memories that have not been documented in my albums. When I saw Ronnie’s layout, I realized that there was a whole range of weather-related topics I could scrap about! Here are a few layouts I found in the galleries as inspiration. All images are linked for credits.












Aren’t those layouts amazing? So many ways to scrap about the weather. You might also consider adding in details about what the weather was like when adding journaling to ANY type of layout. It’s interesting background information! I decided to look to the talented designers in the digital scrapbooking community for some fun weather kits and embellishments. Here are some of my favorites:










The next time you find yourself discussing the weather with someone, consider digi scrapping about the weather. You will always have something to talk about!

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Does your computer need sleep?


sleep tight by Kaye Winiecki

Does your computer need sleep? I (Katie) have often wondered if I’m giving my computer the rest it needs? I’ve heard conflicting opinions about whether or not you should actually power down your computer each night, or simply let it go into sleep mode?  I generally let me computer go to sleep, which means I have changed the power settings to go into sleep mode after a certain period of inactive use time. When I come back to my computer, I can quickly start it up again without having to go through a full power up cycle. I also have a password on my computer so whoever logs back on after it’s been sleeping, needs to know the password. This is a good security measure if you use your computer in work or public locations. I only restart my computer if I need to install updates or if I’m packing it to go on a long trip. Sometimes, I will fully restart my computer if I’m having a lot of problems getting programs and files to work properly. For some reason, a good restart seems to clear out the bugs.

I asked some of our team members here at The Daily Digi to tell me what they know about the sleep/power off question and here’s what they had to say:

  • Heddy – I use Windows 7 and my instruction manual specified that the computer would work optimally if put to sleep each night and not fully shut down.
  • Wendy – Some computers are set to run updates and upgrades only during shut down or restart. Closing out of programs can free up memory and hard drive space taken up by temporary files. Restarting clears log files that keep things running smoothly. That said, my computer is very stable and I only restart it once a week. However, it is set to sleep after a certain period of inactivity.
  • Kim – I have a laptop and I completely shut it down every night and start it up in the morning. It runs hot (and I just burned out a cooling fan that I’d only had a month) so I try to turn it off to let it get nice and cool. During the day when I’m a work, it sleeps. I’ve had this laptop for 3 years and haven’t had any issues other than reheating once. [Knock on wood.]
  • Karen – I turn my laptop completely off at night, but my desktop goes to sleep after 20 minutes of not being used. I actually don’t know what’s better or worse, but I had an old PC laptop with my last job that, no joke, could take 20 minutes to fully power up, so with my Macs at home, I just got in the habit of not shutting them down unless I had to. It’s also partly a convenience. Our iMac is in the living room, so there’s very often someone on it. I don’t think it would have time to sleep!

As always, the team brought up some great points to help me in my research. After reading Heddy’s comment, I realized I should start with the manual for my own laptop. I use a Dell XPS laptop and run Windows 7 Home Premium. The user manual is available by clicking on the “Help and Support” tab in my start menu. After searching on sleep and restarting, I found these helpful bits of information:

Using sleep

You can put your computer into sleep mode instead of shutting it down. When your computer is asleep, the display turns off and often the computer’s fan stops. Usually, a light on the outside of your computer case blinks or turns yellow to indicate that the computer is asleep. The whole process takes only a few seconds.

Because Windows will remember what you were doing, there’s no need to close your programs and files before putting your computer into sleep mode. But it’s always a good idea to save your work before putting the computer into any low-power mode. The next time you turn on your computer (and enter your password, if required), the screen will look exactly as it did when you turned off your computer.

To wake your computer, press the power button on your computer case. Because you don’t have to wait for Windows to start, your computer wakes within seconds and you can resume work almost immediately.

  • When your computer is asleep, it uses a very small amount of power to maintain your work in its memory. If you’re using a laptop, don’t worry—the battery won’t be drained. After the computer has been sleeping for several hours, or if the battery is running low, your work is saved to the hard disk, and then your computer turns off completely, drawing no power.

When to shut down

Even though putting your computer into sleep mode is the fastest way to turn it off and the best option for resuming work quickly, there are certain times when you need to shut down:

  • When you’re adding or upgrading the hardware inside your computer—such as installing memory, a disk drive, a sound card, or a video card. Shut down the computer, and then disconnect it from its power source before proceeding with the upgrade.
  • When you’re adding a printer, monitor, external drive, or other hardware device that doesn’t connect to a USB or IEEE 1394 port on your computer. Shut down the computer before connecting the device.


Checking your own computer manual is the best option to help you figure out what’s best for your system. It’s a good idea for energy conservation, and for the long-term care of your computer to have some way to let it rest when not in use. Laptops especially run hot and the fan has to work hard to keep things cool. Change your power settings to let your computer sleep when you aren’t going to use it for awhile. Your computer will be happy for the naptime!


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TONS of Friday Fun for You!


First off, I wanted to remind you about the AMAZING kits you get as FREE bonuses when you are a member here at The Daily Digi!

Everyday Life is the first the exclusive kit that Digi Game members get upon subscribing:


Good Life is the 2nd exclusive kit that members get after 4 active months:


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Aren’t those kits beautiful? They are also GINORMOUS! We are so grateful to the contributing designers who make these gifts possible, and we are grateful to our members for keeping The Daily Digi running! Remember that you can subscribe by the month or save even more with an annual membership!

Want to know what else caught my eye in digiland this week?

I love a good sale, and Chelle’s Creations has a big one going on!


Heather T. is offering 20% off this gorgeous Making Up kit through the weekend. So pretty!


It’s like Wendy can read my mind…I love the look of stacked papers and now she has created actions to make it super easy! She has an exclusive offer just for US

15% off any Studio Wendy purchase over $15
EXP: 07-04-11

I have a serious addiction to digital frames – I must have them all! Smile I love these clippy frames from Allison Pennington!


Kaye Winiecki has a new template pack out and it’s 20% off this weekend. I love her templates!


Jennifer Labre has a fun and colorful kit to help you celebrate those “special” birthdays. Winking smile It’s 20% off right now!


Dianne Rigdon has such a knack for putting fun colors and patterns together. I love this Happy Day bundle!


I’ve been in the mood to work on my son’s baby pages lately and this kit from Sabrina’s Creations is just perfect for baby boy layouts!


I love the color palette of the Summer Fix at The Digi Chick and this bunch of elements from Elise’s Pieces is just yummy!


This is an older product, but as I was looking through my template files the other day, I was reminded that this is one of the most amazing templates I’ve ever purchased. It fits 100 pictures! Thanks Misty Cato for putting together all of those layers so I don’t have to! LOL!


I adore the crayons in this Scribbled Out kit from Micheline Martin – and digital crayons always look brand new! Smile


Jenn Barrette’s Feet in the Sand kit is still one of my favorites. If you weren’t lucky enough to get it in The Digi Files last year (see how much you can save by getting that awesome bundle of files each month?!) then you can still pick it up in her store. I’ve used it several times!


I’m loving the stitched eyelet lace and the fun cherries in Amanda Heimann’s Bada Bing kit!


Have a great weekend!

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Stretching Solids for Digi Scrapping

rainbow copy

Fontologie Textura Traced font. Papers by Katie the Scrapbook Lady


If you’ve looked through my layouts, you will notice that I (Katie) love using solid papers! While it may be the patterned papers that tempt me to buy digi kits, I won’t ever give in if there are not at least a few good solids included. I just have to have them! Solid papers go with any theme, are easy to journal on, and can also be recolored to suit any photo. They also make great partners for patterned papers, so they help me utilize the other pieces of a digital scrapbook kit. Solids are the foundation pieces for almost every layout I create. There’s only one drawback… they can be a little too plain sometimes. I’ve found several ways to stretch the way I use solids for scrapping though, and I’ve been having a great time reusing digi papers I thought had hit the retired list in my collection!



Janet’s most used scrapping trick of using some sort of edge or border treatment on a layout, is especially important with a solid background paper. The eye needs a frame to give the page definition and boundaries. You can use all types of borders and creative ways to edge a layout and we have loads of examples to inspire you in this Living on the Edge post. Here are some other examples of how to add some interest to the edge of solid papers:


Distressed Edge Overlay by Anna Aspnes



Paper Reveal Overlays by Katie Pertiet



Sparkle Me Happy by the Shabby Princess



Square Border Frames by Jenna Desai



Text on a Path by Sahlin Studio. Also refer to this tutorial by Steph.



You can easily turn solids into patterns with several tricks and products!

KScrapbooklady_GG_1 (12)

Pattern Overlays by Loreta Labarca.

Fill with solid papers to create a new patterned paper.



Play around in your program to use different effects. I used Color Fade – Vertical (in Photoshop Elements) to get this look.




Play around with program filters to add texture and design to solid papers. I used the patchwork filter under the filter effects menu in Photoshop Elements to create this look.




My solid paper blended with a paper from Hello Spring by Cinzia Loosemore

I layered my solid paper on top of Cinzia’s patterned paper and used the hue blending mode in Photoshop Elements.




Add the paper on top of a photo and lower the opacity of the paper until the photo shows through.


Of course, I must refer you to the master of blending – Jenn Lindsey if you want to learn more blending tricks. Check out Jenn’s self-paced class at Big Picture Classes for more details!


Finally, when you layer 2 solids together, they form a pattern of colors that adds interest to the backdrop of your layout. This is one of my favorite tricks!

As you can see, there are MANY ways to stretch solid papers to get more use out of them. Next time you open up a digi kit, take a minute to explore the ways you can have fun with the solids!

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Funtastic & Full of Fun Friday!


Fridays are full of fun here at The Daily Digi. We share all the good stuff going on in digiland. These are NOT paid advertisements, these are simply the digi goodies we have found that we love to share. We know our readers love them too and we appreciate all the nice comments we always get about the effort we put into doing the footwork for you so you have more time to scrap! That’s what The Daily Digi is all about! Smile


The Paperclipping Digi Show was so much fun this week. Peppermint Granberg and Lynette Penacho joined Steph, Izzy, and me (Katie) for a great discussion about doing (and not doing) Project 365. We came up with a lot of creative ways to approach the picture a day concept and also discussed several other alternatives. One of my favorite segments of the show is the “picks” because I always learn about something new. We are gaining new listeners every week and we hope you will join in the fun!

You can listen below or in iTunes; Izzy has a video on his site explaining how to do that OR you can see our tutorial with screenshots: Tutorial for Listening in iTunes.  You can join in the discussion about the show after listening if you want.  You can listen below, subscribe in iTunes, or subscribe through our RSS feed.



This article of 53 Weekly Themes for Your 2011 Project 365 from Digital Photography School goes along nicely with what we talked about on the Paperclipping Digi Show this week (#31 Like a Monkey on a Cupcake). It includes a list of 53 weekly photography prompts to inspire you throughout the year. Did you know that 2011 has 53 weeks? Because January 1st fell on a Saturday, it added an extra calendar week to the year!



I’ve had my eye on Liz Tamanaha’s (Paislee Press) 16×20 calendar so I was thrilled to see that  all her 2011 Calendars are on sale thru January 17th. Hooray!



I love the title of this beautiful new kit by Jennifer Labre – Olive Juice. So pretty and it’s on sale for 20% off!



Traci Reed has this awesome “Unofficially Me” kit coming out tomorrow at Sweet Shoppe Designs. Their prices are always marked down on the day of release.



I love buying templates in bundles and these new ones from Scrapping with Liz look wonderful! Great deal also!



I am so happy to see this wonderful kit of inclusion from Wimpy Chompers. Very Special Kid is 20% off this weekend.



Karla Dudley has a free kit, a chance to win another kit and dollar kit + her whole store is 25% off! Modern Marvel is one of my favorite Karla kits – it was once featured in The Digi Files so if you missed it back then, now’s a good time to pick it up!

Modern Marvel - full kit


Daily Digi readers can save 20% on Misty Cato’s latest release, Snow Bright.  Perfect for all you snowy fun pages.  Use coupon code tddsnow at checkout.  Offer expires 1/21/11.



Who doesn’t love a good clearance sale? Jennifer Fox is retiring a bunch of products and they’re all 60% off. Some are even $1!

retirement sale jan 2011


I was so fascinated when I hear Pamela talk about the Anybook reader on the Paperclipping Digi Show. How would you like to WIN one to use with your own scrapbooks? Pamela Donnis is giving away an Anybook Reader to one lucky blog commenter. Visit her at Keeping Life Creative to enter. Giveaway closes Monday, January 17th.

Anybook Reader Giveaway


Do you need to get away? I know I could use a Digi Scrap filled fun vacay! Check out all the info in the Scrap Orchard forum for more details.



Cindy Schneider has  FREE template on her facebook page. So fun!



After 5 Designs has a category in their shop of great $2 “shots” – what a bargain!



I just had to share this awesome tutorial over on The Lilypad blog! Learn how to do “weaving” of embellishments on a digital scrapbook layout to add a a more realistic look to your pages. Fabulous!


Ok, now I’m officially ready for the weekend. Hope you have a great one!

katie big

P.S. Here are the random winners chosen from yesterday’s post and the memories they shared.  Each of you won $10 from one of the designers featured yesterday!  Check your email!

Corinne and here’s here favorite memory:
A family celebration weekend for an 80th birthday, 50th Wedding and 25th Wedding Aniversaries, which brought folks from UK and Aus to NZ.

bananasandrice who said:
One of my favorite memories from 2010 was re-entered the US after 2 years and my 5 year old son was so thrilled at the airport to learn that the water fountains wouldn’t make him sick, and they were cold, and they were free. He was elated.

Wenche Sterling and her favorite memory:
My mom coming for a visit. She was here for a bout a month, and since she lives 5000, yes, five thousand, miles away, we don’t get to see her very often.

Brittney/milmomma who said:
My favorite memory from 2010 is seeing my son so happy to start Kinder in the fall. He is my oldest and first to go to school. :)

Noelle’s favorite memory is:
One of my favorite memories – we had a family reunion in August and it was great fun! I got to see relatives I had not seen in years and met many in my extended family!

Katie’s Roundup Album


It’s that time when we love to look back through the past year and reflect on the events and happenings that occurred. This is something that is particularly fun for digital scrapbookers as we discussed in the Paperclipping Digi Show podcast #29 The Year in Review. During that show I (Katie) talked about how easy it is for me to do my year-end recaps because of my monthly roundup tool. I’ve talked about roundups here on The Daily Digi before, but I thought it would be fun to show you how I simply took the information from this monthly exercise and turned it into a scrapbook album. It was SO EASY!



Monthly roundup prompts as found on my blog. I fill these out at the end of each month and when it came time to make this album, I pretty much just copied and pasted the journaling right onto the pages.

Monthly templates. You can design your own or use some from one of your favorite digital designers. I chose Cathy Zielske’s The Monthly album set.

Papers and embellishments. I decided to use only papers in my album so it was more like a photobook. All the papers in my project are by Kaye Winiecki. I kept my format very basic by using the same background paper for every page and then adding a different accent color for each month. Of course you can add as many goodies as you want to, there is no right or wrong way!



I compiled at least one page of photographs for every month of the year and then included my roundup on the opposing layout. Each month has a minimum of a 2 page spread that both shows and tells what we did that month. There were several times that I ended up with 4 pages (or more) so I used some of the generic collages and/or altered some of the existing templates to stretch the layouts to include all the important memories from that time period.

Here are the main photo pages for each month of this year and the roundup journaling pages that accompany each of them:


CZ_EveryMonth9PhotoGrid copy


CZ_1_January12 copy



CZ_2_February12 copy



CZ_3_March12 copy

CZ_FullPageJournalMarch copy


CZ_4_April12 copy

CZ_FullPageJournalapril copy


CZ_5_May12 copy



CZ_6_June12 copy



CZ_7_July12_2010 01




CZ_FullPageJournal August


CZ_9_September12 copy



CZ_10_October12 copy



CZ_11_November12 copy



CZ_12_December12 copy

I still have to do my December roundup. I never roundup the month until it is officially over.


If you’ve been doing your roundups, you have an album just waiting to be put together! Or you can also use the information on a variety of other scrapbook pages. If you’ve never tried a roundup, it’s a great time to start! You can begin with January and if you keep going, you will have the easiest end-of-year review ever for 2011 and plenty of inspiration for scrapping all year long!

Find the roundup details here. You can also subscribe to my blog, or check back on the last day of each month for a regular reminder.

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