12 MORE Awesome Scrapbook Pages With Maps

A few years ago, as my family was getting ready for our six week road trip, I shared 12 Awesome Scrapbook Pages With Maps.

As summer quickly approaches and dreams of travel fill our minds, it’s time to be inspired once again! I love the creative techniques scrappers have used to incorporate maps into their albums.

And if you’ve got a big trip coming up (or one from the past you have yet to scrap), make sure you check out yesterday’s post where you show you the Insta-Trip album that is part of this month’s Digi Files. Make sure you are a member in order to snag it!

And here is my layout!

Now let’s see some inspiration!

(whenever possible, layouts are linked to their original source)

Gearing Up for National Scrapbooking Day

Gearing Up for National Scrapbooking Day

Are you gearing up for (inter)National Scrapbooking Day? NSD is celebrated the first Saturday in May each year. That means the fun starts this coming weekend!

I’ve been a digital scrapbooker for a long, long time now and I still get excited to celebrate NSD each year! Here are some of my tips for celebrating in style!

Pssst…. If you’re new to digital scrapbooking, you need to know that National Scrapbooking Day means there will be really great new products and sales!

The days ahead of NSD are perfect for making a wishlist of products you want to buy. You can make a wishlist at each store you shop at by using the store wishlist feature. Then it is easy to just add each product to your cart on NSD weekend.

Another really great option is to use Pinterest. Just create a NSD 2016 board and save your favourite products to it. You’ll be able to see everything you want from all of your favourite stores so you can check if you’re picking too many blue kits and not enough templates, for example. It’s nice to have a visual overview of all of the products that you are interested in buying.

Now is the time to make sure that you’re following your favourite designers on social media. Designers share their sales information and provide sneak peeks for their new products. Obviously, this can help you to fine tune your wishlist.

Subscribe to newsletters of your favourite designers to make sure you don’t miss an update. I’ve seen designers provide early access to the sales (with coupon codes) to their newsletter subscribers, as well as coupons for additional savings. Some designers offer freebies or free-with-purchase products through their newsletters as well.

Once NSD weekend arrives, it is time to hit the sales! The NSD sales are always amazing!

Load up your cart(s), check your budget and then hit buy!

But fair warning – download times on NSD weekend can sometimes be a bit slow because there are just so very many excited digi scrappers trying to get their goodies. If you’re patient, wait to download until off-hours, like early in the morning or very late at night. Or, if you’re very, very patient, wait until early next week.

Lots of stores and designers host fun games and challenges. Some are forum participation games and some get you scrapping! Either way, enjoy taking part in the community and sharing your love of this hobby with other memory keepers.

I wish you all a happy (inter)National Scrapbooking Day!

Pretty Pretty Templates

Seriously…Brook’s templates are just so PRETTY. As in, I don’t need to overlay any papers because they are just so pretty all on their own!

Don’t believe me? Just check out her templates for this month’s Digi Files. Gorgeous!

As I was oooohing and aaaahhing over them the other day, thinking I wish I could just print and hang as they are, it occurred to me that I really could use them just as they are!

I needed to send a bunch of thank you cards and I decided that these templates would make the prettiest cards.

[I am working in PSE, but the steps should be similar in PS and other versions of PSE]

I chose to use the third template (the one in the bottom right in the preview above. I selected all of the layers in the big cluster (holding down the command key while I selected each layer in the layers palette) and duplicated them onto a new 5×7 document (with layers selected, LAYER > DUPLICATE LAYER > DESTINATION: NEW). I then rotated them 90° to the right (IMAGE > ROTATE > ROTATE IMAGE 90° RIGHT).

I then decided to go back and grab the black photo spot. I overlaid it with a chalkboard paper from my stash and then added a stroke layer (holding down the command key, I clicked on the layer thumbnail which created a selection around the layer; then, I clicked the new layer icon and next EDIT > STROKE > 10px).

After writing the words ThankYou (font is Angelline), I decided to duplicate most of the cluster, rotate them (with desired layers selected, IMAGE > ROTATE > ROTATE LAYER 180°), and add them to the other side. Finally, I added a piece of watercolor paper (again, from my stash) and voila! Thank you cards done! Simple and yet so, so pretty!

Layouts We Love {April 2016}

It is always such an inspiration to take a stroll through our Flickr pool! Every few months I like to spotlight just a few of the incredible layouts just waiting to inspire you!

If you are in a scrapping rut and need some mojo, check out these amazing pages by amazing artists. Inspiration is certain!

Click on the images for more information on the layout. And while you are there, take a stroll through the entire pool!

I just love the brick wall background of this page. And the title work makes it look so real!

I love how many photos are on this page as well as the variety of elements and yet the page doesn’t seem too cluttered or busy (due to the awesome use of white space!)

The simplicity of this layout is what makes it so striking. The journaling and the photos are perfectly balanced and appealing. I instantly want to read the story!

The happy colors and fun use of triangles make this page so playful and captivating.

As a nature lover, I of course am just giddy over this page. Macro photography in nature is one of my favorite things to do. Makes me want to turn off the computer and get outside!

Every time I see a pocket scrapping page that is well done, I am convinced that one of these days I will give it a try. I get so inspired when I see colorful layouts that chronicle a life well lived.

When so much of our lives revolves around our photos and messages, this slice-of-life layout is so perfect. Have you tried scrapping a text conversation?

I’ve always been drawn to high-contrast colors and so it is no wonder I immediately fell in love with this page. The black and white photo paired with the white background and pops of color makes this layout swoon-worthy.

As mentioned above, I love high contrast. And that goes for my black and white photos as well. But for this layout, the more subtle and subdued black and white photos just work with the toned-down (but still happy!) colors of the paper and elements. It goes to show us that all rules in style and design can be broken for the right reasons.

I love every little thing about this page: the surprisingly perfect colors (look how well they match the little girl’s shirt!), the papers tucked into paper slits at the corners, and the double-framed photo (once in the photo itself and once with a paper frame over top.) Perfection!

Don’t forget to upload your own pages to our Flickr pool. As we work as a community to encourage and inspire one another, we will all benefit.

Cultivating Creativity

I am getting ready to speak at a women’s retreat for our church. I am so excited to be sharing about one of my favorite topics: cultivating our gifts and talents. Because those gifts vary widely among women, I won’t be sharing specifically on creativity. However, for me, creativity is the gift I choose to spend my time cultivating.

It can be easy to fall into ruts and patterns in how we express ourselves creatively. That’s why it is so important to try new things, stretch ourselves, and look at creativity from new perspectives.

As scrappers, we do this in many ways:


Trying new or new-to-us designers through The Digi Files

Participating in scrapping challenges

Limiting ourselves to certain productsUsing template that differ from our normal style

…and so on.

All of these a great way to push ourselves into new territory. Creativity, like everything else in life, will grow only with cultivation. The best way to stagnate is to continue to do the same things in the same ways.

Journaling card used is by Tangie Baxter from the January 2016 Digi Files kit, Get Messy. Quote design by Janet Phillips.

I came across a great resource for cultivating creativity. It has 50 ideas of things you can do to stretch yourself and grow your creative wings. I’ve actually done some of them (like an ABC photo walk and other wonder walks), a Daily Photo Project, and finding beauty in the mundane. There are some I can’t wait to try like the Circles Test and Portmanteaux.

Photo Credit

Check out the entire list of 50 ideas from Learning Bird.

Using Journaling Cards to add Text to Your Photos

After finally editing more than 500 photos from our family’s trip to Florida in December, I am ready to put the photos into an album from Adorama Pix. I don’t want or need to have dozens of scrapbook pages from this one week and yet I want to have most of the photos available for us to look at. That’s where albums are such a great option. I’ll have a few scrapped pages from our trip in our family scrapbook, but the bulk of the images will be in their own book. I’ll use my Scrap Your Year templates because I have found over and over again that they make putting an album together quick and painless.

Because I don’t plan to add paper and elements to my pages, I did want to do something to add a little style to my book. Adding text over photos is a simple and yet powerful addition. To make it easy (and because typography isn’t one of my strong suits), I used some of the many journaling cards I have in my digi stash.

For this photo, I used a card by Kristin Cronin-Barrow from her Life Stories: Girl kit (no longer available). Using my magic wand tool, I simply chose the text and put it on its own layer and added it to my photo.

In this next example, I used two different cards from the Little Boys kit in this month’s Digi Files. Again, I just extracted the text with my magic wand tool and placed them on my photo.

For this photo, I used a card from Kristin Cronin-Barrow’s Once Upon a Summer: Chilling Cards. I placed the card over my photo, enlarging it to the same width as my image. I lowered the opacity to about 75% and changed the blending mode to overlay.

This image, using a card from the Free 2B Me kit from this month’s Digi Files, was created with another simple extraction. After placing the text on my photo, I added a white layer and used a clipping mask to change the text to white. I then lowered the opacity until I was happy with it.

For this image, I extracted the text from the card that was part of the Little Boys kit from this month’s Digi Files. I then played around with the opacity and blending modes. I eventually cut apart the text into different layers so I could center justify the words. I then added a slight outer glow to the “adventure” layer and I used my burn tool to darken the sky/clouds directly beneath so that the word would stand out more.

Here are a few more I made for my album:

Putting together my trip album is going to be fast, easy, and fun. And with these easy text treatments, it’s going to look great too!

What about you? Have you found great ways to use your journaling cards?

A to Z at The Daily Digi

A to Z at The Daily Digi

I often browse the archived articles at the Daily Digi. There is a bounty of information to be found there. I put together an A to Z of some great articles and categories that I think are worth revisiting.

A is for Actions!Lights, Camera, Actions! shows us all about actions (pre-recorded steps in Photoshop) and how to use them in scrapbooking.

B is for Brushes! – Learn how to create brushes from PNG files.

C is for Contributor Features! – The monthly contributor features are a fun way to “meet” designers and learn some of the best tips and tricks.

D is for Drop Shadows! – We have a plethora of drop shadow articles. One of my favourites is To Shadow or Not to Shadow? where Katie showed us some layouts with and without shadows – and what a difference they make!

E is for Everyday! – Everyday photography that is. We learned how to use Lego minifigures to practice photograpy

F is for Fonts! – I’m an avid font collector. Every few months I like to share a few of my favourites here.

G is for Gray! – Stef showed us how to turn our gray skies blue.

H is for Him! – All about how to get Dad in the picture.

I is for Interesting! – I’m thinking about participating in Ali Edwards’ December Daily project this year… Luckily Katie the Scrapbook Lady shared tips for those of us who worry that our lives aren’t interesting enough for December Daily.

J is for Journal Cards! – I love working with journal cards, and keeping them organized means being able to make the most of the ones that I have in my stash.

K is for Kids! – My daughter is 9 and really wants to start digi scrapbooking. I’ve started her with phonebooking (see below) and we do some really basic scrapping in Photoshop together.

L is for Layout Design! – One of my go-to tricks is to move the entire design around the page.

M is for Masks! Using masks to erase backgrounds from photos is a trick used in photography all the time, but it’s an equally good trick to apply to digital scrapbooking.

N is for Notepad! – How do you gather memories? When inspiration strikes, I need to write things down right away or else it’s gone forever.

O is for Opacity! Adjusting opacity is an easy way to blend items together and mimic velum.

P is for Phonebooking! – Steph is my phonebooking hero. I’m giving it a go with some of my vacation photos!

Q is for Questions!Asking your family questions is an easy way to develop journaling for your next scrapbook page.

R is for Rotate! – Part of the top 10 reasons to love templates, you can rotate them, shrink and expand them, flip them, and move all the pieces around.

S is for Style!Styles are an important Photoshop tool. I use them all the time for drop shadows. I want to use more of them for making titles and simple elements.

T is for Tags!Tags are a key part of my organization system for digital scrapbooking supplies. But there are many other ways to organize – the trick is to find the one that works for you.

U is for Underline! – Making your own journal lines is easy and there are a few different ways to try it.

V is for Volume!Power scrapping tricks can help you quickly make a lot of pages.

W is for Ways to Use Paint!Paint is fun and, in digital scrapbooking, it’s mess-free!

X is for eXcellent Conversations! Scrapbooking fun conversations is easy and special.

Y is for Yellow! Communicating with colour can have a big impact.

Z is for for ctrl-Z! – And all of our other favourite Photoshop shortcuts!

MY SOCIAL BOOK: A Happy Customer Review

A while back I posted a tutorial on downloading your Facebook info. With so many of us using Facebook as a memory keeping tool, it is important for us to have a way to get our memories OFF of Facebook.

While I was thrilled with the option to download all of my info, My Social Book is a zillion times better.

This post is in no way sponsored or endorsed by My Social Book. I’m just a happy customer that wants to pass on her experience to other like-minded memory keepers!

For those of you who haven’t heard of it, My Social Book is a company that will “slurp up” your Facebook information and print it all in a book. You can do softcover, hardcover, create a friendship book or a love story book. I only have my experience and choices, so that is what you get today!

I had seen links for MSB on Facebook a few times, but thought it was just one more thing wanting my money. But at some point a few months ago, I checked my promotional emails in gmail (something I rarely do) and saw a 60% off coupon for one book. Now that gave me reason to pause!

I went to the site and started looking at my options. You have the ability to choose your time frame and what you want to have included. I knew I wanted to do the biggest book possible since the 60% was only good for one item. In the end, I was able to put two years into one book, so I did 2013 and 2014.

They allow you to choose a timeline image and a profile image from your galleries. They print them on the front as well as the date range.

They also put your name and the date range on the spine. And by the way, please excuse the amazing spectrum of white colors in my photos. My white balance wasn’t playing nicely on my camera 🙁

In the inside cover, they again put your name and the date range along with your profile picture. On the left side, there is a collage of photos. If I remember correctly, I had the choice between a collage of my friends’ profile pictures or a collage of my own photos. I chose the latter.

On the next page is my most popular photo—according to their calculation—complete with the number of likes. The opposite page is a table of contents.

On the next page starts to actual book. They break the book into chapters, by month or group of months (I am assuming it depends on how much content you have for a particular month). They highlight a few photos, mention where you were, and give a bit of other information such as photos shared and number of likes.

In each “chapter”, they include the cover photo you had at the time. I love that! They then add in your status updates and photos.

They also include some private messages from friends. I think you can choose which content they add.

I love that I have all of these fun memories saved and I didn’t have to do any of the work. In all seriousness, I think I spent about FIVE MINUTES creating my book. They do it ALL!

The scrapbook layouts I shared are there (not all of them…don’t know how they choose).

My yummy food pictures are there (as well as the link to the recipe I posted!)

Posts on my wall from sweet friends are there…

Pictures I was tagged in are there….

Fun days with scrapping friends are there…

Bittersweet memories are there….

Very happy memories are there…

One of the coolest features that I didn’t know about until I received my book is that if you post a video, they create a QR Code to go next to the photo so you can watch it. Seriously! How cool is that?

And this is the back inside cover. If only they would have allowed me to change the text in the box…

I hope this review helps some of you who have considered giving My Social Book a try. Even without the coupon, it would have been totally worth it (in case you are wondering, my book was 270 pages and the regular price would have been $100 for a hardcover book, but with the coupon, I only paid $40.

Facebook (for better or for worse) has been a big part of my life since 2007. Living all over the world, it has allowed me to stay in contact with friends and family in ways I would have never thought possible. I have shared some of my most special moments (including announcing the pregnancies and births of three of my children), I have shared many hilarious quotes from my kids (that I don’t have written down anywhere else!), and I have made some wonderful friends who I only know through the strange world of social media.

I can’t wait to get other books made!

Layouts We Love: April 2015

It’s time for another LAYOUTS WE LOVE post. It is SO FUN to go through The Daily Digi’s Flickr pool and see all of the AMAZING talent out there! We love that you are scrapping and inspiring all of us with what you create! It is so hard to choose what to share here because there are so many incredible layouts, but we’d be here all day if I showed you all the ones I love. So, I had to narrow it down. Get ready to be inspired! (Click on the image to go to the source over at Flickr!)

This layout by breeoxd is so sweet! I love the sleeping dog and the soft pinks. Even more, I LOVE the journaling she wrote to her dog who is getting ready to be dethroned when a new baby comes.

This layout by Danica Staples is so cool! Not only do I love Arches National Park, but also I love the southwestern patterns in her papers that she accentuated with the triangle shapes. Such great design!

bessysue581 did such an amazing job on this page! I love the title work, the great use of elements, four photos on the page, and all the pink. Girls can party like a pirate just as well as boys can!

My love for simplicity gets excited when I see a page like this one by kv2av. Her photos are gorgeous and take center stage. The LOVE word art in the corner was the perfect finishing touch!

I never intentionally go looking for a layout by {kayleigh}, but without fail, I always choose one without even looking at the artist’s name. I am always drawn to her pages. Her amazing use of elements always grabs my attention (especially because I am not good at using elements!) Such talent!

This layout by Tammy Espino is SO ADORABLE! How cute are those papers and elements! That little lizard has got to be one of the cutest little things I have ever seen. Tammy did such a great job choosing the right elements for this page. I feel like I stepped into the jungle!

This page by mlleterramoka is so soft and pretty! I love all the perfectly imperfect papers and the simple patterns. It’s all so beautiful!

Tifff3fs creating this awesome layout. I love that there are EIGHT photos on the page as well as a lot of journaling. The design is just perfect!

This pocket scrapping page by Liz Toms has such a great mix. She has photos, journaling, and some great info that captures her week. I especially love the long vertical photo that she split in two.

This sweet and simple layout by Jenn jk703 is simply perfect. I love the cute photo (why do kids always like to make faces at the camera?) and the abundance of negative space. The black and white paper strip just draws me in to the cute little man.

This layout by Tracy is divine, just as I am sure the lemonade is! I love scrapping my favorite recipes and Tracy did it in such a beautiful way. I love how light and airy and refreshing the page feels….just like the drink!

This photocentric page by Elizabeth Albers is so fun. I love how much she focuses on the photos and the fun life of her kids. Everyday, real life photos make me so happy. And of course I love that she included a QR Code on her page so she can have video too (and the video is so cute!)

That’s it for this month, but be sure to keep scrapping and uploading images to our pool on Flickr. We LOVE to see what you create!