iGoogle as a home page


I’m sure you’ve all heard of Google, but are you familiar with iGoogle? iGoogle is your own personalized Google page. It’s easy to add news, photos, weather, and stuff from across the web to your page. I have my own iGoogle bookmarked as my home page because it’s my very own starting place to get going on the internet. Instructions for making iGoogle your home page vary by browser, but are always as easy as clicking a button. See this link for details.

I have my own page customized to show my Google calendar, the time & date, the local weather, a dictionary.com search box, and a wikipedia search box. I even added the rss feed for my Flickr set where I post my phone photo of the day (my own 365+1 project) – seeing that daily photo on my home page reminds me to take my picture each day and helps me to enjoy the ones I have already uploaded. (If you are looking for the rss feed on any Flickr set, just scroll to the bottom of the set’s page.) You can add any url to iGoogle with a rss feed to the page, just like a gadget.


The best way to explain how to set up your own iGoogle page is to have you watch a few very short videos from Google. You also should be able to find everything you need to know by simply exploring the links on the left hand side of the iGoogle page. Just remember to sign in to your Google account (top right of the screen) so all your changes are saved.

Now you can have your own customized home page!

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Scrapbooking Books

Reading is a wonderful way to spend down time. My reading interests run from contemporary fiction to cookbooks and photography books to historical fiction. In short, I like to read almost anything! Since reading is something that I do every day, it makes sense that I should scrap about it. I’ve done several pages over the years about my favourite books and reading habits:


Supplies: Live.Laugh.Love by Scrapkitchen and Kristin Cronin-Barrow, Little Love Sketches by Kitty Designs


Supplies: Bookmarked by The Tattered Pear, My Words Only Vol. 2 by Captivated Visions (template)


Some Inspiration

I love this page about Scholastic book orders! I get so excited when I see one in my school-ager’s backpack. We sit on the couch and circle our “wish lists”. I’m going to scrap about this myself soon!


By christineirion. Supplies: Bookworm by Kaye Winiecki, Melon Line Alpha by Kaye Winiecki, Dated by Kaye Winiecki, Explore.Learn.Grow by Sahlin Studio, For the Love of Journaling: The Brushes (Emphatic) by Allison Pennington

I love how Trina’s page documents a history of reading – from childhood to now and captures so many great details about beloved books and genres.


By tjscraps. Supplies: I Luv 2 Craft – KimB Designs, iGrow template – SuzyQ Scraps, Font – Ganite

This photoless layout about reading to a child is so beautiful.


By gateausoso. Supplies: Book of Firsts Collab by Three Paper Peonies and Paislee Press except screw and splatter from Danny says kit by Dunia Designs

The journaling on this page is very moving. (Click to follow link to text.)


By scrappiejackie. Supplies: Hooked on Reading: mle Card Designs & Faith True ; Photo Actions: My Four Hens Photography, FONT: sf Heidi

This scrapper put together a page about her month’s book list! What an awesome idea!


By interstitchal. Supplies: Summer Stickies Alpha by Amy Martin, Summer’s Stories Elements by Valorie Wibbens, Summer’s Stories Papers by Valorie Wibbens, Date Circles by Designs by Lili


Some Page Prompts

If you’re interested in scrapping about some of your books and reading habits, consider documenting:

  • Story time with your kids
  • How your reading habits changed since purchasing an eReader
  • Your all-time favourite book
  • A list of the books you’ve read this year (or this month)
  • Your favourite childhood books. (I think it would be interesting to scrap one of my favourite childhood books and my own daughter’s impression of that same book.)
  • Your must-read list for your next vacation
  • Your book addictions. Are you addicted to Twilight? Harry Potter? Romance novels? Science fiction? Something else?

Don’t let not having a photo hold you back! Take a look at the wonderful inspiration above and notice how many of them do not include a photo. A photo-less layout, or a book cover, works perfectly well.

Happy scrapping!

Wrap it Up–Digi Style

One of my favorite ways to use my holiday digital scrapbooking supplies is by making gift tags or embellishing gifts. There’s something special about adding your own digi touch to a gift. It also comes in handy if you’re wrapping gifts late on Christmas Eve and realize that you still need tags! Even though the local stores will be closed, the digi shops will be open! I found some fun ideas in the galleries to share: (each image is linked)


Christmas-tag-photo (1)





There are also many great kits and embellishment packs that work well for gift tagging and wrapping.















tlp word blocks





You might want to also check your stash of holiday supplies. I’ve been pleasantly surprised to find some tags and word art in some of my Christmas kits that will make wonderful additions to any gift. When it comes time to wrap the presents this year, consider wrapping them up in digi style!

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P.S. Kim was the random winner selected from Dawn’s feature on Monday. She won $10 in product from Dawn.

Gather Memories


Autumn Falling by Kristin Aagard & Stolen Moments. Howie’s stamp font by Fontologie


As we head into a very busy time of year for memory keepers (holidays, family gatherings, parties, and more), it’s a good time to make a game plan for how you are going to gather up the memories you want to document. Life moves pretty fast in general these days, and it seems to kick into hyper-drive during the holiday season. It’s important to take a little time to plan and prepare so you don’t miss out on the fun memories.

Gather “THE GOODS”

We are lucky to have a lot of technology and memory keeping options available to us, now’s a great time to make sure everything is in working order and ready to use.

  • Locate your camera(s) and make sure the batteries are charged. If you have extra batteries on hand, put them in your camera bag, purse, or tote bag to keep them handy. Consider storing your camera bag next to your keys and purse (or whatever you take with you whenever you leave the house) so you don’t forget them.
  • If you have a camera on your phone, check out some apps to help you take great pictures. Remember, the best camera is the one that’s with you! Review this post on scrapping with phone photos and check out the picks of the week from The Digi Show episodes for some great suggestions.
  • For those who are traveling, round up your power and sync cords for laptops, cameras, phones, etc. so you will be able to have functioning technology on the road. It’s so nice to be portable!
  • Pick up some extra cds/dvds or flash drives to make sharing photos with friends and family easier at gatherings.


Document As You Go

Don’t count on memory alone during this time, you might think you will remember everything once it’s time to sit down and scrapbook the events of the season, but it’s hard to keep it all straight. Use the tools around you to record memories as they happen.

  • Carry a small notebook, or use an app or notepad feature on a smartphone to jot down notes about holiday activities.
  • Interview your friends and family using a smartphone voice recorder, a tape recorder, or a Skype session. You can transcribe the notes later on and you’ll have a wonderful audio recording of their voices. This is a great time of year to gather journaling!
  • Take pictures of signs and informational materials that will help you with journaling later on. One of my favorite tricks is to photograph my journaling.


Be Nice To Yourself

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking we have to do it all, believe me, I know that feeling! The holiday season often means that we’ve added a lot of extra activities and chores on top of our normal routine. For some, it’s a time where they miss lost loved ones. It can be a stressful time even in the best of circumstances. It’s wise to realize that there won’t be time and energy for everything.

  • Forgive yourself if digi scrapping won’t fit in the holiday schedule. It’s a great time to be taking pictures and making memories. Use this post as a reminder to focus on the parts of memory keeping that will fit in your life during this busy time.
  • Let go of some expectations. Maybe you won’t make handmade gifts? Perhaps you’ll order take-out instead of cooking sometimes? Maybe you won’t go to all the parties you’re invited to? Take some time to discuss the holiday priorities with your friends and family and make adjustments where needed. Consider asking each person to list the one thing that is really important for them to do during the holidays and make sure those are the activities that don’t get missed. The rest are usually optional.
  • Pat yourself on the back for making and keeping memories during this time. You are giving yourself and others in your life a wonderful gift by sharing your pictures through creating scrapbook pages. You rock!


If you have any tips that help you gather memories during the busy season, please do share them in the comments. And remember, that we will be here each day with do-able and fun ideas to help you scrap your precious memories!

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Journaling from blog posts, emails, & status updates


Are you always searching for ways to make journaling easier? Chances are, you are already writing down many details that can easily be copied and pasted right onto a digital scrapbook page! I (Katie) love using words I’ve already written when it comes time to add details to a layout. You might be surprised at how many ways there are to “harvest” the journaling you’ve already done and turn it into a wonderful keepsake! Here are 3 great resources to use:

A Blog

Do you keep a blog? Even if you have only posted a few times, there’s probably something there you can use for a scrapbook page or two.  Even infrequent bloggers will find that they can use previously written entries as journaling. I’ve been keeping a personal blog for more than 6 years now so I have a huge resource of entries to pull from. Surprisingly, I don’t always think to go back through past posts when I’m looking for scrapbooking ideas. I love the pages I’ve created directly from blog posts though, so I’m setting a goal to improve in this area myself.

Here’s a page where I took the journaling from a blog post and copied it word for word on the layout. Thank you ctrl+c and ctrl+v – love those shortcuts!


Layout by Katie. Silly Socks on Flickr


Daily Digi team member Tara likes to use the same trick. She created this page using the words she had written in a previous blog post.


dandelion moments by TaraMcK, on Flickr


What if you don’t have a blog? You might want to consider starting one, it really isn’t difficult and you will be so glad to have the record it creates. Check out this post for advice on blogging.  Even if you are not a blogger, perhaps someone else in your circle of family and friends does blog. I often find great journaling on my Mom’s personal blog and I regularly save her entries to use bits of her writing on my own pages. Most friends and family members would probably be honored to know you care so much about what they write. If you aren’t sure how they would feel about you copying and pasting their words for your own personal use, it’s a good idea to double check with them.



Emails are a great resource for journaling material, and don’t forget about the emails you’ve written. I like to look through my folder of SENT emails from time to time to find my own recounts of events and ideas to use on digi pages. I also have a folder set up in my email system called “Keepsakes” where I file messages from others that I want to keep and/or document in some way.  If you aren’t interested in keeping a blog, you may want to consider sending some occasional email updates to people you care about and saving a copy for your own use. Here are some helpful links for effectively using email as a good source for journaling:

Even a simple email message can inspire a fun layout! Email is a part of our everyday life, so don’t forget to use it as a way to record your memories.



Social Media Updates

Social media updates on services like facebook and twitter are sometimes referred to as microblogging. By adding small bits of information to these streams, you are really journaling your life in very small segments. I’ve been on facebook for 2.5 years and when I look back at my status updates, I can see that I have an abundance of material to use for memory keeping. Here are just a few of some small moments I’ve shared on facebook that I will eventually use as scrapbook journaling:

  • went out for pie with my family. Today is 3.14 – get it? 🙂 March 14, 2009 at 3:54pm
  • We called an April Fool’s Day “truce” in our house this year. My son has been stressed for days that everyone is going to pull pranks on him so we promised him our home would be a safe and fool-free zone! March 31, 2009 at 9:06pm
  • Went to the store today. Bought silly string, gummy worms, licorice, barbecue potato chips, orange juice, soap, and a Venus Flytrap plant. All the essentials. We should be nice and stocked up now. 😉 June 22, 2009 at 5:15pm
  • Alex just finished homeschool for the day (he had a lot of work!) and he said “finally, I get a break!” Then he went and got his book about the Aztecs and sat down to read it. Love that kid. 🙂December 11, 2009 at 4:22pm
  • Took the kids to the orthodontist today. At one point Alex yelled out “Holy Cow! What are you doing to me?!” Everyone in the office heard it. I’m sure it helped all the people in the waiting room feel excited for their turn in the chair. LOL! January 26, 2010 at 11:07am

Besides using my own status updates as a resource, I also plan to use some of the comments that my friends left in response to what I shared, that’s what makes facebook such a fabulous resource!  I’ve seen many great layouts in the galleries with snippets from social media for the journaling.  I love this page filled with cute quotes from a silly little lady.



Next time you’re searching for something to write about, try searching your blog, email account, or social media streams. Chances are, you’ve already written something that will be perfect for your next digi page!


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Mini Kits

On more than one occasion, I have bought a “mega-kit” for $9 (or more…) and then made only one page out of it. Which, if you do the math, makes that one expensive page! I’ve been thinking about mini-kits as one possible “solution” to  the “expensive page problem”. They are usually around $4 dollars and contain about 5-6 papers, at least one frame and a handful of other elements. Some are slightly more expensive and contain a bit more and, on the other side, some are slightly less expensive and contain fewer items. I find that mini kits stretch me creatively because there is less “stuff” to choose from, so I need to make more use of digital techniques such as clipping masks and blends.

I went shopping and found some great mini-kits and sample pages of the kits in action:


Layout by 4noisyboys. Supplies: Petite Mademoiselleby Jenn Barrette (preview shown), Bugga templates by Sara Gleason


Layout by CaroB71. A Love so Tenderby AnnaBV Designs (preview shown)


Layout by Heddy. Supplies: Sunny Day at the Beach by 2 a.m. Designs (preview shown)


Layout by Traumelfe. Supplies: September RomanceShot by Kristin Aagard (preview shown), Template by Secret Stash, Photo by Julia Maier


Layout by Helen. Supplies: 2011-03by lauraskathi (preview shown)


Layout by Kat. Supplies: Cloud Nine by Elise’s Pieces (preview shown)

Tips on Maximizing Your Mini Kits:

  • Pair mini-kits with alphas or word art already in your digital supplies stash.
  • Mix the papers in the mini kit with neutrals (like kraft paper) that you already own to stretch the mini kit a bit further.
  • Mini kits often don’t come with “the basics” like staples and stitches, so raid your other kits and element packs for these items. Katie did a post on how she organizes her favourites that might help you keep track of these go-to items. You can also check out her post on fasteners for ideas on how to use stitches, staples, brads, buttons and more.
  • Blend two or more papers in the kit to make additional coordinated papers. For more on that, check out Creating New Looks With Your Digi Papers.
  • Create a multi-photo page and have the kit take backstage to your pictures. Or, create a word-focussed pageand have your journaling be the star.
  • Use paint or brushes to add to the kit.
  • Creatively use fonts on the page, either for titles or journaling or accents. You can even make an alpha out of a font.

I hope you have fun stretching yourself creatively with mini-kits. Happy scrapping!

Digi Scrapping Monochromatic Layouts


Color is something that always inspires me (Katie), and I love to play around with different ways to use color on my digital scrapbook pages. Color can be a tool for design, communication, expressing emotion, and a great way to have fun while scrapping!. If you really want to understand color better, try using it in monochromatic form – just one color at a time. While color can be applied in any manner you desire, it’s helpful to know about some of the psychology and meanings behind each color and where you might want to use them.


Black: Formal, dressy, bold, neutral, elegant, dark, mysterious, powerful, and classic. Black goes with everything (that’s why we love the little black dress so much!) A great choice for contrast and drama.

KittyDesigns-BunchofSketchesLego copy

Layout by Katie. Template by Kitty Designs (Bunch of Sketches), Misty Mareda Zoie, Tahoma font


Brown: Natural, warm, cozy, earthy, neutral, and woodsy. Brown is found abundantly in nature (dirt, trees, animals, wood) and is a comfortable and easy color to use. Available in many shades, brown is a nice neutral backdrop.

Layout by Shanmomto2. Supplies: Kit: A Life Expressed {Simply} by SuzyQ Scraps


Orange: Vibrant, bright, warm, fiery, hot, energetic, and attention-grabbing. Orange is associated with hunger, playfulness, and warmth. If you are looking for something eye-catching, orange is a great choice!

sgleason_daffodil_three orange copy

Layout by Katie. Template by Sara Gleason – Daffodil 3 (modified), Edged Out Border by Tracie Stroud, Papers by Kaye Winiecki (say cheese), Dani Mogstad (birds of a feather), Joyce Paul (lemonade stand), Karen Lewis (all about me – digichick collab), Misty Mareda (Organic MScraps collab), iScrap (Organic MScraps collab), Jennifer Labre (color me happy). Century Gothic font.


Red: Passionate, bold, love, danger, heat, and power. Red is an intense color by nature, and is visually stimulating and exciting. Red is often present in bold color schemes and in important symbolic items such as flags, hearts, and holiday decorations.

simplytiffanystudios_simplesnapshots_004 by TaraMcK, on Flickr


Purple: Royal, rich, deep, luxurious, and rare. Purple was once reserved for only the nobles because of how difficult and expensive it was to produce. Purple can be feminine and pretty, as well as bold and dynamic (think of sports team colors).

Layout by Katie. Purple Phase by Vinnie Pearce, Template by Hillary Heidelberg, Suzy’s hand font


Blue: Moody, serene, cool, soft, deep, watery, peaceful, clean, and calm. Blue is naturally found in the sky and seas. Blue is a natural compliment to more vibrant colors and often used in masculine color schemes.

Layout by Jenn Lindsey. Credits: Little Traveler collab by After Five Designers, It’s Bath Time by Jofia Devoe, Traveling Typewriter font


Green: natural, environmental, peaceful, leafy, bright, safe, and fresh. Mother Nature loves greens and fills gardens, forests, and farms with various shades of the color. Green is the perfect choice for outdoors themes and is a wonderful companion to bold and fiery colors.

green copy

Layout by Katie. Kiss Me by Valorie Brown. Century Gothic font.


If you find color inspiring, you might enjoy some of these other resources:


Next time you are browsing through your digital scrapbook supplies, pay attention to the monochromatic colors that you find. Halloween kits are great resources for blacks and oranges. Christmas kits will give you plenty of reds and greens to work with. Independence Day brings blues and reds. Many other kits are filled with various shades of yellows, purples, browns, and more. Have fun mixing and matching your supplies to create your own monochromatic layouts!


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Full of Photos!


As I look through past layouts, it’s quite evident that I (Katie) have fallen in love with certain styles of pages. One of my favorite kinds of layouts to create and to look at are pages that are FULL of photos! I feel such a sense of accomplishment when I can include a lot of pictures on a page. I take so many photographs and I know it’s not possible to scrapbook all of them…but it won’t stop me from trying! Including a lot of different photos can also be a great way to illustrate the story you are documenting.

Here are some of my favorite multi-photo layouts:

(all images are linked for credits)

By including pictures from all the different places we go for treats when my parents are in town, I captured a fun addiction memory our family shares. If I chose only 1 photo for this page, I feel like it wouldn’t really represent the story I wanted to tell.


Scrapping collections or projects is another great time to use a lot of pictures all at once. It made my son so happy to see that I included all of his Bionicle builds on this layout.


Displaying a large collection of photos from many different years is an excellent way to show the passage of time. On this layout, you can watch me evolve from a small baby to a grown woman. I love the look of a pile of pictures like this, it doesn’t even matter that not all of them are showing because it gives the impression of looking at a stack of memories.


When I travel to a beautiful place, I love to take pictures. It makes me feel bad if I can’t include them all in our scrapbook – like I’m leaving out an important part of the experience. My favorite solution is to create layouts filled with our photographed memories like this one from our trip to Yellowstone.


This is also a guilt-free way to scrap because you don’t have to create a page for every special moment. Just put together a collection of representative photos and tell the story of a specific age or time frame. I journaled about what my son was like in 1999 and paired it with some of my favorite photos from that year. Voila! I have created something meaningful to share about what his life was like at that time.


I used this multi-photo layout to represent the highlights of our 2007 year. I used it as a holiday card image, and also enlarged and framed it to display in our house. This really represents our life in the year 2007.



So how do you fill up on photos?

Creating a layout with a lot of photos can take a little extra planning, that’s why I love to use some timesaving tools. Pre-designed templates take out the work of measuring and lining everything up. Using collage tools and programs are also great shortcuts to use. In fact, when I use a program like Foto Fusion, I can create a page with dozens (or more) photos on it in just a few minutes! You can find out more about making collages in this post. I often find that pages full of photos are easier to create because I don’t feel like I need to add a lot of extra embellishments. Of course, you can  add whatever you want to your creations, that’s the beauty of digi scrapping!

Next time you are browsing through your photo files and wondering how you will ever get all those pictures scrapped, consider filling up on photos and making a picture-packed page of memories!

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Let’s Talk About the Weather (and scrap it!)


Happy Planet by Kate Hadfield, The Architect by Heather Hess


Weather is one thing that people can always talk about, and we often like to complain about it also! Good weather can be wonderful, and bad weather can range from annoying to downright destructive. As I (Katie) was browsing through our Digital Scrapbooking Inspiration Flickr Group, this layout from Ronnie caught my eye.  I realized that I have done very little scrapping about the weather!


Weather is a big part of our everyday life and often plays a significant role in the stories of our lives. Weather can change our plans in a heartbeat. Storms can suddenly appear, or last for days. The weather is always on our mind. I’ve been stuck in snowstorms, had a car damaged in a hail storm, been sunburned on a sunny day, and was even injured once when a massive gust of wind forced a container up against my face. I’ve also enjoyed the sunshine, felt depressed on an overcast day, and I’ve been known to sing in the rain. These are all experiences and memories that have not been documented in my albums. When I saw Ronnie’s layout, I realized that there was a whole range of weather-related topics I could scrap about! Here are a few layouts I found in the galleries as inspiration. All images are linked for credits.












Aren’t those layouts amazing? So many ways to scrap about the weather. You might also consider adding in details about what the weather was like when adding journaling to ANY type of layout. It’s interesting background information! I decided to look to the talented designers in the digital scrapbooking community for some fun weather kits and embellishments. Here are some of my favorites:










The next time you find yourself discussing the weather with someone, consider digi scrapping about the weather. You will always have something to talk about!

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Friday I’m in Love (with digi shopping!)


I (Katie) don’t know why that Friday song by The Cure popped in my head when I started this post, but I thought I would get you stuck on it too. LOL! Seriously though, I am in love with Fridays because that’s my day to go digi shopping and exploring in digi land, and I love to share all my funtastic finds with you!

Just a quick note for our Digi Show listeners – We are on a short hiatus right now for The Digi Show while Steph relocates her family to another state. Good luck with your moving Steph, and we wish you lots of happiness in your new home!

khadfield_newhousedoodles_boxes copy

doodles by Kate Hadfield. Fontologie printing primer font and Pea Beth font.

Open-mouthed smile Ok, on with the  digi goodies!

Cindy Schneider has a new freebie on her facebook page!


A new set of Double Masks is out by Heather T. @ MScraps–use one for the background, the other for the photo!


A new month means a new BYOC at The Lilypad! Lauren Reid has 3 new goodies all 20% off this weekend!


For every princess and royal occasion. Magical moments of every kind from Chelle’s Creations.


Purchase Laura Banasiak and Litabells’ brand new collab, Let Me Tell You and you’ll get a four pack of matching stacked papers free!


Lynne-Marie Favreau has a gorgeous new kit with a special offer!


Studio Basic has a super fun new template pack!


WM Squared has a great College Add – On to her Back To School kit!  Check out all the matching College Years items!


Scrap Orchard is having a Summer Rewind Sale thru Tuesday!


The Tattered Pear has a new set of school themed Photo Kisses this week. Love these!


Julianna Kneipp has a sale going on in her OScraps store!


Connie Prince’s September Grab Bag goes on sale from 9/2-9/8/2011.  The bag is complete with five, brand new products and only costs $5 during the sale!  Products are fully revealed in the store’s additional image section.


It is time again for the Digichick Chick Fix…Mari Koegelenberg has  4 New Products & you can save 25% and more for a limited time.


Ziggle Designs and SuzyQ Scraps released collection #9 for Project: Love, Me — iInspire. Save 20% thru 9/8.


I love this 20 page Simple & Sweet template album by Scrapping with Liz. It’s 20% off this week along with a lot of her older summer releases & there is an awesome Free With Purchase going on at Scrap Orchard if you purchase $10 you get a an awesome kit for free!


Designs by Lili has a new set of hand cut alphabets this Friday. It’s 20% off all weekend.


Tracie Stroud has a new kit, Hope Springs New, releasing this week. TheDailyDigi readers can use this exclusive coupon to save 30% on the kit through September 7: TSDhope30


After Five Designs has a Back to Scrapping Sale going on now through the 7th, and get a free collab with a $10 purchase!


Jenn Lindsey has added 5 new template sets to her store at After Five Designs just in time for the Back to Scrapping Sale going on now through the 7th.


Flergs has a beautiful new collection with a coupon code just for us! Use code FlergsSS10off


It’s that time of year again – Fair time! Tracey Monette of Clever Monkey Graphics has a great collection in her store and a fun freebie on her blog!


Kristin Aagard and Traci Reed have an apple-icious new collab kit this week called Apple of My Eye. It is 35% off through September 7th at A5D (now I want a caramel apple! LOL)


I’m loving this new Smarty Pants school kit by Jenn Barrette. Great kit for any age of student!


Elise Hansen and Kim Broedelet have teamed up to create an amazing vintage travel kit– Journey of the Heart! Inside you’ll find 25 amazing papers, plus more than 50 unique elements and two complete alphas!  Save 20% today at ScrapMatters.


Mye De Leon has a gorgeous new kit this week!  Aged to Perfection is a kit to celebrate Grandparent’s Day. Check it out because it’s on sale for 20% off for 1 week!


Fee Jardine Designs has a delicious new template to share…check out her blog for details.


I love this new Extra Credit collection from Gina Cabrera at Digital Design Esssentials!  Extra Credit is perfect for your school-themed layouts and it’s on sale for 20% OFF for a limited time!


K Studio is guest designing at TDC in September, and the guest spot at A5D continues!  New football and soccer themed kits, plus a new alpha ~ all 35% off at A5D for the storewide Back to Scrapping Sale from September 1-7.  Or pick up the Sporty Collection and save 55% off on all the new goodies! TDC September Chick Fix products are on sale for $1, and $2 through Monday, September 5.


Meredith Cardall has a special deal for The Daily Digi readers! Use code TDD15%F


Veronica of Studio Vivarant shows how to Create An Accordion Fold Frame. Learn how to create a folded frame and apply the proper drop shadows to make it jump off the page. This tutorial is part 3 in a series of 3 tutorials. Parts one and two will teach you how to create your own custom gradients and how to use those gradients to create pleats or folds in your digital papers.


Registration is still open for Steph’s “Album of Awesome” class . Class starts in just over a week! I’ve had the chance to preview this fun workshop and it really does help you find the awesome things in life and document them in a meaningful and easy way! Here’s what Steph has to say about this class:

All of us have small things in life that bring a smile to our face and can make a not-so-good day seem even better! Sometimes, identifying and remembering those little things can be a hard thing to do though, especially if we are going through a rough patch in our life. From what I have experienced in my own life, when I choose to focus on the positive, it becomes easier to see the good things in life that are going on around me. When Neil started the blog 1000awesomethings.com he started it because he was tired of all of the negative things that he kept seeing in the press and he was at a low point in his personal life. Finding one small, awesome thing in his life each day, gave him a new outlook.

During the Album of Awesome class, I will walk you through the process of finding the little awesome things in your life. I will break down the steps to finding awesome, share some of my own examples of discovery, and be there to answer your questions as you go on this journey. I won’t be showing step-by-steps because this album can be created using any supplies; digital or paper.

So come join me as we begin your journey to awesome and a different way to look at life than you ever have before.

Hope you all find some new digi love this Friday, and have a wonderful weekend!

katie big