Happy Thanksgiving


From all of us here at The Daily Digi, Happy Thanksgiving to all of our American Readers and members! We are so thankful for you!

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PS The feature image was created using “Grateful for Turkey” by Clever Monkey Graphics at ScrapMatters

Happy Digital Scrapbook Day – a video

You might remember about a month ago, we asked for readers and members to send in videos telling us how much you love digital scrapbooking. The video above is what I put together from those videos. I LOVED watching these! I love that some of our team members were able to send in videos. I loved that SharonS was wearing her Daily Digi tshirt in the video. I thought Angie’s camera taking a picture of camera, taking a picture of her, was a fun touch. Each and every video was from the heart of the person who sent it!  See all of THESE videos and more on our YouTube channel.

We love our members for supporting us and making all of this possible each day! We are grateful for our readers that show up each day and read what we have to say. Smile We love the designers that continually support us and “get” what we are doing here! Without all of you, we wouldn’t be able to do what we love on a daily basis!

Happy Digital Scrapbook Day!

PS Be sure to scroll down and check out yesterday’s post for all of the Digital Scrapbook Day deals in digiland!

For The First Time Ever


For the first time ever, The Daily Digi will be down for about 12-14 hours today (starting mid-morning). I’m really sorry! Our host is conducting maintenance to make sure we stay up and things run smooth if they have an emergency at the data center.

While we’re away, check out a few things we have going on other places:

Graphic created from element included in Kristin Cronin-Barrow’s TGIF (modified: For Maintenance was added by me).

Tell Us Your Digital Scrapbooking Story


Anytime I get together with other digital scrapbookers, in real life or online, we tend to share the when and how we got started in digi.  Each of us has our own story of how we found digital scrapbooking and when. It’s something we all have in common no matter where we live, what site we hang out on, or what style we scrap.

We would LOVE to hear your digi stories and share them here on the site and our YouTube Channel!

We are asking YOU to send us a short video telling us your digi story. We will be using them on the site in the very near future for a special event (as long as we get enough videos). I always say “We have the best members and readers!” I believe this to be true, so don’t let me down, send those videos in (please)!

They don’t have to be long, mine (see below) was under one minute! Outside of the beginning two sentences (that we are asking everyone to include), I didn’t know what I was going to say. I recorded once, trashed that one, recorded a second time and kept it. It won’t take long! Use the camera on your computer, the camera on your phone, or just a regular video camera. I know our readers are tech savvy and resourceful! Winking smile

Here’s what we want you to include at the opening of the video:

My name is __________ I’m from ___________ and I love digital scrapbooking. I started digital scrapbooking in _______ (then, tell us how you found/learned digital scrapbooking and why you love it).

You will see below, my video is not perfect. We are not asking for perfect! Please, don’t worry about making it perfect!

Here’s mine:

Some tips for making a great video:

  • turn off the TV, cell phone, regular phone, music, appliances in the background
  • don’t read a script (use bullet points if necessary)
  • clean up your background (any part of the room that will be seen in the video)
  • we want this to help promote the digital scrapbooking hobby in general and therefor are asking you to not include site names, stores, blogs, etc. (thanks).

We need these by October 15th. You can email them (if they are under 20mb), upload to Dropbox and send me a link, upload somewhere else I can download from. Email videos and links to steph (at) thedailydigi.com and put Digi Story in the subject.

My short video was under 1mb, so they should be small enough just to email. They only need to be web resolution (for posting on YouTube and sharing here on the site).  An mp4 is best, if you can chose the format. If you can’t chose the format, send it anyway, and I will do my best!

We will send an e-release form to anyone whose video we plan on using (which will be all of them unless you include something vulgar or not family friendly…haha).

I can’t wait to see and hear your digi stories!

PS image graphics are by Kate Hadfield

A Tour of Our New App


I’m really excited about our new iPhone app! If you have our old app, you will need to download this one as a new app, not an update. This has to do with the way the first app was built and because I wanted The Daily Digi listed as the developer on this one.

I’ve received lots of emails and comments from people saying they love the new app! We would love to see some reviews and ratings being added to the store if you are in that club! Smile Winking smile

Let’s take a tour of what this app can do. There is probably a lot more to it than most people imagined before downloading.


Here’s the first view you will see when you open the app:


Scroll down a little and you will reveal the Flickr group feed:


Open one of the Posts from The Daily Digi and this is what it will look like:



Open a Digi Show post and this is what you will see:


Click on the action button in the bottom right corner and get these options:


When you click on Share you will have the option to tweet, post to Facebook, or email. Since Twitter and the iPhone are integrated, if you have logged into Twitter once, you will not need to login before sharing. Facebook will require a login.

You can add any of The Daily Digi posts or layouts from the Flickr group to your My Inspiration by touching the “Add to My Inspiration” button:


If you go back to the main screen in the app and touch “my inspiration,” you can see everything you’ve added there and access them easily.


Touch the “Challenge Me” tab and get ready to challenge your scrapping self! If you don’t have any active challenges, the app will show you a note to add a new challenge by clicking the +. After tapping the +, you will see this screen:


Touch “Start New Challenge” and watch the tiles flip over to reveal your challenge:



After accepting the challenge, it will be added to your active challenges list:


Once your challenge is done, and you mark it completed, you are instructed to upload the image to our Flickr group. After the layout has been added (and approved), then you can attach the layout to the challenge:



When you select the layout, the image will be pulled up, and you can confirm it (note the layout below is not mine, just chose one as an example):


This is what you will see when your challenges are completed:


When you tap to see your completed layouts, you will see them all lined up nicely, almost like a badge:


Tap on one of those little badges and this is what you will see:


The layout will be displayed with whatever challenge you attach it to, as you can see, this layout doesn’t really follow this challenge…lol…again, just an example.

The biggest question from you lately has been, “Are you going to do an Android version and when?” Yes! We are working on an Android version. Finding Android developers has been more difficult than I ever thought it would be. I have not forgotten our Android users, I promise!

This app works on iPhones and iPod Touches, so go download and start challenging yourself!

Happy Easter!


Happy Easter to all of our members, readers, and their families! We will be back to our regular schedule tomorrow!

P.S. Supplies used: green ribbon by Connie Prince, all other embellishments by Gina Miller and Jacque Larsen

The Daily Digi Year In Review (Happy Bday To Us)


On January 1, 2012, The Daily Digi celebrated our 3rd birthday.

I went to dinner Friday night with a friend and we reminisced about the day of the launch and how I had been up all night that New Year’s Eve, getting ready to go live. On one hand, it’s crazy that it’s been three years; on the other it seems like The Daily Digi has always been part of my life.

We have evolved a lot over the past three years. We have posted a lot of material, covered a lot of subjects, and heard from many of you. It’s been truly humbling and overwhelming to hear how different things on The Daily Digi have impacted our readers. It is nothing short of awesome!

Thanks so much to the thousands of you that have made The Daily Digi part of your daily life. Especially, thanks to our members that keep the daily in everyone’s digi! We are looking forward to many, many more years ahead!

P.S. Suzan was the random winner from Thursday’s feature on Digital Design Essentials. She won $10 in product from DDE! 🙂

Merry Christmas


Everyone at The Daily Digi would like to wish our members, readers, and those they love a very Merry Christmas!!

Supplies for above: “Everyday Storytelling” journaler by Jennifer Barrette, font is Magneto.

Always Thankful


Happy Thanksgiving!  We are indeed grateful for our readers and members today and everyday! We are thankful that we get to do what we love here at The Daily Digi and share it with you! We are taking the day off, but will be back tomorrow with a very full Funtastic Friday!