Picking a point of view to use for journaling

point of view journaling

Sarah Jones say I love you. Arial font.


One of the questions scrapbookers usually have about journaling is “what point of view should I use when writing?” This is completely a matter of personal preference, and I have no problem using several different approaches in my own scrapbooking. Here are a few basics to keep in mind:

First Person Point of View

Grammar Girl says “The first-person point of view is used primarily for autobiographical writing, such as a personal essay or a memoir.” As the creator of a page, I have no problem using the “I” form of journaling. After all, it is me who is telling the story. Here’s a page I scrapped using first person journaling:


Notice the language used in the journaling:

I had the most amazing opportunity to attend CHA this year with Steph from The Daily Digi. Steph arrived at the airport a little before me and was nice enough to wait for me so we could ride to our hotel together. We were roomies and we stayed at the Paradise Pier hotel on the Disney property. We attended a press event in the afternoon and went to dinner with several digital designers in the community. We finally got to meet up with Peppermint (it was the first time we met her in real life!) On Saturday, we walked the show floor together to look for items that would interest digital scrapbookers. We had a meet up on Saturday night for a few local Digi Show listeners and it was so neat to hear how much they enjoy the podcast! It really was an amazing and fantastic experience!

The journaling is all written in my first person perspective. I’m just telling the reader about my experiences and I use words like “I” and “me” and “we” to talk about what I did.

First person journaling is thought to be too personal (and not objective enough) for most academic papers and technical writing, but it’s perfect for sharing memories on a scrapbook page! It is the form of journaling that I use most frequently.


Second Person Point of View

With the second person point of view, you directly address the reader using pronouns like “you” and “your”. I like to use this method for journaling, especially on my children’s pages. It’s like I’m telling them what it was like to be there, or expressing some of the memories they might have experienced. Here’s a layout I made using the second person approach:


See how the writing is directed at my daughter (the intended audience).

Today you spent hours working on the new skill of knitting that you learned the night before at a Young Women‘s activity. You sat patiently in the living room most of the day, knitting rows and undoing them until you got it right. You didn’t even ask me for help (you knew I wouldn’t be able to help you anyway). Lunch was one of the few things you stopped for (just a quick plate of Lynn Wilson Tamales from the freezer). After a time, you decided to listen to your iPod while you were knitting and that seemed to help you focus and stay motivated. You finished a small patch of knitting and decided that it would be a new invention called a “toe warmer”. Your toe was warm from wearing it for the rest of the day. Thankfully, your knitting instructor had given you a website to visit for knitting tutorials so you spent about an hour watching online knitting videos. After your initial success, you started planning out much bigger projects. You were so proud of yourself for learning how to knit. Way to go!

Second person viewpoint is a great way to document memories and personally address the reader.


Third Person Point of View

Grammar girl explains that third person is told from an outside narrators point of view and uses pronouns such as “he,” “she,” and “it”: This is the approach most often taken for academic writing and news reporting. Because scrapbookers are also “reporting” the facts and events on their pages, this is another great method to use for journaling. Here’s one of my layouts using the third person point of view:


I used the information from the official Totem Bight website for my journaling on this page. It is like reading an encyclopedia entry about the place with a lot of descriptive details. Journaling borrowed from internet is one of my scrapbooking secrets that help me document the stories and events of our lives! While it is not as personal, it’s a great way to include the specifics that you will want to remember.

Here’s an excerpt from the page:

With the growth of non-Native settlements in Southeast Alaska in the early 1900’s, and the decline of a barter economy, Natives moved to communities where work was available. The villages and totem poles they left behind were soon overgrown by forests and eroded by weather. In 1938 the U.S. Forest Services began a program aimed at salvaging and reconstructing these large cedar monuments. By using Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) funds to hire skilled carvers from among the older Natives, two things took place: young artisans learned the art of carving totem poles, and totems which had been left to rot in the woods were either repaired or duplicated.

You have my permission to mix it up!

Your English professor might not approve, but I think it’s just fine to switch around your point of view from page to page. You aren’t compiling a master’s thesis or writing a novel…you are putting together a collection of personal memories. I think it’s safe to say that the reader will understand that you were the one who created the pages and that you used a variety of storytelling techniques to capture the memories. They will just be happy that you took the time to scrap!


P.S. Congratulations to this week’s reader, Christine Campbell, who has won $10 to ForeverJoy Designs. Thanks for commenting!

Noticing trends in digital scrapbooking


As I’m returning home from the CHA (Crafts & Hobby Association) show, I have trends on my mind. Last week, we discussed the trends we had noticed in the past year on the latest episode of The Digi Show. I was curious to see if the paper world agreed with our picks when I walked the aisles of the trade show. I found that the digital designers of our community have definitely had their pulse on the trends (or even created them). No big surprise there! We are lucky to have instant access to so many incredible designs!

Here are a few of the notable things we mentioned in the podcast from digi land that I definitely saw in a big way at CHA:



Becky Higgins’ Project Life approach have taken the digital world by storm and we almost declared 2012 the “year of the journaling card.” lol! Really, there are journaling and filler cards all over the digital scrapbooking world and the booths at CHA were also full of them. I love these little cards for fun accents and/or journaling spots on any type of layout – not just for Project Life!

Here are some of my favorite digi picks:

_paislee-more less-JC-prv-01









Chevrons, houndstooth, stripes, and bold colors and lines are timeless classics that have been enjoying their day in the sun lately. I can’t get enough of them!

Here are some of my favorite digi picks:



TMartin-Chevron Papers


Digital Designs by Danielle Young



Doilies, arrows, wooden papers & pieces, cutout words, and chalkboard effects have been very popular lately. All of these trends are very “in” right now, but I honestly can’t see them going “out” any time soon!







It’s nice to know that the designers in digiland are on the cutting edge of the latest and greatest. I want my memories to look their best and I appreciate having beautiful products to help me create great pages!

katie big

P.S. The title graphic was created with Little Butterfly Wings This is My Story and I Love Rock & Roll.

The most wonderful time of the week!

funtastic friday

Friday is the most wonderful time of the week in digiland so let’s celebrate with a Funtastic Friday post!

We recorded a brand new episode of The Digi Show podcast where we discussed all sorts of fun and interesting topics. Come have a listen!



Scrapping with Liz has a few releases this week and this is just one of them. Check out her new Insta Square Templates! They are great for scrapping instagram photos (or any other for that matter) and there’s enough to quickly and easily put together a whole album. They are 20% off this week.



A digital scrapbooking kit by Erica Zane at Sweet Shoppe Designs, Happy Shiny People is a super fun kit for that special nerd/geek in your life.



Receive this free mini kit when you sign up for the SuzyQ Scraps newsletter!



The A Year in Review template by Penny Springmann will showcase your family’s memories, your child’s development, or any project/special event that features photos and journaling.



Piccolina has a lovely mini Christmas kit freebie at her site, and a coordinating alpha set can be found on her Facebook page.

PD Let the Season Shine Preview


Chelle’s Creations has a free alpha for you when you buy this kit. On sale until 12-26!



ValC designs is getting a new kit out. It is call “My Way” She even have a FREE addon with it that you can grab at her Facebook Fan Page!!



ViVa Artistry has a set of brushes and wordart that features the ubiquitous bee. Use it with the Field Journal kit for more outdoor memory fun or for your mixed media art. There are 10 brushes along with an ABR file for Photoshop and a special ABR file for CS6 with extra large images, 5 painted bees and 5 quotation wordart also included to add to the creativity.



One Little Bird is adding some Creative Team members! See her website for more details.



Mye De Leon is having a fantabulous product retirement sale at her guest store, Scrapbookbytes! It’s a good time to stock up before these goodies are gone for good!



Fayette’s adorable snowmen and skating creatures will melt your heart and help you create amazing winter & frosty projects. Use the code TDD-Extra20 to save an extra 20% on your order from her shop at Pickleberrypop!



Here are some other favorites I found this week:

























I think it’s time to do a little holiday shopping for myself! Winking smile

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P.S. The title graphic was created with Penny Springmann’s This Life: December. Also, congratulations to the readers who have won $10 to one of December’s featured designers: Kris (Polka Dot Pixels) and flowersgal (Kimeric Kreations). Thanks for commenting!

Using the opacity slider


One of the simplest tools to use in Photoshop programs is the opacity slider. If your not familiar with what it is, the opacity slider is a way to adjust the opaque-ness or “see-through-ness” (sounds like an official term, right?) of an item.

Here’s an example:

I opened up a paper and put a photo on top of it. I have not made any adjustments to opacity yet.


Now if I have the photo selected as a layer and I use the opacity button to get to the slider, I can change it to whatever level of “see-through-ness” aka opaqueness that I want.



This is what my photo looks like at 50% opacity.



Why is this useful? Take a look at what I can create with just a little sliding around! No blending, no special tricks, all I did was to lower the opacity on the photo and let some of the background paper show through. Super easy!


By the Sea by Flergs & Kay Miller


What else do I use the opacity slider for? Making sure my fonts don’t float! I don’t use the full Photoshop program so I can’t use the tip in this post, but I have a quick workaround for it in Photoshop Elements. When I add a text layer on top of a paper or photo, I simply lower the opacity on the text just a little bit to make it look like it is written (or even stamped) right onto the paper.

Here’s an example of text typed on a background paper with no opacity change.

humanity no opacity

By the Sea by Flergs & Kay Miller. Lobster font.


You can see how the word just kind of sits on top of the paper.



Now I lower the opacity to 80%, the text looks like it blends a bit more with the paper. If you were to color on a real piece of paper with a marker, there would be a bit of bleed-through or even an indentation from a ballpoint pen. It’s more natural for our eye to see that the words are part of the page.



I also liked the softened color with the opacity change.

humanity 80 opacity


Finally, the task I probably use the opacity slider the most for is to just lighten up an intense color a bit. The red paper on the background of this page is just a little too bright for the photo and title.

sweet memories bright

Kristin Aagard Santa’s Little Helper. Cindy Schneider layered December titles.


I put a cream colored paper under the red paper in the stack. You can also use a white or even a light beige or grey paper for this trick – just experiment a bit.


When I lower the opacity on the red paper, the color is softened up by the cream color underneath being able to show through a bit. This is very subtle, but it makes a difference. Here’s what it looks like with the red at 85%.

sweet memories softened

I like to use a lighter color paper underneath from the same kit in case I want to lower the opacity a lot. That way, the texture that shows through matches the look of the kit.

Here’s what it looks like with the red paper reduced to a 50% opacity level. This is a great way to get more color choices out of your kits!

sweet memories 50


Next time something doesn’t look quite right on your layout, try playing around with the opacity slider. You’ll be surprised at what a big difference a little sliding can make!

katie big

A Festive Funtastic Friday

fun friday

I’m feeling so festive on this Friday as I’ve been looking around digiland for great finds to share with all of you! First of all, I want to tell you that we recorded a fun new Digi Show this week with Becky Higgins and Kari Holt as our guests!



Be sure to check out these cool memory keeping apps by The Daily Digi! More locations coming soon!

image image


Yin has a free template made for her son’s travel photos to share on her Blog.

Yin_template 318 preview


A digital scrapbooking kit by Shawna Clingerman and Erica Zane, A Pocket Full is a super fun kit full of boyish goodness! But, of course, it’s not just for boys.



Scrap Orchard’s daily advent continues — save 50% off SuzyQ Scraps TODAY ONLY! Includes collabs, excludes classes. Ends at 11:59pm EST. Cannot be combined with coupons and/or Plum Perks. Don’t forget to stop by Scrap Orchard’s forum for the freebie too!



Danielle Young has this festive holiday collection at Oscraps this week for 20% off! The Holiday Cheer collection includes this full kit, an alpha add-on, journal cards AND a template, too!

Digital Designs by Danielle Young


The Christmas Retrospect Collection by Quirky Twerp is available in a full kit, paper pack, cards and tags or everything in a bundle for a great price. 30% off through Sunday.



There is a new set of 25 journaling cards for your Project Life Albums at Baers Garten Designs. These and all of the Christmas products are on sale through December 10th.



Dúnia has an amazing set of Christmas Journaling Cards



Liz has a few new Recyclable Template sets in her store. These are always a great mix of templates and you can always get them at a great deal.



Add a bit of fun loopy stitches to your layouts with Sahlin Studio NEW Stitching No 1.



Libby Pritchett has a sweet new freebie available from Sweet Shoppe Designs!



Blue Christmas, new from Studio Flergs. Buy the kit and get the matching 6 Alpha Bundle FREE! Valid until December 10th.



Kristin Aagard has a new Christmas Kit called Candy Cane Cuties. It’s 20% off during Fresh Fruit this week. Plus, if you pick it up while it’s on sale, you’ll get a coordinating sticker pack for free!!



Jenn Labre has a bunch of new products to help you scrap your Winter Holiday. Check out the bundle for extra savings!



NEW: December BYOC goodies by Pink Reptile Designs exclusively available at the Lilypad.



Looking for 2013 Calendars?! Sugary Fancy has 3 packs ON SALE this week at SO!!



Want a great gift to give to hubby’s, grandparents, girlfriends, or just to keep for yourself? Chelle’s 4×6 calendars are on sale!



Kate Hadfield has some new Very Very Merry Christmas themed doodles out today! You can grab them at 25% off all weekend!



Bella Gypsy has a new bundle in the store at Scrap Orchard this week. All Bundled Up is perfect for your snowy pages and non-snowy pages alike, and is on sale for 20% off!



The November Storyteller Collection is a versatile compilation of papers, elements and tons of extras! $5.00 only until December 16. You can find the collection here.



What about enjoying a sweet and Cozy Christmas Day, with a tea/coffee a great digiscrap challenge and receive an awesome Christmas Journal of 11pages for free? Check out ValC new product and her challenge at Oscraps! Play, and she will send you your Christmas Planner – Journal!



If you like the Hipster Holiday kit from Mommyish in this month’s collection then you will love this more classic spin on a retro Christmas.


Hope you have a fun and festive Friday!

katie big

P.S. The title graphic was created with Kristin Aagard’s Santa’s Little Helper

A fun & easy approach to December Daily


I’ve played around with doing a December Daily album since 2008. For the first few years, I would start out strong and then never finish the whole month. I didn’t feel bad about it though, because those pages are included in our albums and are a great representation of our December activities.

18 mail copy

link to credits

Last year was the first time I made it through the entire month and I came pretty close to finding a formula and format that worked well for me. My only “mistake” was that I tried to be too hybrid about the whole thing. There’s nothing wrong with that, and many of our readers love hybrid-style projects. I just found out that I’m not one of them. I really am an ALL DIGI gal these days and that’s what makes me happy! So I’ve decided to tweak a few things for this time around. I shared a lot about my approach when we had Ali Edwards (originator of the December Daily project) on The Digi Show last week.

My 2011 December Daily Album

Last December, I used a Project Life type of approach for my December Daily album. I love Becky Higgin’s Project Life and I thought it would be perfect for capturing the little details of our daily life in December. I was right about that and it is a great format for a December Daily album. I’m not really interested in doing Project Life for my main memory keeping, but I love it for my December album!


Here’s what DID NOT work for me:

  • I did not enjoy having to get my pictures printed before I could do anything with them. I also don’t like printing at home. Both of these factors became big problems for me as the month went on because I wanted to keep up with the project. I wanted to be able to enjoy the pages during the month of December. I also was trying to blog about them on my personal blog.
  • It was a pain to have to photograph the pages during the short daylight hours of winter. I do almost all of my creative work late at night, but I would have to wait until the following day to get a decent picture. The turnaround time of waiting for prints and waiting to photograph the pages made it nearly impossible to blog about my December Daily project in a timely manner.
  • Because I used divided page protectors, I had to use the same design format for the front and back of a page (2 sided). I like to have more freedom with my page designs.
  • I decided I do not like using a corner rounder or even a paper trimmer anymore. What an ironic thing this was for me to realize after decades of being a die-hard paper scrapper!

Here’s what DID work for me:

  • The 12×12 album format was perfect for this project, which is funny since I don’t use that size for anything else. I love that I could include full size programs right in my book.
  • Mixing page protector sizes made the album fun for me and for those who looked at it. I really like the mix of page protector sizes that Becky Higgins offers with her Project Life product line. I’m going to mix in even more sizes this year. I’ve never been one to do this in my other albums, but it worked out perfectly for including all the little bits of December memorabilia that I collected.
  • My favorite part of this approach is that I have a big album that I can just keep adding to each year. I don’t want to have to complete a separate album for each year. I’m not a big fan of mini-albums and I don’t want to have 20 December albums sitting around in 20 years. I love the idea of pulling out our December album each year and being able to look through several years at once. It makes much more sense for me from a space standpoint and it is more fitting with my personal style.


What I’m going to do differently this year:

  • Use digital templates and digital scrapbooking products to create my pages. I’ll share some of my favorites at the end of this post. I will print them as 12×12 size pages and slip them into plain 12×12 page protectors.
  • Use the divided page protectors with smaller slots for collected memorabilia that I don’t need to alter in any way.
  • No trips to Costco to pick up prints! That really messed with my happy mood last year. lol! I can share my digital pages on my blog as I create them and then order the prints to be delivered via mail service from Persnickety Prints.

Revamping my 2011 pages to fit my plan:

Some people might think I’m a bit crazy to go back and redo my pages from last year, but in reality it’s only a handful of pages and I since I have all the digital components that were printed out, I was able to just quickly put them together in digital page format. Because I want to keep them all in the same album as the pages I will be doing in upcoming years, I knew I wouldn’t feel satisfied if everything didn’t match in style. It’s just who I am.

This feels so much better to me, and it was A LOT easier to put together!

2011 redux 1

link to credits

Here are a few more of my revamped pages: (all are linked for credits)

2011 public redux

2011 photobomb redux

2011 printables redux

You can watch my December Daily set on Flickr to see more of my pages as I add them. Of course, there are unlimited ways to put together a December Daily album, this is only my method. Feel free to experiment and play around! Be sure to check out Ali’s December Daily section on her blog to see all the different ways she has completed this project over the years.

Some of my favorite digi products I’m using for my December Daily album:











Of course, I’ll be watching the shops over the next few weeks and browsing through my stash as well. I love finding bits of digital word art and journaling cards to use my album!

Are you participating in December Daily this year? Will you be keeping a daily album? Blogging about your days? Sharing photos on instagram? Be sure to listen to the podcast we did all about December Daily to get even more inspiration!

katie big

Halloween Scrapbooking


Supplies: Witch’s Brew by Heather Roselli

Halloween is such a fun time! The costumes, the candy, the decorations – I love it all.

Let’s take a moment and think about how to photograph and scrapbook this fun day!


Here’s my list of must-take Halloween photos for this year:

  • Each kid in costume – during the daylight and at night
  • The family watching Wizard of Oz (a tradition for us)
  • The house decorated for Halloween
  • The carving of the pumpkin
  • The final pumpkin
  • Roasting pumpkin seeds
  • The best and spookiest houses we come across while trick-or-treating
  • The kids and their candy loot at the end of the night

What’s on your list of photos to take?

Most of these photos are going to be taken in tricky situations (low light, outside in the cold, with kids running this way and that). I’m going to re-read these articles to improve my Halloween photos before the big day:


I love how Halloween kits run from spooky to cute!

Midnight Mischief (Collab with Tangie)

Spookville by Mari Koegelenberg

Happy Halloween

Boo! by Honey Designs

Freakin Adorable Kit with Mari Koegelenberg

Witch's Brew by Heather Roselli

Something Wicked

Midnight Crow Reloaded


something wicked

Spooked by Zoe Pearn


Wow! There are a lot of Halloween kits! I’m so impressed by the selection and variety in elements and colours.

If you want some more Halloween reading, try:

I hope you have fun scrapbooking your Halloween this year!

A Halloween page from my scrapbook:


Supplies: Hallow’s Eve by Jen Maddocks

Putting the fun in Funtastic!


For me, the fun on Friday is all about the digi shopping! It’s a day to hit the stores and listen to The Digi Show. We have a new episode ready for you!


Get this beautiful kit from Stolen Moments FREE when you spend $10 at ScrapMatters!  Now through Oct. 31st.


Scrap your Halloween fun with this delicious black & orange kit from SuzyQ Scraps, filled with perfectly haunted papers and spooky embellishments. Perfect for adults, teenagers, and kids! SPECIAL OFFER: Save an extra 30% on the bundle thru 10-25-12, plus receive the paper stackers and clusters FREE!


A digital scrapbooking stitch set by Erica Zane at Sweet Shoppe Designs, Little Sew & Sew Frames v.2 will help add that finishing touch to your projects.


Jenn Labre has a coupon just for our readers!


Studio Basic has a new kit with Micheline Martin


Chelle’s got a great pre-DSD sale going on all her commercial use products.


Create custom addition and subtraction flash cards from your favorite kits with this action from Wendyzine.


Tracie Stroud has an exclusive coupon for TDD readers! Use coupon code TSD-ff-SAVE-30 to save 30% on any purchase of $5 or more in her shop!

Basic RGB

Studio Flergs Halloween Sale! 30% off all older Halloween kits & save 20%-40% on the new Heebie Jeebie range. October 19-25.


Laura Banasiak has coupon for our readers!


No new templates in the Scrapbook Lady Scrap Shop this week, but I’m extending the sale on this set for another week. Pick it up for only $3.50!


Ellie Lash is having a sale in her personal shop through the end of October.


Purchase Fuss Free: Strong Foundation 7 from Fiddle-Dee-Dee and receive Fuss Free: Strong Foundation 8 FREE!  Fresh Fruit priced at 20% off ~ 8 templates for $3.60!  Offer valid October 18-25, 2012.


Check out “A Little Bit Creepy” from Girl Boy Girl Designs – and be sure to check the Girl Boy Girl Designs facebook page for a coordinating alpha!


Keep in touch with Val, she is opening her new store @ ….. the Only One … @Oscraps!. A grand Opening is always so exciting, and to share with you all, Val (a.k.a. ValC designs) is having a great opening sale will run only for a few days… don’t miss it!


Sahlin Studio has a brand new kit at The LilyPad today called, “Fairest One of All“.  It’s 20% off this weekend


One Little Bird has a new release for 20% off through Sunday!


Here are some other great finds that caught my eye:























Whew! Is your scrolling finger worn out now? Mine sure is. What a workout! lol! Open-mouthed smile

katie big

P.S. The title graphic was created with Erica Zane’s Juicy kit.

Gallery Wall Layouts

gallery wall copy

Gallery walls are such a great way to display a lot of wonderful memories. There’s nothing like a big wall full of fabulous photos! Sadly, there are only so many walls to hang pictures on, but there are an unlimited number of scrapbook pages! Fill up your layouts with photos and frames for galleries of memories.

(All images are linked for credits)

I love the way team member Jenn Lindsey mixed different frame styles and patterned papers for a cozy feeling gallery wall layout.



You can repeat the use of the same frame for a more uniform look.



The frames don’t have to be for photos only – I scanned several of my daughter’s watercolor paintings for this layout.



This layout by Mimi digital recreated a home gallery wall setting. So fun!



A collection of framed photos is a great way to showcase a special someone. This layout by Bush Girl highlights her son’s silly side.



I love the mixture of frames and the “stage” of the gallery wall in Karah’s layout.



Cinzia shows us on this darling layout that paper frames are just as fun to use for a gallery wall look.



If you want to create some gallery wall layouts of your own, be sure to check your kits and embellishments for frames. Here are a few resources to help you out:

We’d love to see your gallery wall inspired layouts so be sure to post them in our Flickr group.

katie big

P.S. The title graphic was created with 3 Paper Peonies Instant Photo, A Day in the Life, and Sketchbook kits. Font is MTF Pork Chop.

Chevron Love


I’m sort of crazy in love with chevron designs right now. Chevron has been a big trend in home decorating, packaging design, and of course, in scrapbooking for quite some time now, and I never seem to tire of it. There’s something very fresh and classic about the simple lines of chevron! It seems like my “favorites” folders are always bursting with chevron designs.

Chevron papers are one of the few patterned papers that I feel comfortable using as a full background print. Tara’s layout has a cool designer feeling to it, without overwhelming the pictures.


Chevrons can be used in small areas to add emphasis to a focal point. I love the way mizbizibee put a patch of chevron under the photo on this page.


If you are looking for a unique embellishment, try filling some shapes with chevron papers like cardinalskate did with this page.

7761632208_5aca64b528 (1)

Chevrons make great border papers on layouts. Ana.Paula framed her fun layout with a cheery chevron print.


I love the chevron can go with any theme or topic. It works equally well on masculine and feminine pages. It’s the perfect finishing touch for this travel page by Heather Prins.


A bold cheery chevron balances out the dark solid paper and the black & white photo on Brandi’s fun layout.


When mixing prints and patterns, chevrons go with just about anything! I love the combinations on scarlettcharm’s page.


When I look at gracielou’s layout, I just feel happy. Chevrons are so much fun!




Look through your favorite kits and see if you can find any chevron papers or embellishments to use. Here’s a BIG hint…check your Digi Files this month because 4 out of the 7 contributions have chevron paper in them!

If you are still looking for more chevron fun, here are some of my favorites (all images are linked):

TMartin-Chevron Papers














We’d love to see your chevron inspired layouts so we hope you will upload your own pages into our Flickr group. Can’t wait to see what you create!

katie big

P.S. The title graphic was made with Rachel Young’s Bevy of Chevys and too much paper font.