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To say that we are excited to spotlight Jen Wilson would be an understatement!  I still remember the first time I saw her designs. It was back in 2005 and I read somewhere that she was having a 50% of sale.  At that time, I had only purchased a few digi products (I was still living off of Shabby Princess freebies). I spent HOURS in her store just drooling over the gorgeous designs.  To this day I have not beat my total for that day — over $50 in one stop!  It was totally worth it though!  Jen’s designs have always been known for her luscious papers, gorgeous colors, and fresh designs.  I can’t wait to show you some of her store!  But first let’s see what she contributed to THE DIGI FILES 3.




Isn’t it all so gorgeous?  Jen’s specialty has always been paper with its yummy texture and amazing color.  I love that she included some quick pages and printables too!  I have been eyeing a bunch of the hybrid projects in her shop and it was so fun to get to try one.


Make sure you pick up your copy of THE DIGI FILES 3 for these amazing products and SO MUCH MORE!



STORE: Jen Wilson Designs

TEAM BLOG: The Creative Life


I’ve always had my hand in some sort of creative project and when I learned about Digital Scrapbooking, I fell in love!!  I found a great community and loved seeing everyone’s pages. The ideas were sparked and as they say… the rest is history!!!


Officially online since 2002 but had been creating designs with Photoshop before I knew Digital Scrapbooking even existed. I’ve been at 3 sites but now currently have all my digital designs at JWD.  I’ve had the pleasure to have my designs cross over to traditional paper lines with My Mind’s Eye.  In the future,  I’m excited that my designs are on their way to cross into even more areas!!!


I would like to say I’m both but I design much more than I actually scrap!  Designing is a passion and often when I start to scrap I’ll create something new on the fly which tends to inspire another paper pack or element pack… I’m working on this one and hope to get more albums done this year!!


It’s my full time “job” so I spend a good portion of every day creating the next product or attending to all the other things to keep the site going!  I have most of the day to work when the kids are at school and then once they are in bed  I’ll work — sometimes into the wee hours of the morning! I find my best creative time is at night!!


Ohhh that’s a tough one.. but I would have to say….La Paperie Number One in terms of papers and in terms of elements and accessories… I would have to say…..this  24/7 Card set !!




Laundry Line – Full Load Papers


This HUGE set is 40% off right now!  Here are a few of the paper packs up close:




1.  My son’s giggle
2.  My daughter’s hugs
3.  A good book!
4. Warm sunlight filtering through windows
5.  Surprise deliveries
6.  Campfires at night!
7. The smell of wet grass
8. My very loud happy purring cat
9. Cranking Up the Music and dancing like a goof with my kids!
10. Flavoured Lipgloss and Black Mascara


1. Traffic Jams
2. People that way too loud on their cell phones!
3. Stepping on Lego ( It hurts!!)
4. “Photoshop quit unexpectedly”
5. Having a recording tell me 73 times my call is important!
6.  “Floaties” in water at restaurants.
7.  Laundry that never seems to end.
8.  Being late!
9.  Clutter and things not put away!
10. Spammers and Junk mail!!


Now that we have gotten to know Jen a bit better…let’s take a look in her store.  I had the HARDEST time narrowing down what I was going to show you.  There are just so many truly amazing products!  But I did my best to keep it manageable!

First are some of her GORGEOUS paper packs — which are what she is best known for





She also has some amazing elements sets (some that coordinate with paper packs and some that are stand-alone)






There is also a selection of templates (mostly for her PROJECT 52 Collection) and some more amazing printable hybrid projects



And here are some of the amazing layouts/projects I found in her gallery


Thank you, Jen, for taking the time to be with us here at THE DAILY DIGI this month.  Your work is truly inspiring!


SPONSOR SPOTLIGHT — Scrapkitchen Designs

Spot Lit Wall

Well…THE DIGI FILES 3 are live and today you get your first sneak peak!  We are so excited to have Susan Bartolini, the “chef” over at Scrapkitchen Designs to be our first spotlighted designer! I love Susan’s gorgeous papers and rich color palettes.  I know you will love her too!  Let’s have a look at the GORGEOUS kit she created especially for THE DIGI FILES 3!


Isn’t it GORGEOUS???  Seriously, this kit is worth the $5 alone.  I love, love, LOVE the colors!  You can get it HERE.  Here is a page I created with it.


Okay…let’s pay our respects to the Chef!


Name: Susan Bartolini
Hometown: Acton, MA
Family: Hubby – Andrew, Son – Benjamin & Daughter – Madeleine

STORE: Scrapkitchen at Sweet Shoppe Designs

BLOG: Project 365

Sign up for her NEWSLETTER for coupons and freebies


Well, I began digital scrapbooking way back in 2004, before there were many designers and shoppes.  I always tried to create items that I needed for my layouts but couldn’t find in a store.  I finally decided that I could actually sell my designs and earn a little money……the rest is history.


I have been designing since 2005.  I stared with my own store, ScrapKitchen and then joined the Sweet Shoppe in 2007.  I absolutely ADORE the team at SSD and believe that it was the best decision I ever made when I joined the team.


I am mostly a designer nowadays.  It is really difficult to find the time to design, grow my business and be able to scrap.  That is why I LOVE buying quickpages and premade albums, cards and calendars.  It really helps me to get my photos and memories scrapped in a much shorter amount of time.


Gosh that is a tough question.  Being the mom of two under the age of five, I have to find my time in small increments (mostly when they are in school or napping).  But, in general, I would say that I spend about 20-25 hours per week on designing and growing my business.


Honestly, I absolutely LOVE the kit I designed for the grab bag here.  I just love the colors….so warm.  My second choice would be my All About Me kit.  I am really into color lately and I think the colors are gorgeous.



Hmmm….actually, I think it is a collab I did with Shabby Miss Jenn.  It is called Flower Stand.



1.  The smell of my children after a bath.
2.  Paris
3.  Living in New England…especially in the fall.
4.  “Fall Back”
5.  Organic food
6.  Getting magazines in the mail each month.
7.  My hubby’s sense of humor and wit.
8.  The coolness of my in-laws
9.  Politics
10.  Getting the latest and greatest gadget.


1.  Being late for anything.
2.  My husband’s obsession with the remote control.
3.  “Spring Forward”
4.  Door to door solicitors
5.  Diaper rash
6.  “Reality” TV ….. as if any of it is actually real.
7.  Fruits and veggies that go bad before I get a chance to eat them.
8.  Putting my foot in my mouth.
9.  My outdated kitchen.
10.  Expired coupons that I meant to use.


Okay…now let’s see a few more of her amazing designs.  Her colors are always just SO pretty! (all images are clickable!)


(aren’t those dolls SOOOO cute??)


(can we say YUMMY to those colors?)


(I SERIOUSLY wish my husband had to wear a tie to work just so I could use these papers!)


(I love how easily this kit could work for boys OR girls…so often spring kits are too girly!)

Scrapkitchen Designs also has a whole line of album templates — perfect for when you want to try to make a shaped album!


And here are some GORGEOUS layouts made with her designs!


Thank you, Susan, for sharing your time and talend with THE DAILY DIGI and the scrapping community as a whole.  Your work is truly inspiring!


Susan would also like to thank readers of THE DAILY DIGI with two AWESOME things…

First, a coupon


and then…


Susan is giving away this 8 page brag book to subscribers to her newsletter list.  You can subscribe by clicking here.  Sign up by this Friday, March 20th and receive the brag book on Saturday, March 21st for free!


P.S.  I aplogize for the late posting this past week…I didn’t realize that I had to manually reset for Daylight Savings Time.  I know not everyone follows it (including me) but since everything else for the site runs on Eastern time, I want to keep it consistent.  So, from now on, every day will post at 7:00 am EDT.


Spot Lit Wall

We’re running a few days behind around here, due to the wonderful unknowns of life, but I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to spotlight someone near and dear to me — THE DAILY DIGI’s own Steph.  She is the master behind FONTOLOGIE fonts and she is a huge help to me in running this site.  I have been privileged to know her for the last three years and I wanted to make sure you got to know her a bit too!   Before we get into it, though, a few “housekeeping” items!

  • First of all, let me say that I am so glad to be back with you!  Thank you so much for all of your support over the last few days.  Our sweet little girl is still running a fever but her spirits seems to be up so we are hoping for the best!  I would love to be able to put that thermometer away for a while…it sure has gotten a workout!
  • Second, I want to apologize for the delay of THE DIGI FILES 3.  Between a designer having computer issues and my unplanned absence, things were running behind.  But we are getting set and they will go live today! I am really excited to share with you all the amazing stuff our designers came up with!

Okay…on to the good stuff!

Here is the really cool font that Steph created for THE DIGI FILES 2 (please note that this link will take you to TDF3 once they are loaded).


Isn’t it fun?  I adore stamped fonts…they just add something so cool to a page!  I have been working on adding some of my favorite inspiration quotes to have near my desk and here is one I made using this font (and that cool paper is from THE DIGI FILES 3 😉


I just love all the little imperfections in it…I think that is totally my scrapping style…perfectly imperfect 🙂


NAME: Steph…otherwise known around the digi world as “islandmom”.  This is what Steph has top say about it, “I  live on an island, but not a warm and tropical one, unfortunately, and that’s how I came up with islandmom.”


BLOG: Islandmom


It was something that really intrigued me, so I decided to try it and became addicted rather quickly.


I made my very first font in February 2007 and started Fontologie in April (on my sons birthday).  This winter I added a line of alphas called ‘Alphologie’.


I am both but, definitely a scrapper at heart and try to remember that and make time for it!


More than I want to admit…haha!  People often ask me how long it takes me to do a font, I am slower than a lot of fontolgists I think, it can take me hundreds of hours to design a font from start to finish.


Hmmmmm…..I probably have 3 top faves. Giggles, Doodle Dance (because I drew it all myself in Illustrator), and Taylor MacKenzie (that is free at fontologie.com).





I was actually surprised when I looked up this information that my most popular products are Journal Away



1. When I tell my kids I love them and they say, “I know!”
2. When my daughter tells me she is lucky to have me for a mom (aren’t *I* lucky?)
3. Doing things to help other people
4. When my kids are happy
5. Going out to dinner with my husband
6. Spending time with good friends and my extended family (love that)
7. Going to a movie (in the theater)
8. Getting a new gadget (electronic or camera)
9. Scrapping
10. Creating something new (font, alpha, anything)


1. When I’m feeling grumpy
2. when I over commit myself
3. the foghorns that wake me up when it’s foggy outside
4. when I go to the grocery store but forget to buy the thing I went there for in the first place
5. when my computer is running slow (which it seems to do a lot these days)
6. when I have to restart my computer (see above)
7. when I decide to make something for dinner but am missing ONE ingredient for it
8. there aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything I want
9. when I can’t sleep at night because I can’t stop thinking about all the things I need to do
10. when the grocery store is out of something on my list


It should come as no surprise that I LOVE Steph’s Fonts.  Her font GIGGLES was the reason we ended up working together on this site.  I was writing her for permission to use it in the logo and things just snowballed from there.  I love that her fonts are all so unique…and SO FUN!  I also love how most of them come in different versions (like all of the ones below).  And just so you know — most of these fonts come in a PERSONAL and a COMMERCIAL version! So let’s peak at a few more of my favorites!





Thanks so much, Steph, for all you do here at THE DAILY DIGI and for being a part of this months sponsors!

Here is a coupon for our readers!

tdd-couponThis coupon is good for PERSONAL use products only!  Thanks!


Spot Lit Wall

Today is a super fun day…it is the day we get to spotlight the OH SO TALENTED and OH SO CUTE designers over at THE LILYPAD.  Their entire store is filled with fun, fresh, and totally unique products!  And their CT — affectionately known as the POLLYWOGS are some of the best scrappers in the digi community.  Get ready to be wowed.

Before we get to know them a little better, let’s peak at what they have created for THE DIGI FILES 2.  They created this great kit and quick page set called HOP SKIP JUMP.  I just love it all!




Isn’t all of this so FUN?? You only have a few more days to grab these and a ton more for just $5.00.  Get it now!  Here is a LO I did with one of the quick pages…I don’t usually use quick pages but I have absolutely no time to scrap right now and I really wanted to record some of these things about my just-turned-one year old daughter before I forget.  Can’t beat a 10 minute layout!



Okay….DRUMROLL PLEASE…..let’s welcome the ladies of THE LILYPAD!  They have lots of fun information and products for us to see!

  • The Lilypad was created two years ago by established scrapbookers Amy Martin, Natalie Braxton and Amy Wolff who were committed to bringing realistic elements and papers to their customers. Over time we have added several amazing designers to our store who also have the background of being talented layout artists! Our current designers are Amy Martin, Natalie Braxton, Amy Wolff, Kate Hadfield, Jenna Desai, Jacque Larsen, Kaye Winiecki, and Anne deJong.


  • We are amazingly proud of Amy Martin for winning Creating Keepsakes 2008 Hall of Fame contest as well as becoming a 2009 Memory Makers Master.
  • We release new products on Fridays (20% off new releases for the weekend) and on Tuesdays, where new releases are $1 each. Every month we pride ourselves in our BYOC (short for Build Your Own Collab). We choose a color scheme and invite a guest designer to join us in designing coordinating paper and element packs. We always joke that the current month is our favorite and it’s true that the designers out do themselves every time!


Some BYOC layouts from the Lilypad creative team – the amazing Pad Pollywogs:





In addition to the BYOC, each designer has their own specialty that we look forward to seeing each month.


Amy Martin’s templates

nataliebraxtonNatalie Braxton’s realistic elements

amywolffAmy Wolff’s Papers

katehadfieldKate Hadfield’s whimsical doodles

jennadesaiJenna Desai’s doodled swirls

jacquelarsenJacque Larsen’s painted paper pieces

kayewinieckiKaye Winiecki’s felt pieces

annedejongAnne deJong’s dimensional paper pieces

Lilypad Fun Facts:

  • The name for the store was inspired by Amy M’s nickname for her son: Frogger! (The lilypad theme continues with our Newt News newsletters, and the Froggy Friday and Tadpole Tuesday new release days!)
  • We give everyone funny nicknames in the CT forums, especially unsuspecting pollywogs
  • The pollywogs’ and designers’ nickname for Amy Martin is “The Whip”
  • Kaye loves chocolate. And so does Kate. A lot.
  • Natalie hates themed kits, we tease her that we’ll make the next BYOC a themed one.
  • We joke that we all share a brain. Whether that means we each only have the equivalent of one eighth of a brain, or that we all think the same way we’ll leave for you to decide!


THANK YOU SO MUCH Lilypad Ladies for joining us here at THE DAILY DIGI!  Your talent and creativity are truly amazing.  We look forward to many more months of seeing your awesome designs!

As a THANK YOU to THE DAILY DIGI readers, The Lilypad has a generous gift!



P.S.  One of our designers for THE DIGI FILES 3 is having some computer issues and so to help her get a little more time, we are pushing back the release of the new DIGI FILES until Monday, March 16th.  That means you have an extra day to grab THE DIGI FILES 2!

P.P.S.  Our newsletter subscribers already know, but in case you haven’t signed up yet, look at the AMAZING list of people we have lined up for MONTH 3!

Scrapkitchen, Jen Wilson, Ziska, Micheline Martin, Kitty Chen, Jacque Larsen, Lynne Marie, Kasia Designs


Spot Lit Wall

Misty Cato has been in the digi world for a quite a while and we are excited to have her be a part of THE DAILY DIGI this month.  She shares a vision for bringing information and inspiration to people in the digi world. Her blog is a great source of both!  She shares great tutorials, news from around the digi world, and some of her own designs.  Her store is filled with great kits, element packs, and alphas. We’re excited to get to see of her designs and to get to know her better!  But of course, we first have to look at her contribution to THE DIGI FILES 2!


Isn’t it FUN??  I find it so hard to find boyish kits that I like and this one was perfect.  I also LOVE the cardboard alpha…a LOT.  Here is a page I made with this great kit! (click for full credits)


You can get this kit as well as a TON of other stuff in THE DIGI FILES 2, available only through March 14.  Get it all for just $5.00!

Okay, so let’s learn a little bit about Misty!


STORE: Misty Cato at Sweet Shoppe Designs

BLOG: Misty Cato Designs Blog



It was something fun and creative to do.  I had left a career to stay home with my son.  Turns out he slept a ton that first year and while I loved being at home I was itching for something to do that was ‘my own’.  Designing filled that desire.


Well before I even new digital scrapbooking existed I was making patterns on the computer to serve as background for my son’s photos.  If that counts, then I’ve been designing about 4 years.  It’s a good thing I discovered digital scrapping though, because looking back, those first attempts are pretty scary.  I started selling my work in January 2006.


Both. It’s getting harder and harder to find time to scrap, but I still manage to squeeze in a few layouts now and then.

Here are a few recent layouts by Misty!

myaball-webThe tag lower left reads
The Rules:
1. Only Mya plays Mya ball. It makes her happy.
2. Mya can move the balls, arrange them and rearrange them however she wants.
3. Everyone else is a spectator.
4. Any spectator touching a ball will result in tears of frustration from the star player.

Credits: Pretty Play Clothes by Misty Cato

mistycato-quietmomentslayoutCredits: Deckled-Edge Papers by Misty Cato, Sweet Shoppe Designs, Thursday Page Set by Misty Cato, Sweet Shoppe Designs, Paper Block Templates v.5 by Emily Merritt, We Are Storytellers, Fonts – CK Flip Serif (journaling), CK Academia (Title), scrapNfonts.com


35-45.  Whenever there is downtime at home, I am working (when the kids are napping and after they go to bed).  My husband, Barron, takes charge of the kids and cooking an Saturdays so that is a full work day for me.


Hmm that’s tough.  As far as style and design goes, I’d say Rainforest RevelryI try to make my kits as versatile as possible without being ‘generic’ and I feel like this one really hit the mark.  It can be used to scrap nearly anything and still has and unique vibe to it.



It’s a toss up between Sweet Safari and Heartstrings.




1) Big squeezy hugs from my son

2) Little slobbery kiss from my daughter

3) Bed time stories with the kids

4) The smell of rain on hot pavement

5) Pink flowers

6) Cozy socks

7) Pacific Northwest Beaches, rocks and rain included

8) Visiting new places

9) A good mystery

10) Jellybeans (especially the black ones)


1) The televisions spewing ads at grocery store checkout stands that are always turned up too loud.

2) Being under pressure to be creative

3) That so much junk food is marketed directly to our kids.   Isn’t there a way to make healthy food seems as appealing as sugary cereals and gummy fruit snacks?

4) Channel flipping during TV shows.

5) Crowds – I avoid them as much possible

6) There’s never enough time for everything  I want to do

7) That low-cal never taste as good as the real thing

8) That I usually have to get out my husband’s tool box to free a new toy of its packaging.  Seriously, do they really need to bolt toys to their packaging?

9) Politicians who spend more time blaming others than working on solutions.

10) Whining – which I’ve already done too much of, so I’m glad this list is over 🙂


Now let’s venture into Misty’s store where we can see some of her amazing creations! (all images are clickable)









Thank you, Misty, for being with us this month.  Your fun and fresh designs and your desire to share the love of scrapping with people through your blog are inspirational!

And Misty has a great coupon for our readers…

“Daily Digi readers can receive 25% off my designs this week.  Use coupon code dailydigirocks. Expires March 15, 2009.”



Spot Lit Wall

THE DAILY DIGI is just THRILLED to have Michelle Filo with us this month. Michelle is an amazing hybrid scrapper as well as template designer. She had made her home at Little Dreamer Designs and I can’t wait to show you all of the amazing products she had in her shop. She works hard to create scrapping products that make hybrid scrapping easy for other people. As a template designer myself, it is fun to see someone else have heart to help other people scrap. Before we get to know her better, let’s see her HUGE contribution to this months THE DIGI FILES.





Isn’t it all just incredible? She jam-packed her contribution and I love it all! You get three 12×12 templates, one set of star templates, one alpha template and one accordion album template set! PLUS, THE DIGI FILES 2 includes contributions from Kate Hadfield, Misty Cato, Doris Castle, Fontologie, Amanada Heimann, TDD, Janet Phillips, and The LIlypad…all for just $5.00 and just for 12 days more. Grab it now.

Here is a layout I did using one of Michelle’s templates (click for other credits)


And here is one that Steph did (using Amanda Heimnann’s TRULY YOURS kit that is also in THE DIGI FILES 2)



My name is Michelle, but some call me mushy (which is short for mashed potatoes, but lets not go there). I am originally from Brazil but have been lucky to call Australia home since 2000 when hubby Alex got a job here and we decided to make the big move. Since then, I had my two stunningly beautiful boys who are my inspiration for scrapbooking. Funny enough though, I don’t scrap for them, I scrap for myself. I need to be creative and unwind after a hard day’s work at the Australian Bureau of Statistics. I work in Publishing there, but there is nothing creative about the tech stuff I do, so scrapbooking is the perfect escape for me (I also am loving photography and have been enjoying learning to use my DSLR). I started paper scrapping in 2005 but stopped after a while for lack of time and money. I found digital scrapping in 2007 when I needed to create keepsakes of my newborn son to send to my family, after all, I made all these cute keepsakes for his brother Mateus, so it was only fair I created some for Lucas too. Digital scrapping gave me a lot of inspiration and it slowly took me back to paper scrapping. That is why I love hybrid so much, it is the best of both worlds 🙂 I do a good amount of paper scrapping nowadays, I am on the Fancy Pants designs team, as well as two challenge blogs (Pencil Lines and Mix it Up). I am also a contributor to the Digital Artist Magazine and have been published on a couple of paper mags too, such a Digital Scrapbooking Magazine, For Keeps and Scrapbooking Memories (Australian mag). I love sharing my scrapbooking projects on my blog and have been spending a lot of time updating it lately 🙂

STORE: Michelle Filo at Little Dreamer Designs

BLOG: With Love By Mushy


I started designing because I thought it would be easier to share templates than to try and explain how my pages were layered out. It came from a desire to share my passion and the little I know with the people around me.


Since February ’08. I made some freebies before then but February was the first time I had something for sale.


I am a scrapper. I design solely to share my templates with other people and also it is a great excuse to spend more time doing what I love 🙂 Designing is my way of justifying how long I spend in front of the computer 🙂


It varies tremendously. There are weeks that I will not touch anything to do with designing, but there are some weeks I will work 3-5 hours a day designing/ scrapping/answering e-mails/ writing tutorials, amounting to over 30 hours in a week.. So, it is hard to tell. I have been spending a lot of time blogging and creating things for my blog now, which I guess it is a big part of sharing my designs.


Oh, I think I have two, basically because I really love the projects I created with them:



I can see why Michelle loves these so much! Look at this album she created with her castle template set!



My specialty is hybrid scrapbooking templates, but in a digital community, what people can’t pass on are digital templates, so it seems everyone’s favorite is
Playing with paper – Set 07



1. my little family
2. being creative (have you heard of scrapbooking?)
3. friends (including my online friends, they mean the world to me)
4. photography
5. food (it is a love hate thing)
6. gaming (specially addicted to World of Warcraft)
7. internet/ being online
8. baby smell (love it!)
9. afternoon naps on a rainy day (who has time for that though?)
10. hot shower


1. housework
2. traffic
3. capsicum
4. being sick
5. putting on weight 🙁
6. moving houses (yet I keep doing it)
7. grocery shopping
8. violence and natural disasters (bad stuff that can happen and you have no control over it)
9. negativity, envy, gossip
10. making decisions (I don’t like having too many choices)


Okay, now on to some more of Michelle super fun template sets!







If you have been wanting to give templates a try…Michelle store is a GREAT place to start! Look at some of the amazing pages people have created with her stuff!



Michelle is also offering a wonderful freebie for THE DAILY DIGI readers…a cool freestyle album!


And look at her example album! How fun!


Get it HERE

And be sure to check back tomorrow when Michelle shares with a step-by-step tutorial for making the accordion album she included in her THE DIGI FILES 2 contribution!


SPONSOR SPOTLIGHT — Amanda Heimann Designs

Spot Lit Wall

THE DAILY DIGI is so happy to bring you an amazing designer this month…AMANDA HEIMANN.  I love Amanda’s great color palettes and clean designs.  I hadn’t scrapped with her stuff before and now I am just looking through her store trying to decide what I want.  I think you will LOVE what you see!  We are also going to get to know her a bit better, but before we do, let’s look at the gorgeous kit she contributed to THE DIGI FILES 2.


Isn’t this amazing? I just LOVE it.  I created a page with it right when I got it (shown previously).  This kit is just PART of the HUGE collection of designs you can get for just $5.00 in THE DIGI FILES 2.  You’ve got two weeks left!  After that, this kit and everything go into the designers stores for regular market value.

Okay, let’s get to know Amanda!

alittleabout-copy6Name:  Amanda Heimann
Hometown:  lived in Texas my whole life, mainly in the Houston area
Family: My husband and number one fan is Billy and we have two young boys (Garrett- 6 and Lance-4) , one dog and will soon have a new puppy.

My Store at Scrap Orchard

My Blog


I started designing out of boredom.  I was in a scrapping funk and was browsing tutorial sites.  I came across a tutorial and tried it.  I was hooked!  After that it became a challenge to see what I could do.  Scrapping still gives me my creative release that I need but designing fulfills something that scrapping couldn’t reach.  I am able to contribute financially to our family while staying at home and have fun doing it!


I began designing almost 2 years ago.


Both!  But designing gets more of my time.


Way too much!  I really do not have set hours that I work and I do not keep track of them.  Our schedule is always changing and I sneak in as much time as possible.  I would say at least 40 hours a week.


Today it is Come Out and Play that is available at Scrapper’s Guide.  But my favorites are always changing!



It is a tie between my Give It To Me Straight Ribbons and My BACKS




1. My Family
2. Squeaky kisses from my little boy
3. Dr. Pepper
4. The moment my husband walks in the door
5. When my boys cooperate for photos
6. A new tube of Chapstick
7. My iPhone
8. The beach
9. Family vacations
10. Anything pink!


1. My husband’s alarm
2. When my boys do not cooperate for photos
3. Dryer lint
4. A dirty kitchen sink
5. SpongeBob Squarepants
6. Flocks of birds creep me out
7. Sippy cups left in the playroom
8. The Sham Wow guy- Vince Offer
9. When the cable stutters and I have to reset the internet
10. A glass of water without ice in it

Now that we have had a peek into Amanda’s life, let’s take a peek at her store!  You won’t be disappointed!

(all images are clickable)







And here are some pages made with her designs!


Isn’t all of her stuff gorgeous??  I just love the bright and happy color palettes…so perfect for happy and bright pages!  Head on over to her store to pick some of this up.  And use this coupon for 25% off!


Thank you so much, Amanda, for being with us at THE DAILY DIGI this month.  We are glad to have gotten to know you a bit better and are loving your fun and fresh designs!


Spot Lit Wall

THE DAILY DIGI is so excited to have Doris Castle with us this month.  Doris is known for her gorgeous papers and elements.  She is a long term designer at Scrapbook Graphics and a great part of the digital community.  Her store is filled with unique, high quality designs that are full of rich color and texture.   I am sure you are going to love what you see!  Before we get to know her a little more , let’s see what she made just for THE DIGI FILES 2.


Isn’t it SO pretty?  I just love the richness of all of it! You can get this kit as well as stuff from Kate Hadfield, Misty Cato, Michelle Filo, Fontologie, Amanda Heimann, The Lilypad, The Daily Digi, and Janet Phillips…ALL for just $5.00! Get it HERE.

Here is a page I did with Doris’ kit!

serenity_450webCredits HERE


NAME: Doris Castle

STORE: Studio Doris @ Scrapbook Graphics



Actually I was designing digital scrapbooking type items, before I even heard of digital scrapbooking. I would make collages of photos for photo labs and create backgrounds and frames and titles to enhance it. Then I found digital scrapbooking and was in heaven to know that there were others that had taken the craft to such an extreme and creative direction.


About as long as I can remember! Even back in middle school and high school I used to keep albums where I would save my memorabilia of life and journal about it. During college I liked to create logos for local businesses -which is a lot like creating embellishments! After college I  became a graphic artist and enjoyed collaging photos together along with titles and descriptions for local photo labs, and then discovered that what I was doing actually had a name.. digital scrapbooking. Once I discovered this, I was hooked and haven’t looked back. My first kit I sold was back in 2003.


Both! I love designing but also love to change the pace and scrap also. I still like to pick up the cutters and glue for hybrid and traditional scrapbooking.


This is the first year that all three of my children are in school, so I am able to design full-time.. from about 9am-2pm each day. This gets filled up with emails, blogging, facebooking, writing to customers, marketing and much more than just the fun design-time.


I have FOUR!  First are my GROUPIES elements clusters (all images are clickable)










1. Husband and Kids (I know that’s two!)

2.  my computer

3.  lasagne!

4.  days when there is nothing to do but play games, watch tv and have fun

5.  my Blackberry and techy gadgets

6.  my new office

7.  a clean house

8.  working from home as a designer

9.  going out with friends

10.  doing crafts with my kids


1.  Liars and Fake People

2 . Mopping the kitchen floor

3.  waiting in line

4.  grocery shopping

5.  when my kids bicker over nothing

6. my weight (too bad my hobby isn’t hiking or swimming)

7.  the treadmill

8.  ants! Especially if there are lots of them

9.  being splashed at the pool

10. clutter

Now that we have gotten to know Doris a bit, let’s look at some of her fabulous designs! (all images are clickable)








Aren’t her designs GORGEOUS?  Thanks so much, Doris, for being with us this month.  You are truly talented and have proven your worth as a designer over the last six years.  We are excited to see future designs!

And as a THANK YOU to our readers, here is  a coupon from Doris!




Spot Lit Wall

We are so incredibly THRILLED to have Kate Hadfield with us this month at THE DAILY DIGI!  Kate is known for her gorgeous handdrawn and creative elements.  I remember when I first used her doodled paper alpha (when she was giving it away for free).  I just kept thinking how AMAZING it was!  She has truly borught in a breath of fresh air in digital designs and we know that you are going to be so excited to see everything she has done!  Kate is just so sweet and heartfelt.  We worked together for a long time at the DIGI DARES and I just love who she is.  I am sure you will too!  But before we get to know her a bit better, lets look at the AMAZING element set she contributed to this months THE DIGI FILES.


Isn’t it just GORGEOUS?  I just love all the bright and happy colors!  I had to use it RIGHT AWAY when I saw it!


(papers also from THE DIGI FILES 2 and staples and stitched border are by Shabby Princess)


NAME: Kate Hadfield
FAMILY: I live with my wonderful husband and two gorgeous kids in Cheshire, England.
STORE: The Lilypad
BLOG: What Katie Scrapped


It was a bit of an accident really! I wanted a specific type of paper element for a page I was working on and couldn’t find anything in the shops so decided to try making it myself. I really enjoyed the creative process (I hadn’t really done much crafting since taking up digiscrapping) and it all went from there. I ended up making some more bits and pieces and gave them away on my blog.


About two years now. I’ve been scrapping for about three.


Definitely both. One of my resolutions this year is to make more time for myself to scrap. For some reason I find it difficult to mix the two, I’ll have periods when I scrap a lot but don’t design and then other times I’ll design but not scrap. Designing for me is a more hands-on process where I get to be messy and play with paints and pencils, scrapping is more about “me time” where I can relax and be creative without having to clean up the mess afterwards! I need to work on being able to swap between the two more easily.


Hhmm, this really depends on whether you count hanging around the forums and on Facebook as “marketing”…LOL I spend most evenings on the computer along with probably an hour or two in total in short bursts throughout the mornings, depending on what my son is doing that day. I try to catch up on emails and other correspondence then  (the time difference between the US and the UK usually means I wake up to a full inbox and have a couple of hours of quiet before more emails come in!) and then do some crafting or drawing during the afternoons if possible. Evenings are for scrapping or the computerized part of my design work.


Ooh this is a tough one! It’s usually the last product I finished, but The Funky Junky series of collabs with Rachel Young and Michelle Godin are some of my all time favourites. Rachel and Michelle are great fun to work with and I’m so proud of the versatile, eclectic kits we’ve made together.

funkyjunkyhfhFunky Junky Home for the Holidays

funkyjunky1Funky Junky


I think my alphabets are probably my best sellers, these three in particular:

1. Candy Caney Alphacandycaney-01

2. Scruffy and Stripey Alpha_khadfield_scruffyandstripey

3. Spotty Dotty Alpha_khadfield_spottydottyalpha


1. My hubby and kids
2. The smell of fresh rain on spring leaves
3. Chocolate
4. Watercolour pencils and a fresh pad of pastel paper
5. Christmas
6. Days out with the kids (especially to the local zoo, this trip is probably more for me than them…LOL)
7. Sunflowers
8. Singing really loudly (and badly) and dancing round the house with the kids, especially to the High School Musical soundtracks (shhh, don’t tell anyone)
9. London art galleries
10. Being by the sea


1. Cold calling and door-to-door salespeople
2. Rudeness
3. The dreaded “Photoshop is not responding” message when I haven’t saved anything for an hour
4. Men rolling up the sleeves of their suit jackets
5. Cold, wet, grey and dismal weather (also known as “British summertime”)
6. Baked beans and mashed potato
7. Drivers who don’t indicate when turning
8. The kids putting empty cereal packets back in the cupboards
9. My scanner when it decides it only wants to scan one square inch of the scanner bed
10. Early morning wake-ups


Now let us go peek at the gorgeous stuff in Kate’s store!  I had SUCH a hard time choosing.  I seriously could post EVERY product in her store and say I LOVE it and I WANT it!  But alas, if you wanted to see everything in her store you could just go there.  So, I limited myself to eight.  *sigh* (some products are collabs with Jacque Larsen and all images are clickable)









See what I mean?  HOW can anyone choose?  I want it ALL!  At least this will help!


Thanks, Kate, so much for being with us.  Your creativity and talent are truly amazing!


Hey, that’s us!

Spot Lit Wall

Ha ha…I couldn’t resist putting our little name there in the spotlight.  We aren’t really doing a sponsor spotlight, since I think you know all about us as a site, but I did want to show you what we contributed THE DIGI FILES 2 (affectionately referred to by Steph and I as TDF2 — I seriously feel like I am speaking in some sort of cool code 🙂 )

As much as I usually get bored of things, I have not yet tired of the look of THE DAILY DIGI.  When I was designing the site, I had something else in mind. I was working hard on a site design when I saw the image of the folders on istockphoto. I fell in love with the colors and threw out everything I had been working on and started over.  And you know what?  I still love it. I love the colors.  I love the design.  And anyone who knows me knows I LOVE the font — Giggles by Fontologie @ Scrapbook Graphics.  That font is actually how Steph and I teamed up on this site — I was asking permission to use the font and everything just steam rolled from there!

Anyway (sorry, I am rambling today), because I love the design so much I wanted to create something that I could use for my scrapping.  I wanted to keep with the “DAILY” theme of the site, so I created an “EVERYDAY” element set.


This set includes 51 pieces PLUS an alpha and number set. It also includes blanks of the glass buttons and alpha pieces so you can create your own. I also included my sweet little heart that I use for a signature in my posts. Nothing fancy (I am NOT a designer)…just something fun with the cool site colors and Steph’s awesome font 🙂  We hope you enjoy!  Here are a few more things I have done with the set…( I keep trying to find excuses to use it 🙂



With four kids, a full time work-at-home job, and all of the other things life throws at me, I needed SOME way of starting to keep track of some things.  I feel like I am forgetting more than I am remembering lately.  So I created some easy calendars for myself.  The weekly one will be printed out each week, leaving on the stuff that happens every week (PE days, library days, etc) and then will add in other things as they come up.  For the monthly page I used a template from my 2009 calendar set. The full calendar set isn’t available anymore but if you want the basic page you can download it HERE. It already has the days of the week in the Giggles font, so it worked well!


I also did one other quick page (the paper is by Jen Wilson)


We hope you are enjoying THE DIGI FILES 2 so far…we are SO excited to show you everything inside.  Be sure to check out “LOOKING FOR” page (it has been updated) and submit those TDF2 layouts and more!  And be sure to check back tomorrow when the requested “eye sharpening tutorial” is shared!


P.S.  We want to wish a SWEET congratulations to the following winners of the SWEET SHOPPE DESIGNS comment contest!  Woo Hoo!  Email me at janet AT thedailydigi DOT com to claim your prize!


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