Wild And Free Inspiration

I really liked a quote from one of the journaling cards, but I struggled to find a way to fit the card onto my layout. So, using the Magic Wand tool in PSE, and holding down the shift key, I selected all the letters from the quote and copied it onto my layout. The font transferred nicely onto the plain background of my photo.

Layout by Jacki. Supplies:
Wild And Free by THE DAILY DIGI.

My tip is a good reminder! Make sure you click “save” every little bit. I was working along at the end of this layout when suddenly PSE crashed. I thought Ugh–how long has it been since I saved? Luckily, it hadn’t been too long and I didn’t have to redo much. Save save save!

Layout by Sharon. Supplies:
Wild And Free by THE DAILY DIGI. Template: Janet Phillips; Font: CK Blues.

When I include a lot of journaling, I usually either type it in a Word document or cut and paste the completed journaling into Word for a spell check. For all the time and effort I put into a layout, I would hate to print it only to find out that I have a misspelled word or typo on the final product!

Layout by Bethany. Supplies:
Wild and Free by THE DAILY DIGI. Template: My Travel Journal by Scrapping With Liz.