Summer No More Inspiration

I wanted the little paper airplane to be more dimensional, but not the dotted line that came with it. For a quick fix, I duplicated the layer and erased the dotted line on the top layer and gave that top layer a shadow. I love the lined paper in the background, but in a few places the lines ran through my text. So using the clone tool, I used a soft edge brush and reduced the opacity and then just went over those lines to lessen their impact. Now it’s much easier to read but not too obvious that the lines were altered.

Layout by Jacki. Supplies: Summer No More by THE DAILY DIGI. Font: Rub This!

I decided I didn’t want to use layer shadows on my background because I wanted to have the pencil be flat against the layout. The pencil was originally on the striped background paper so I duplicated the tip and the yellow to a new layer and placed it over the red paper. I used the magic wand tool on each color and selected new layer via copy. I then dragged the layers over the red paper.

Layout by Sharon. Supplies:
No More Summer by THE DAILY DIGI. Template: Kimberly Lund TDD Freebie; Font: Century Gothic.

I like using styles created by some designers to further embellish my pages. On this page, I used an Enamel Style by Mommyish to create the little flowers. All I did was use the Magic Wand to create a flower shape from one of the flowers that came with the kit, and then applied the Enamel Style to the flowers. I duplicated the layers to give them different colors, and easily got a couple more embellishments for this page.

Layout by Sula. Supplies: Summer No More by THE DAILY DIGI. Markerific (stamped alpha) by CD Muckosky, Enamel Action by Mommyish.