Front Porch


I love using paint to help make patterned paper more readable. I stretched this one to fit the paper and recolored it white, lowered the opacity just a bit and then placed my journaling on top.

Layout by Wendy. Supplies:
Front Porch by THE DAILY DIGI.

I originally had white paper for the background but it looked too plain. I placed the floral paper over top and it looked too busy. So, in PSE, I reduced the opacity of the floral paper to 50%. Now you can see it without it being too busy. Just remember that when you reduce the opacity, you’ll be able to see what’s beneath. Having the white paper beneath the floral, preserved the original look of the paper. For the title, I used word art by using the Magic Selection tool while pressing down on the Shift key. Once I’d selected what letters/words I wanted, I went to the Select option on the top tool bar and chose Modify>Contract> and put in 1 pixel. That takes the selection in enough to prevent the background of the word art to be copied. It gives it a cleaner look.

Layout by Jacki. Supplies:
Front Porch by THE DAILY DIGI. Font: Caviar.

One way to work with pictures and kits is by finding a color palette that works with both. Like this photo. The color scheme perfectly matched the kit created a beautiful harmony between the two.

Layout by Sula. Supplies:
Front Porch by THE DAILY DIGI.

I wanted to give a little more dimension to the love embellishment at the top of my picture. I used my magic wand tool and clicked on the love potion of the element and selected New Layer Via Copy. Then I added an effect to make it glossy. I used a “sprinkle” effect by Mommyish.

Layout by Sharon. Supplies:
Front Porch by THE DAILY DIGI. The Only Exception; Based on a sketch by Kimberly Lund.