In The Kitchen


This kit is so cute! I see myself using it multiple times. I loved so many of the elements, but to keep them from overpowering the layout, I kept them small and layered in a cluster. That way there was still focus on the photo strip and title.

Layout by Jacki. Supplies:
In The Kitchen by THE DAILY DIGI. Font: Caviar Dreams

When I saw this kit, I knew I wanted to make a multi picture layout of the cookies I love to bake. I found a single rounded corner square on a template by Crystal Wilkerson and duplicated it 9 times. I used the grid feature in PSE to make sure my squares were evenly spaced. After I filled all my squares with cookies, I thought it still needed a mat so I duplicated the lowest square in my group and dragged out the corner until it was the size of all the squares put together. I liked the look of it being slightly offset so I left it that way.

Layout by Sharon. Supplies:

I recently started sorting my templates by number of photo spots instead of in folders by pack, under a designer heading. I find I have been way more creative since doing this as I don’t spend as much time browsing my stash to figure out what to use, with the added bonus of actually using things I’ve long forgotten about and still use. It was a daunting task but I love the results!

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In The Kitchen by THE DAILY DIGI.