Faith Project: Lamp

Julie of Sherwood Studio is back with us this month to share a kit from her Fatih Project series. A Lamp Unto My Feet is so pretty, and perfect for shining light on our stories.


My name is Julie Southern, and I live in beautiful Montana. I’m married to my best friend (for mumblety-five years) and have two wonderful grown daughters.

I wanted to emphasize the music idea for my layout so I downloaded a piece of plain sheet music. I placed it in my layout and changed the blending mode to Luminosity at 24%. I didn’t mind that the clefs are pixelated.

Layout by Sharon. Supplies:
The Faith Project – A Lamp Unto My Feet by Sherwood Studio. Font: Dakota.

I designed this page 12×12, but I’ll probably end up printing on 8.5×11. By leaving extra space on the right and left, I’ll be able to easily crop it down so I can print at home and hang on my wall.

Layout by Wendy. Supplies:
The Faith Project – A Lamp Unto My Feet by Sherwood Studio.

Tip 3

Layout by Janet. Supplies:
The Faith Project – A Lamp Unto My Feet by Sherwood Studio.

I learned about digital scrapbooking near the end of 2007. It seems forever ago 🙂 I didn’t paper scrap – cutting straight lines and gluing accurately are not skills of mine. I admired those who made cards, but my attempts failed to measure up to my expectations. When I found out about scrapping in an imaging program, I was enthralled, and completely absorbed. A few months later someone roped me into a design challenge (much against my will) and I absolutely loved it. I have to admit that I recently stumbled over those early efforts and I am a bit chagrined, LOL. I am grateful I have grown in skill 😀

I’m currently a little obsessed with the birds behind our house. I stand at the dining room window and shoot at them with my super zoom camera, LOL. I want to make a booklet showing all the visitors we have had, but… at least I scrapped this one 😉 Have to have something to show for the 948 pictures I’ve taken in the last month. Because I need 47 pictures of a finch at the feeder, you know. (I mean to weed them out, honestly I do. I just keep thinking I will do it when I make the booklet, you know? And that hasn’t happened yet. But it will. I hope.) Anyway, I tend to make products for myself, and one of my obsessions is scenery/nature photos, so you will find several things in my shop that compliment the colors and textures of nature, and I use them regularly.

I love color. It’s almost always the start of an idea. My kits are full of color. Secondarily, I create something I want. I started making templates because, well, I needed them. LOL. I began making kits to help me scrap about my faith because it was something I wanted to do. I occasionally make sticker/diecut packs because I got a Cricut and actually learned how to use it and I get a huge kick out of making my creations tangible (especially because of the early failures of my card-making career, LOL). I make what I love ♥

Computer: I am amused by this question, because I just bought a new computer. I remember when getting a new computer was the most exciting thing in the whole world to me. The thing is, when you have all your “stuff” nicely arranged and all your processes in place, moving it all to a new tower is extremely intimidating. As I write this, I have two towers, two keyboards, one pen tablet, one mouse, one monitor, dropbox, and a 120 GB flash drive hard at work trying to make that move happen. But the new computer is an HP desktop with an i7-7700 processor, 16 GB of RAM and a 1 TB hard drive (with a 128 GB Solid State Drive – and if you don’t think it was an interesting process figuring out how to assign programs and saved work to two different drives then you have greatly overestimated my technical skillz). I should point out that I know these details because the new tower is right next to me and still has the label on it. Otherwise I would have shrugged and said “it’s a desktop and it does most of what I ask it to do.”

SOFTWARE: Old computer has Photoshop CS4. New computer has Creative Cloud. New computer has not yet been thrown out the window, but I haven’t actually done anything in it yet, just tried to make it look like my workspace in CS4. I dunno. I’ve had the cloud on my laptop for a year, but I don’t use it much, because I have a 27″ monitor on my desk, and I am addicted to the real estate.

CAMERA: I still have the Canon superzoom point and shoot that I had the last time I was here. I thought about upgrading it, but to be honest, it still meets my needs. I did upgrade my iPhone so I could have the better camera. I find I take more pictures on my phone anymore anyway. Except for the birds 😀

OTHER GADGETS: I use a Wacom tablet. I have a new fancy one in a box waiting for me to install it; the current one is a Bamboo… Create, maybe? I’ve about worn it out, and they have completely rebranded their tablets anyway. I’m not particularly thrilled with change, and as you may have gathered, there is an awful lot of it going on right now, LOL. If a big cloud of smoke appears on the horizon near Montana, you will know that it all got to be too much 😉 I’m using the mouse that came with the new computer when I work on it because I don’t have enough desk space to install the new tablet yet, and I have to say, after nearly a decade of never using a mouse, I am not especially handy with it.

Don’t ever let anyone tell you the “right” way to scrap. This is YOUR hobby. It needs to be what you want it to be. I had this conversation a couple of times recently. This is something we do for ourselves, and our motivation is our own. You might scrap for future generations, or you might do it for a creative outlet, or you might do it for another reason. And all of those are valid, because it’s about you. Resist the temptation to feel that yours isn’t adequate, or that you are doing it “wrong.” Also resist the temptation to imprint your personal requirements on others 😉 Make it yours, and enjoy it.

I have a lot of favorites, but this is a recent one. The colors were inspired by a decorative box I have, and I just love them. The theme is also important to me, inspired by my faith journey.

This kit was inspired by a childhood growing up near Glacier National Park. My parents loved to drive through the park, so I saw it a lot as a child. The colors come from photos taken there, to make them as complimentary as possible and not compete with the natural beauty.






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