Throwback Thursday: Photo Centric


This month we’re taking a look back at some photo-centric posts. We can make dramatic improvements one our scrapbook pages by simply improving our photography. Over the years, we’ve covered so many timeless tips for improving photos. Here are a few of my favorites!

Learning Your Camera

Getting Out of Auto


Understanding ISO | Completing The Exposure Triangle

Understanding Shutter Speed

Working With White Balance

Understanding Aperture

A Lesson About Exposure

What’s That Little Line Thingy?

What’s That Little Line Thingy 2?

Improving Your Technique

What’s Your Angle

Great Photo Backgrounds Without Backdrops

Shoot One Thing

Creating Light When None Is Available

How to See the Light

How to Work the Shot

5 Exercises To Improve Your Photography

8 Tips for Great Candid Photos

How To See Your Photos With A Critical Eye

How to Photograph People in Glasses

Dealing With Dappled Light

Wait for the Moment

My Secret Weapon

Phone Photography

When You Don’t Have Your Big Camera

Smart Phone Photography Resources