Love My Boy

I never dreamed of having boys. Girls were my heart’s desire and when I found out my second child was going to be a boy, I really didn’t know what to think. Two years later, when baby #3 was also a boy, and I was flabbergasted. Boys? What would I do with them? Thankfully, seven years taught me a lot and by the time we found out baby #6 was going to be a boy, I was THRILLED. Boys? LOVE ‘EM. I can’t imagine my life without my loud, crazy, dirty, and sweeter than anything little men. This kit is in their honor. Let’s hear it for the boys who have our hearts!

I was working on this layout as we were traveling in the car. Now that I’m on the cloud, I’ve discovered that I can’t just drag and drop photos from my photos to the desktop on my Mac. I made a place saver for my picture and just worked from that. I placed the image number right on top of the photo spot so I would remember when I got home which photo I wanted to use. The soccer ball in this kit inspired me and I was excited to see that when I typed the word soccer in the search box, all the soccer pictures showed up.

Layout by Sharon. Supplies:
Love My Boy by THE DAILY DIGI. Font: The Funktastic.

The accompanying photo I had to go with this photo of my son reading, didn’t match nicely with the kit because of the all the Christmas colors in the background, so I changed it to B&W. That helped keep it from detracting from my main photo. I worked on several different arrangements on this layout and wasn’t really happy until I thought of the idea of adding the title “books” to the word art on the wall in my son’s room. It finally tied it all together and I could still use the cluster of little elements on the bottom left.

Layout by Jacki. Supplies:
Love My Boy by THE DAILY DIGI.

My sons did a lot of activities together since they are so close in age – so I will keep the group photo in the center and just change out the detail photos. I don’t do many duplicate albums – usually just a family album but they do have a few separate ones for their “activities” – scouts, swimming and music. I started these albums as traditional paper – but I don’t mind adding some digi layouts to fill in some of the holes in theses albums.

Layout by Luly. Supplies:
Love My Boy by THE DAILY DIGI.

I wanted to use this frame larger than it came in the kit. The general rule of thumb is that you can enlarge elements up to 200% and have it still look okay when printed. If you plan on printing smaller than you scrap, you can get away with even more. So I bumped the frame up to fit my mat and never broke a sweat!

Layout by Wendy. Supplies:
Love My Boy by THE DAILY DIGI.

I am usually a big fan of journaling and really telling the story. But for this page, the simple layout DOES tell the story. I LOVE MY BOY. That’s it. End of story. Sometimes, less really is more.

Layout by Janet. Supplies:
Love My Boy by THE DAILY DIGI.

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Sticky Goals

Today we have a special guest post from Dani of Just Because Studio. Thanks for inspiring us Dani!

SUPPLIES: This Year I Will and Apple A Day Wordbits by Just Because Studio; Font: RM Typerighter Old.

How to use your scrapbooking supplies to stick to your goals!

You started the year full of energy, ready to make changes, set your goals for the year and start making progress… It’s March, you look back and realize life happened and you’re not making that much progress (if any at all).

I think most of us can relate to that in one area or another, right?

After years of working on my schedule and goal setting, learning organization techniques and how to beat procrastination, reading a lot of books and blogs on the subject, I can say I’m very focused on my goals and they are all related to what is really important for me.

When Janet invited me to write a tutorial for you, I thought I could share a tip that is a way to keep you accountable and make progress in your goals while having fun because goal setting and organization doesn’t need to be serious and boring.

… and let’s announce it to the world: scrapbookers have so much fun!

I make a layout to set the mood for the year, I write what I’m expecting and what I’m willing to do to meet these expectations. This is kind of a resolutions page, but I don’t write any specific resolutions – those I leave for my bullet journal. I prefer to make it more as an inspiration. I read it once in awhile to remind me of my intentions for the year.

Take a look at the ones I made back in 2015 and 2016.

This is a good way to keep me motivated to achieve my goals and go for what I want out of life. However, it’s not enough to make me accountable. That’s when I create monthly check-ups.

Every month, I make a monthly check-up digiscrap page answering questions that will help me review my progress. All questions are focused on what is important for me and related to the goals I write down for myself. I also add questions just for the sake of recording my life because… hummm… it’s fun.

Take a look at this month check-up I made in Jan, 2011.

This makes me reflect about how I’m living my life, what I’m spending time on and what I can do to bring more joy to my everyday.

So, here’s a list of prompts you can use to create your monthly check-up.

  • My favorite moment…
  • I’m proud of…
  • My greatest challenge…
  • What can I do to overcome it…
  • Something I want to repeat…
  • Something I want to delete…
  • Something I learned…
  • Something I did for the first time…
  • How I felt overall…

I want to invite you to join me in this journey. I love setting goals and doing the monthly check-ups, I’m an action-driven lady who loves feeling accomplished. It will be so nice to have you by my side during this year. Join our digiscrap community, Just Because Tribe Group on facebook and let’s have fun. We share our creations, chat and have fun. Tribe members also get special coupons and are entered in giveaways. Join us now.

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I’m So Social

Sometimes, you just have to have some fun! And that’s what this kit does. I’m So Social is full of spunky and happy colors and patterns, all just ready and waiting for you to scrap about your oh-so-social life. Social media icons, device elements, and peppy colors are waiting for you!

I was looking for another little element to put in my cluster and I thought the Skype symbol would be fun so the S could stand for Sharon. When I got it into my layout, I thought maybe someone else would think I was a big fan of Skype so I decided to eliminate the little cloud. First I selected the S and clicked on the heart layer and clicked Layer/New Layer via copy and dragged the S up on top. Then I selected the black areas and repeated the process with a black element from the kit. Finally, I used the clone tool to get rid of the white shadows that were still showing. There’s probably an easier way, but I got the job done.

Layout by Sharon. Supplies:
So Social by THE DAILY DIGI. Font: The Sharon.

This kit is just perfect! My daughter used my cell phone this summer and it’s loaded with silly selfies using all these creative apps. Now I have a good excuse to get them off my phone and scrap the fun memories! To balance out the color on some of the elements and word art, I used the Eye Dropper tool and the Paint Bucket and changed the colors to give me those “triangles of color.” To make the short journaling piece a little clearer to read, I used the Dodge Tool to lighten the speech boxes in the background.

Layout by Jacki. Supplies:
So Social by THE DAILY DIGI.

I used the speech boxes as journaling and to use the fun text acronyms and social icons. To make the text fit in the bubble shape I created a work path from the shape. To do this you Command-Click (Control-Click on a PC) on the layer picture in the layers palette, marching ants will show up around your shape. Change to the Paths palette and choose ‘Make Work Path’. Once the path is created type T for the type tool, and click inside the path, then your text will be bound to the shape.

Layout by Trina. Supplies:
So Social by THE DAILY DIGI.

I struggled with the design of this layout. Once I was happy with the title and journaling placement, the layout felt lopsided. So I ended up duplicating the ribbon and using the opposite end of it, placing it with a few cute buttons and positioned it opposite the title. This helped to balance everything out and I was finally able to call this one done.

Layout by Wendy. Supplies:
So Social by THE DAILY DIGI.

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Spring Forward

I’m ready for Spring! But I’m not ready to spring forward. If you’re in a Daylight Savings Time state in the US, don’t forget to set your clocks ahead an hour tonight!…

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This week, I set out to find all things spring, but I stumbled across this super fun kit. It is perfect for my snarky teen!

Okay, onto my spring finds! This Easter kit has me in the mood for the upcoming Easter holiday! It would work perfectly for budding spring photos too!

I was lucky to find this kit just in time for St. Patty’s day! This is an awesome collab from 4 amazing designers!

We are heading out on spring break soon, so I have roller coasters and thrill rides on the brain. These templates are so fun and I know I will need them as soon as I get back! You won’t find me on the rides though! I will be the designated photographer, thank you very much.

Finally, if you just want to transition from winter to spring, this lovely mini kit from Jen can put you in the mood.

Rustic Bike Ride

The air is fresh, the trees are budding, and it’s time to get outside. This kit, full of warm, inviting colors, beckons us to hop on that cute little bike and meander through the country. Or at least that’s what I think of 😉
Rustic Bike Ride is full of rich texture and bold, but elegant patterns, making it perfect for scrapping many different subjects. Let’s get out in the fresh air and make some memories!

Not really a tip but an observation, does that work? I’ve noticed that my scrapbooking style has changed as my style in photography has changed. A few years ago I stopped lugging my DSLR everywhere and now rely on my iPhone for all my photos. I love the iPhone photos as much as my ‘fancy’ camera photos, but instead of them being landscape they are all mostly portrait orientation now, which has changed my scrapbooking style. I don’t think one is better or worse (the photos or the scrapbooking pages), it’s just something I’ve noticed lately, to remind myself to take landscape photos as well.

Layout by Trina. Supplies:
Rustic Bike Ride by THE DAILY DIGI. Template by Janet Phillips.

My daughter took these pics on her phone and although the kit is loaded with beautiful papers, I kept the background simple to keep the focus on her photos. The word art and elements frame her photos to keep them the center focus of the layout.

Layout by Jacki. Supplies:
Rustic Bike Ride by THE DAILY DIGI.

I took the papers across the cut for this layout and wanted my shadows to go across evenly. As I added the strips of paper, I merged them and then added the shadows. This wouldn’t have been as easy with the strip of pictures so I used my rectangular marquee tool to make a rectangle the same size as the strip of pictures. I didn’t want to merge the pictures because it could happen that I’d want to use one of the pictures in a different way. I added the shadow to that layer and that gave the shadow I wanted.

Layout by Sharon. Supplies:
Rustic Bike Ride by THE DAILY DIGI.

My middle daughter is growing up far too fast for my liking. She’s more of a woman than a little girl and I wanted my page to reflect that. I chose simple and elegant to frame this photo of my not-so-little girl.

Layout by Janet. Supplies:
Rustic Bike Ride by THE DAILY DIGI.

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When It’s Not in the Kit

I’m a kit scrapper. Always have been. I’ve tried to be that eclectic scrapper, pulling from ten different kits and element packs. But the truth is, it takes me a LONG time to scrap that way and I’m not a fast scrapper to begin with. So, I tend to stick to kits. It’s just easier. And faster.

But what happens when something I want isn’t in the kit?

That definitely happens a lot. Kits are designed with certain themes and the papers and elements revolve around that theme. But, I love being able to use a kit off-theme, and so I often find myself wishing there were something in the kit that isn’t.

Obviously, I can (and often do), grab something from another kit, but, there are other ways to solve the dilemma, strategies I often use.

On this layout, for example, there were a number of items the template called for, but they weren’t in the kit. Or, there were things I simply wanted to add, but they weren’t included. I didn’t let that stop me from finishing my layout the way I wanted!

Using this template from Brooke Magee and pairing it with I’m So Social (from the March Digi Files), I created this layout. I made the template work for me by rotating it and then shrinking all the pieces, allowing me to have some white space. But then as I built from the template, I knew I would need some extra things.

Here are four things I routinely do when something I want isn’t in the kit:

There were a number of places on the template, that rather than dig flowers out from another kit (since there were only a few in this kit), I simply used styles on the template place holders. I used glitter styles by Eyeinspire as well as some folded kraft, vintage effect, and stamp styles from Mommyish.

There are a number of places on my layout where I took one item that was in the kit and did something new with it. I used my marque tool to grab the HELLO strip from one of the papers. I extracted the BEAUTIFUL word from one of the journaling cards. And for the date, I cut out small bits from the number paper.

When templates are designed, they are usually done in a way that what you see are really just placeholders for “real” elements. But it doesn’t mean you can’t use them as the element themselves. I actually ket almost all of the element pieces from the template and by adding a layer style to them, they were good-to-go as-is. It made the scrapping go much faster than if I had tried to find items and then layer them all myself.

Sometimes, rather than feeling confined to the template or what I think I want, I simply go without. For example, on this layout, the template called for a ribbon. But instead of going to look for a ribbon in another kit, I just made the element a piece of paper. Easy peasy.

So, if you are like me and are a kit scrapper and just want to get the pages done, get creative with what IS in the kit rather than worrying about what is NOT in the kit.