Last year, I wrote a post called Photo Angles You Might Not Have Thought Of. I love inspiring and helping people with their photos and how to be creative with them as they try to tell their story in their images.

Today I’m back with another angle or method for photos: Only part of a photo.

While some people don’t like photos that look like they are chopped off or too tightly cropped, these kinds of images can be powerful storytellers. They invite people in to wonder…to let their minds fill in the gaps of the story.

Just like any other ambiguous image, our minds will complete was is lacking. It’s a pretty cool phenomena.

Photos like these are also good to help draw attention to just one thing. In this image, I could have photographed my son so you could see all of him, but that really wan’t the point of the story I was trying to tell. For months and months he called these little guys “my pets.” I wanted an image that showed how tenderly he cared for them. This didn’t necessitate his face being in the photo. Showing only part of the image is a much more powerful storyteller.

In this photo, I wanted to emphasize that my daughter was jumping and jumping HIGH. But cutting off her head, I can give the impression the is jumping right out of the frame.

In this last photo, taken just a few weeks ago, my son took my photo and was copying me—taking pictures of things he thought were beautiful. By moving in close and cropping much of his body out, I can tell the real story, with the emphasis being on the phone and the little flower.

I always encourage people to get their camera out and try new things. You never know what images you’ll end up loving!