When It’s Not in the Kit

I’m a kit scrapper. Always have been. I’ve tried to be that eclectic scrapper, pulling from ten different kits and element packs. But the truth is, it takes me a LONG time to scrap that way and I’m not a fast scrapper to begin with. So, I tend to stick to kits. It’s just easier. And faster.

But what happens when something I want isn’t in the kit?

That definitely happens a lot. Kits are designed with certain themes and the papers and elements revolve around that theme. But, I love being able to use a kit off-theme, and so I often find myself wishing there were something in the kit that isn’t.

Obviously, I can (and often do), grab something from another kit, but, there are other ways to solve the dilemma, strategies I often use.

On this layout, for example, there were a number of items the template called for, but they weren’t in the kit. Or, there were things I simply wanted to add, but they weren’t included. I didn’t let that stop me from finishing my layout the way I wanted!

Using this template from Brooke Magee and pairing it with I’m So Social (from the March Digi Files), I created this layout. I made the template work for me by rotating it and then shrinking all the pieces, allowing me to have some white space. But then as I built from the template, I knew I would need some extra things.

Here are four things I routinely do when something I want isn’t in the kit:

There were a number of places on the template, that rather than dig flowers out from another kit (since there were only a few in this kit), I simply used styles on the template place holders. I used glitter styles by Eyeinspire as well as some folded kraft, vintage effect, and stamp styles from Mommyish.

There are a number of places on my layout where I took one item that was in the kit and did something new with it. I used my marque tool to grab the HELLO strip from one of the papers. I extracted the BEAUTIFUL word from one of the journaling cards. And for the date, I cut out small bits from the number paper.

When templates are designed, they are usually done in a way that what you see are really just placeholders for “real” elements. But it doesn’t mean you can’t use them as the element themselves. I actually ket almost all of the element pieces from the template and by adding a layer style to them, they were good-to-go as-is. It made the scrapping go much faster than if I had tried to find items and then layer them all myself.

Sometimes, rather than feeling confined to the template or what I think I want, I simply go without. For example, on this layout, the template called for a ribbon. But instead of going to look for a ribbon in another kit, I just made the element a piece of paper. Easy peasy.

So, if you are like me and are a kit scrapper and just want to get the pages done, get creative with what IS in the kit rather than worrying about what is NOT in the kit.