It’s another new week and already seeing the end of February. Can you believe it? I can’t!

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Super Saturday to the Rescue

Words have power, thoughts create life + gratitude changes everything! Count your blessings with a mix of retro + modern design. This bundle oozes with rich copper + aqua colours, with touches of glitter, clouds + classic vintage patterns. BONUS : create a life you love with free crafty gratitude prompts!

Check out this awesome new overlay toolkit from Studio Wendy. Add overlays to papers or elements. Several options to choose from. Includes the Overlay Maker!

Aren’t these templates adorable? If you are lucky enough to be cruisin’ this winter, these are a must have!

These owls are irresistible! Check out the matching journal cards and bookmarks too!

If minimalist is your style, you’ll love this minty collection. Paper pack sold separately.

Scrapping your Valentine’s Day? This oldie from New Life Dreams is full of those iconic pinks and reds.

Vicki has been designing so long that her store is filled with treasures you may have missed. This template caught my eye. So unique!

Sweet Baby Love

There is nothing in the world quite like a sweet new baby. They enter the world and steal our hearts. They are soft and sweet and there is nothing to do but love them! This kit is to celebrate that sweet someone in your life and the chronicle their growth, both in body and in your heart.
Check it out!

I used the grid feature in Photoshop Elements to space my pictures for this layout. To use it, go to View/Grid and it will show 1/4 inch lines throughout your layout. I find it too distracting to keep on all the time, but it’s great for lining up pictures like I did in this layout.

Janet’s note: Yep, such a great feature! Also, you can use the align tools to make sure things are straight. Check out this video tutorial on
Using the Align Tool In Photoshop Elements.

Layout by Sharon. Supplies:
Sweet Baby Love by THE DAILY DIGI. Font: Pea Hollee.

Love how the digital age allows us to stay connected! These are pictures of my newest niece from Central America – yet I feel as if she just lives just a little down the road. Of course photos from FB are compressed, but using templates with smaller photo spots helps reduce the issue. I love having this page as a part of our 2016 story.

Janet’s note: So precious! And with photos (from both phones and “real” cameras) getting better, even printing from web-sized photos is a real option!

Layout by Luly. Supplies:
Sweet Baby Love by THE DAILY DIGI.

I love pretty papers. So, when I create layouts, I always look for ways to incorporate lots of them. Layering them, and using different shapes and sizes are great ways to let your pretty papers come alive.

Janet’s note: Scrapping with patterned paper can be tricky, and yet the papers are always what draws to a kit. Sula does such a great job with papers! Check out this post from Steph on
Using Patterned Paper in Your Scrapbook Layouts.

Layout by Sula. Supplies:
Sweet Baby Love by THE DAILY DIGI.

This was a tough page to scrap, but sometimes it’s just the therapy necessary. So often we put our good memories down, but not the bad. It’s important to remember our heartaches as well… then we can be even more thankful for the rainbows or sun breaks.

Janet’s note: I love that Bethany realizes how important the hard times in our lives are to scrap. Life isn’t all “unicorns and sprinkles.” To read more, see Katie’s post,
How to Scrap When Life Isn’t Picture Perfect.

Layout by Bethany. Supplies:
Sweet Baby Love by THE DAILY DIGI. Template by Amy Martin; Font – DJB ClyleRun.

Although these photos are of my sweet baby (who is now already five—whahh!), I wanted to make sure it was clear that this page was about relationship. I left just enough of my older daughter’s face to show the sweet intimacy between the two.

Layout by Janet. Supplies:
Sweet Baby Love by THE DAILY DIGI.

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Weekend Hours

We live in a time where we feel the need to go, go, go. And then Friday rolls around and all we can think about is a leaisurely day of sipping coffee, listing to some tunes, and checking out with a good book in front of the fire. This kit is to celebrate weekend hours and the cuddles and coziness they offer.
Check it out!

This kit included a pink heart embellishment but not an aqua one. Aqua was better with my little stack of embellishments so I attached the aqua paper to the heart and added some style. I added a bevel, and then two styles by Mommyish to make it glittery and shiny.

Janet’s note: Having glitter styles in my “digi toolbox” has been awesome! It’s easy to thing of things like layer styles as only being for designers, but the truth is, those CU products are great for the scrapper as well!

Layout by Sharon. Supplies:
Weekend Hours by THE DAILY DIGI. Scallops by Linda Tieu; Fonts: SMD Letterwriter, Ribeye, Seriously.

I loved the alpha, but had a rather wordy title that would have taken up way too much space on the page if I had used each alpha bit as it’s own separate element. So, I nudged the letters of each word together, cut off the extra white space so they would “fit”, and then merged them together to create their own separate word.

Janet’s note: What a cool idea! Alphas to Wordart…brilliant!

Layout by Bethany. Supplies:
Weekend Hours by THE DAILY DIGI. Template by Scrapping with Liz.

Janet’s note: Sometimes the most ordinary days of “doing nothing” turn out to be something special. I love that Trina took the time to record a simple little moment. As I often say, it’s the little moments that make life big!

Layout by Trina. Supplies:
Weekend Hours by THE DAILY DIGI.

One of the things I am trying to improve on is scrapping the people in our life that aren’t part of our family. It’s easy to simply focus on my kids and our family activities, but I want to remember all the other amazing people in our lives. My sweet niece is just too cute not to scrap. I want to remember her like this forever!

Layout by Janet. Supplies:
Weekend Hours by THE DAILY DIGI.

The template I used (one of my own) had a border around the edge. I clipped a paper too it, but it just seemed to be too much. It overpowered the layout. Once I removed it, though, I felt the page was lacking something. So, I put the border back and then played with the blending mode until I found the right balance between “too much” and “not enough.”

Layout by Janet. Supplies:
Weekend Hours by THE DAILY DIGI.

My new kitchen demo was a riot of colors… I think that converting the photos to black and white really allowed the story to come through without all the other distractions!

Janet’s note: First, so jealous of a kitchen reno! Second, Luly made a great decision to use black and white for this page. It keeps the focus on the overall story rather than the individual photos. Check out 5 Reasons to Choose Black and White Photos for more ideas on when to use B&W photos.

Layout by Luly. Supplies:
Weekend Hours by THE DAILY DIGI. Template (retired) by Gennifer Bursett.

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Saturday Digi Plans?

I stumbled across bullet journaling recently and fell in love with it! I have tried a planner before and it was just too much work. But I wanted something I could just jot bits and pieces down for reference and as soon as I saw this method, it clicked with me! Random + Organization=Totally Me! I instantly whipped up some templates and was off to the races. I hope they inspire those of you who are interested in a different type of planner approach.

The Diary Files by Berna’s Playground is a new year project with a monthly release. Every issue has a full collection plus templates and fun extra’s like a moodboard, colorcard and inspiration guide. Just try it. Now 50% off.

It’s so hard when they leave home. While I don’t miss their messes…I miss their smiles, constant chatter, and laughter. A wonderful kit, not only for us empty nesters but for anyone you’ve been missing! 30% OFF the Feb. 12th.

Come celebrate Just Because Studio’s birthday with her. Her entire store is on sale!!

An updated version of Wonderland by On A Whimsical Adventure is now available at Sweet Shoppe! And if you grab the bundle, you get the artsy papers for free, only this weekend!

Photoshop brushes add the AWESOME to digital artistry and scrapbooking and there are so many ways you can use them to elevate you artistry and digital scrapbooking. Step-by-step guidance to instilling confidence, and adding incrementally and logically to build a strong foundation, is how the work gets done at Anna Aspnes Designs.

The Nifty Pixel has such awesome templates. Her February collection is artsy and romantic. Check it out!

Joyful Hearts is known for her amazing papers. These beautiful grungy papers won’t dissapoint!

Aren’t these cards perfect for encouraging us to continue with our new healthy habits?

Sahin has such a lovely modern style. Winter Day drew me in immediately and evokes a typical cold winter feeling doesn’t it?

Julie has some adorable heart pieces for you, perfect for some last minute valentines!