Sweet Baby Love

There is nothing in the world quite like a sweet new baby. They enter the world and steal our hearts. They are soft and sweet and there is nothing to do but love them! This kit is to celebrate that sweet someone in your life and the chronicle their growth, both in body and in your heart.
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I used the grid feature in Photoshop Elements to space my pictures for this layout. To use it, go to View/Grid and it will show 1/4 inch lines throughout your layout. I find it too distracting to keep on all the time, but it’s great for lining up pictures like I did in this layout.

Janet’s note: Yep, such a great feature! Also, you can use the align tools to make sure things are straight. Check out this video tutorial on
Using the Align Tool In Photoshop Elements.

Layout by Sharon. Supplies:
Sweet Baby Love by THE DAILY DIGI. Font: Pea Hollee.

Love how the digital age allows us to stay connected! These are pictures of my newest niece from Central America – yet I feel as if she just lives just a little down the road. Of course photos from FB are compressed, but using templates with smaller photo spots helps reduce the issue. I love having this page as a part of our 2016 story.

Janet’s note: So precious! And with photos (from both phones and “real” cameras) getting better, even printing from web-sized photos is a real option!

Layout by Luly. Supplies:
Sweet Baby Love by THE DAILY DIGI.

I love pretty papers. So, when I create layouts, I always look for ways to incorporate lots of them. Layering them, and using different shapes and sizes are great ways to let your pretty papers come alive.

Janet’s note: Scrapping with patterned paper can be tricky, and yet the papers are always what draws to a kit. Sula does such a great job with papers! Check out this post from Steph on
Using Patterned Paper in Your Scrapbook Layouts.

Layout by Sula. Supplies:
Sweet Baby Love by THE DAILY DIGI.

This was a tough page to scrap, but sometimes it’s just the therapy necessary. So often we put our good memories down, but not the bad. It’s important to remember our heartaches as well… then we can be even more thankful for the rainbows or sun breaks.

Janet’s note: I love that Bethany realizes how important the hard times in our lives are to scrap. Life isn’t all “unicorns and sprinkles.” To read more, see Katie’s post,
How to Scrap When Life Isn’t Picture Perfect.

Layout by Bethany. Supplies:
Sweet Baby Love by THE DAILY DIGI. Template by Amy Martin; Font – DJB ClyleRun.

Although these photos are of my sweet baby (who is now already five—whahh!), I wanted to make sure it was clear that this page was about relationship. I left just enough of my older daughter’s face to show the sweet intimacy between the two.

Layout by Janet. Supplies:
Sweet Baby Love by THE DAILY DIGI.

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