Little Mr. Handsome

Little boys have a way of worming their way into our affections and never letting go. These sweet balls of energy are loud and fun and oh so handsome! This kit is to celebrate the little me in our lives and how they have totally captured our hearts!
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These pictures are not the best quality but I am certain that when Lukas looks through his scrapbook, he’s not going to question why the photos are a little grainy. It proves once again that the best camera is the one you have with you. I was babysitting Lukas because he was sick and I sure didn’t want to push my luck by bringing my big camera. When he started being all cute, I just started snapping pictures with my phone.

Janet’s note: I couldn’t have said it better. Sharon is so right…the memories are far more important than the quality of the camera or photos. I found this out in a painful (not literally, but in my heart!) lesson. Read about it in the post,
When You Don’t Have Your Big Camera.

Layout by Sharon. Supplies:
Little Mr. Handsome by THE DAILY DIGI. Template by Scrapping with Liz; Fonts: Pea Picky Panda, Pea Ramona.

I don’t have a little boy anymore, but this kit still works for young adults. My son spent one year growing out his hair so he could put it in a bun himself. Once he accomplished his goal, he chopped it off. I loved his long hair, but wasn’t a big fan of the bun. His sisters definitely love the short hair! He was a great sport to let them play around before and after he went to the hairdresser.

Janet’s note: There is no one better about scrapping teens than Jacki. She has been such a HUGE source of inspiration to me as my kids move into the tween and teen years. A while back, I asked Jacki to let me interview her about how she goes about recording this special times when many kids start to resist. Check it out:
Interview With Jacki Pt. 1 and Interview with Jacki Pt. 2.

Layout by Jacki. Supplies:
Little Mr. Handsome by THE DAILY DIGI. Scissors by Chelle’s Creations; Leaves by Kristin CB.

Janet’s note: I love so much about this layout. First, I love the use of patterned paper without letting it overpower the page. Second, I love the use of circles on the right, especially with the circular photo. His round little face looks just perfect in this shape! Finally, I adore the little handprints!

Layout by Trina. Supplies:
Little Mr. Handsome by THE DAILY DIGI.

It’s increasingly difficult to get pictures of my kids, but that doesn’t mean I want to stop scrapping about them. So when I see a kit that tickles a memory, I’m creating a photo-less layout. I snuck a couple hidden references in this page that may not stand out to others, but have a lot of meaning to me. These types of pages will be interspersed with my monthly overview layouts that I’m doing this year.

Janet’s note: I love that Wendy isn’t letting a little resistence get in the way of recording memories. Although Jacki has found ways to keep her kids in the photos, sometimes it just isn’t possible (for various reasons). Don’t let that stop you from keeping the memory, though! Back in 2009, I wrote a post called,
When You Don’t Have a Photo. Check it out!

Layout by Wendy. Supplies:
Little Mr. Handsome by THE DAILY DIGI.

I teach kids with disabilities and they have been taking multiplication time tests since the beginning of the school year. Right before Christmas, the first kids finished their twelves, which was a big cause for celebration! When they started their division time tests, I realized that I did not have an award for them as they passed each level. So I turned to my digital scrapbooking materials and made an award. The numbers paper in this kit was perfect as a starter and I learned that to make a division sign you hold down the Option key and press / (backslash) on a Mac. As you can see, I made it giant so it would be part of the award.

Janet’s note: I love this…for so many reasons! But the division sign snuck in? Brilliant! Sometimes we don’t notice the obvious (like I didn’t notice the the space between “Fed” and “Ex” on the FedEx logo makes an arrow!)

Layout by Sharon. Supplies:
Little Mr. Handsome by THE DAILY DIGI. Fonts: Cafe Rojo, CK Painterly.

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