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Relationships are hopefully full of bright and happy and fun…and that’s what this kit is. Taking time to record our relationships with the people we love is important. Full of fun colors and patterns, this kit is sure to make you+me happy!
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I typically have a lot of journaling on my page, but the word art in this kit spoke all I needed to say! Made for a little cleaner page in the end and the little flowers help tie in the confetti.

Janet’s note: Although
I am a huge fan of journaling, there are times when it just isn’t needed. Sometimes, like on Jacki’s page, less really is more.

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I thought it would be fun to add our names right on top of the ampersand so I decided to try the text on a path tool. I drew a line following the curves of the ampersand. I shifted the little anchor points until I was pleased with the curves of the line. I learned that I needed to click near the middle of the line to enter my text.

Janet’s note: I remember back in the day when text on a path was just for the “cool kids” using Photoshop (as opposed to Photoshop Elements. I longed to use text on a path, but the $700 Photoshop price tag couldn’t be justified for pretty, swirling text. It wasn’t until PSE 10 was introduced that PSE users could finally wind their words around! It’s such a fun way to add interest to your page! Check out these posts for more information:
Text on a Path in Photoshop Elements, The Long and Winding Path Pt. 1, and The Long and Winding Path Pt. 2.

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My husband and I don’t seem to get many photos in together, so when we went on vacation we made it into a bit of a game – how many couples selfies could we get in the week stay? We ended up with some goofy pics, and some that I really love – so remember to get in the picture and not just take pictures of your family!

Janet’s note: Ah…Trina. You’re speaking my language! Check out my posts
In the Picture and Dad in the Picture to read my thoughts on this issue!

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I loved the vibrant colors of this kit – but of course they completely clashed with the clothing we were wearing – that is where black & white is your best friend! A few quick taps in RadLab (or even in native Photoshop Elements) can totally transform the look of your page. I added a few of the black splatters to better highlight the centerpiece photo and then used them as a clipping mask to bring some of the other colors into the center portion of the page.

Janet’s note: Black and white are awesome and work in so many situations. Check out my post,
5 Reasons to Choose Black and White for more ideas and inspiration!

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You & Me by THE DAILY DIGI. Big Photos Template (January Storyteller) by Just Jaimee.

These photos were taken on an old iPod touch. The quality isn’t great, but I still love them. Although I love beautiful photos, I don’t want to neglect “not so perfect” images, especially if they tell as story. When using small photos, you have a number of options for how to best incorporate them onto a scrapbook page. For this page, I made them very small and then highlighted them against a minimal background. Check out these two posts by Heddy for more small photo ideas and inspiration:
Not Great Photos and Scrapbooking With Cell Phone Photos.

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