Sometimes Simple is Best

It can be a difficult thing to balance — the fun of playing with lots of papers and elements and gorgeous, detailed templates and remembering the whys of scrapbooking. Of course, we all have our different reasons for the how and why of our scrapping (for instance, creative team members are often creating to show off a kit and therefore it makes sense for them to have “more” on a page.) But for me, I have found that there are definitely times when simple is best. Here are four of my reasons:


I wish it weren’t so, but my scrapping and memory keeping time is limited. With six kids, homeschooling, work for The Daily Digi, and a busy church life, there just isn’t a lot of extra time. Keeping my pages simple makes it much faster to complete layouts and record memories.


It took me a long time to realize, but in my life (not just my scrapping), I prefer simplicity. I can love and admire other people’s pages, other people’s homes, and other people’s beautiful and well-accessorized wardrobe, but when I feel happiest and most at peace when simplicty abounds. I would rather look deep at one thing than broad at a lot of things. But this is very much a personal preference that spans much more than my scrapbooking.


I suppose this goes somewhat with my point above. Photos are the heart of my pages and I take photos because I see a story in front of me. I love to let them shine on a page. This is especially true with my “real” camera photos, since I am very intentional with those. I don’t want these images to have to fight for attention with a busier page.


Again, this is much like my point above. Often, though the image tells a story to me, the story might not be evident to others who may look through my albums (especially my family). In that case, journaling is very important. A lot of elements or bold patterns would distract from the heart of the page: the photos and words.

Here are a few more simpler pages, with just a few choice elements, I have done recently. This isn’t to say I don’t ever have more fun with papers and elements on my layouts—because I do—but sometimes, simple is best.

HELLO MY NAME IS {alpha #2}

Today we’re highlighting our second of three alpha sets in this month’s DIGI FILES (these are in addition to the alphas in some of the kits!) Having a good and simple black alpha is something I love to have. In fact, I have quite a stash of them. I love how they can work with most any layout, making finishing a page easy. I love the shine on this one, adding a bit of *oomph* to the page.

On my layout above, I really wanted the title to stand out. Our homeschool co-op requires all students (starting at age 4!) to do a presentation in front of their class each week. My daughter LOVES to do these presentations. During the year, she plans her next one just as soon as we are finished with the last one. And over the long summer, she was preparing and practicing a month ahead of time. The little ones are taught to begin their presentation with, “Hello, my name is…” Since that is such an important part, I wanted it to stand out. Using the shiny black alpha against the bright colors (from JOYFUL ALL THE WAY), the title just pops and I know our family will see this page and without reading the journaling, will know exactly what this page is about.

This alpha is part of our HUGE January DIGI FILES. If you aren’t a member, join today for lots of great goodies!

Stay Inside

It’s no secret that I don’t particularly enjoy the cold weather. Snow is pretty on December 25, and after that…well, I’d rather it disappear. Alas, we don’t always get our way and that’s why I usually choose to just STAY INSIDE.

This fun kit with bright reds and pretty blues is the perfect companion for all your too-cold-to-go-outside photos and activities. Hot cups of coffee, snuggles by the fireplace, and being with family—the upsides to cold days.

These are photos from my daughter’s SnapChat account so the quality is not great so I kept them small in size. The title is made from word strips in the kit. Using the Magic Eraser, I erased the background and then gave them a little shadow so they’d stand out a bit more clearly against the background.

Layout by Jacki. Supplies:
Stay Inside by THE DAILY DIGI.

Sometimes simple is best! I love the way Jill chose to use the white wood background with her beautiful photo and choice elements. It
feels cold! The simplicity of the page makes it stunning!

Layout by Jill. Supplies:
Stay Inside by THE DAILY DIGI.

I used a couple of design principles here: grounding and visual triangle. The triangle is easy to see, with the bright pops of red. They were almost necessary once I chose the Coffee Always embellishment. I like to make sure things are grounded when I’m scrapbooking and I grounded the coffee cup with swaths of paint and the picture with the strips of paper and ribbon. I also grounded the embellishments in the corner with the circle and the picture. This helps to make sure things aren’t just floating around on my page.

Layout by Sharon. Supplies:
Stay Inside by THE DAILY DIGI.

Journaling cards as titles! Trina used one of the many journaling cards in the kit for the title of her page. I do that often as well! It makes creating a title super fast and easy. If you want more ideas for using journaling cards on your layouts, check out
this post and this video tutorial!

Layout by Trina. Supplies:
Stay Inside by THE DAILY DIGI.

As soon as I opened my blanket at Christmas, I knew I had to get a picture with it to scrap with this kit. I’ve found that I am constantly thinking through the kits I have and trying to look for pictures that would work with them as we are out and about. A lot of times, it’s the opposite – I will find a kit to go with the pictures I already have… but switching things around can be a fun challenge to!

Layout by Bethany. Supplies:
Stay Inside by THE DAILY DIGI.

Although this is a winter-ish themed kit, it doesn’t mean it can’t work for other subjects and seasons. I already had these photos in black and white and I thought they would work great with the pop of colors in this kit. I loved the way it turned out!

Layout by Janet. Supplies:
Stay Inside by THE DAILY DIGI.

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WEEK TWO: Weekly Spread and Planner Pages

January is moving along and I for one am glad to have a simple and easy plan for my memory keeping. I have decided to use these weekly spreads for me to document my phone photos (and my husband’s). I still use my “real” camera a lot, and my phone photos could never compare, but still, the photos on my phone show a full and busy life and I want to record it!

Here are my week one pages. They are nothing spectacular, but the memories are saved and moments recorded. That’s what’s important!

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Gorgeous Goodies

January 2017 Template Bundle by Connie Prince includes 4 full template packs, on sale for just $4.99. Also, CU friendly.

The Snow Queen On A Whimsical Adventure’s favourite childhood fairytale. She’s been wanting to make a kit about it for such a long time… this kit is now in her store.

This action leads you through placing your own masks, frame and photo into an amazing blended creation! It’s fully editable, and works in PSCC & PSE.

NBK just release this set of styles and brushes to help you create artistic layouts

My family has a bunch of celebrations coming up so this kit immediately caught my eye. I love all the wonderful versatile colors in this kit.

I love multi-photo templates. When I saw these, I was immediately drawn to how I could rotate them for a brand new look.

If you love blues and greens and florals, this kit in Jumpstart Designs’ signature style is ready to stack and cluster!

I’ve admitted it before and I have to do it again! If you add a pop of pinkish to any kit, I’m pretty much smitten. I also can’t resist some painterly bit!

Winter Woods

Winter hit the US with full force this weekend! 49 of our 50 states had snow on the ground somewhere in the state. This kit is perfect for documenting your winter adventures!
Check it out!

I have precious few photos of my kids in the snow so I wanted one of the photos to be large. However, I loved the background whitewashed wood paper so well that I reduced the opacity of the large photo so that the dark bits of the background paper would show through.

Layout by Jacki. Supplies:
Winter Woods by THE DAILY DIGI. Font: Magnolia Sky.

I find that adding shadows as you scrap really helps make some of your design decisions easier. The garland at the top of the page got filled in after a shadowed the bottom most piece. I also used the edges of the frames for journaling so they wouldn’t get lost on the background pattern paper.

Layout by Luly. Supplies:
Winter Woods by THE DAILY DIGI. Alpha 1 and 2 by The Daily Digi.

My pictures were pretty monochromatic and I think they really stand out against the blue background with the touches of red. I kept the red touches in a visual triangle to move my eyes around the layout.

Layout by Sharon. Supplies:
Winter Woods by THE DAILY DIGI.

I love how Bethany draws your eye through the page, using the stars masterfully to lead you past the photos to the journaling. Perfect!

Layout by Bethany. Supplies:
Winter Woods by THE DAILY DIGI.

A pop of red can be such a powerful design element. Here, Janet pairs it with black and white photos, allowing for a more cohesive look.

Layout by Janet. Supplies:
Winter Woods by THE DAILY DIGI.

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JANUARY HIGHLIGHTS {another month recorded!}

It’s rather ironic that once I was back at The Daily Digi, helping others in their scrapping journey, I started to scrap less. It wasn’t intentional, but with new work loads plus a big move and other life changes for our family, there just wasn’t time to devote to scrapping.

Memory keeping is still SO very important to me, and that is why I am always looking for quick and easy ways to save memories. We’ve shared so many ideas over the years, and we will always strive to make products available for every scrapper, no matter how much time you have to devote to memory keeping.

This January Highlights template, part of this month’s Digi Files, is we quick and simple way to get some memories recorded. You can use it as-is, or more like a template. The goal is just to get some memories recorded while you still remember them! At least that’s the goal for me.

For the first time since 2012, I am woefully behind on editing. So, no 2017 pictures for me yet. BUT, that doesn’t mean I couldn’t use this template for another year (or anything else!), so I opened up some photos from January 2014 and got to work. I chose a few favorite photos from the month and then went through the rest of the photos so I could see what we did each day. All-in-all, fifteen minutes and I have a month of memories recorded. These pages might not be masterpieces, but I am so glad to have more days and more memories ready to be printed and enjoyed!

If you want more ideas and inspiration about memory keeping, especially as it pertains to different projects for the year, check out these posts:

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