Throwback Thursday: Fonts

Once a month, we’re bringing you a few of your favorite posts from the past 8 years. This month, we’re talking about fonts. One of your very favorite posts of all times is Fonts Don’t Float by Suzy. Check out this awesome technique for more realistic text.

Next up is Text Size Matters by Katie, and the Daily Digi Team. We talk about our favorite font sizes.

While we’re talking about fonts, we cannot forget to mention Font Organization. Digi scrappers are known for their massive font collections. Loading all those fonts can slow down your computer significantly, or cause random errors if any get corrupted over time. Using a font manager allows you to easily load and unload fonts from your system. Although some of the programs mentioned in this article are no longer around, the article offers some great information and is still worth reading. I still highly recommend FontExplorer X Pro and Extensis Suitcase as two great options. Font managers can be expensive, but you can usually skip several versions and upgrade only when you get a new computer or Operating system. And, you can usually get decent upgrade pricing, so if you are getting overwhelmed with all your fonts, check them out.

Finally, Steph wrote this super helpful post, More Than You Want To Know About Type. It covers several things that most of us never knew you could do with the type tool. (Not all of these features are available in PSE.)

I hope you’ve enjoyed this stroll through the archives. I’ll see you next month!