Here at THE DAILY DIGI, we’ve always been a big fan of templates. Just search in the box over to the right, and you’ll pull up all sorts of posts we have written over the years praising the merits of templates.

Almost every month of the Digi Files (of which we have had 97!) we have included templates. Although many scrappers prefer to create their layouts from scratch, there are also many scrappers who use templates on almost every layout. After having created templates myself for over ten years, I find that they are such a great place to start. Even if my final layout looks nothing like the original template, the design is a great jumpstart to my creativity. Staring at a blank document usually leaves me with a blank document…I just don’t get started. Templates to the rescue!

Even with the changes we are making at The Daily Digi, we will still always provide templates each month to our members. I am always, always looking for ways to make scrapping faster, easier, and more fun!

Our January templates are the perfect balance of simplicity and creativity. We hope you give them a try. This layout, using only items from ENJOY THE RIDE from the January Digi Files took me TEN MINUTES. I wish all my pages came together that fast!

We’d love to see the pages you create with these templates!