Gratitude Journal {weeks 51 & 52}

I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas! I know we did. Our family enjoyed a few days at the beach. What a wonderful time to reconnect and look forward to the coming year. I spent a lot of time whispering softly, “Thank you for this gift.” And I didn’t mean Christmas presents! I meant all the little blessings in life — the sweet hugs of my three-year-old, the warm Florida weather, the giggles from happy siblings.

We are finishing up our gratitude journal for the year. Can you believe it? 52 weeks of gratitude. I hope you enjoyed this project. Taking time each day to recognize the blessings in our lives and to be grateful goes such a long way in our happiness. There is no joy without gratitude!

These pages are a place for you to record little memories you don’t want to forget, little reasons to be grateful. Each week their will be a gratefulness quote as well as a few photo spots.

You can use these FREE pages in a number of ways:

1) As digital scrapbooking templates. The download will always include .psd files for both 2-page 12×12 spreads as well as 2-page 8.5×11 spreads. You can add your own papers and elements and scrap ’till your heart’s content! (This is also a good option for those of you who get twitchy because I started the week with Friday. Since January 1 is a Friday, I like to start each week that way, but you may not! Feel free to adjust as needed!

2) As a digital journal. Keep the colors and text just as they are. Simply flatten the layers and add your notes of gratitude. Easy peasy!

3) As printed pages. Print out and write on them the good old-fashioned way. There is a .pdf file included for printing two letter-sized pages. Print your photos and attach!

If you have missed previous weeks, grab them HERE.