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Bring Joy to Your World with these December Scrapping Tips

Are you looking longingly through Instagram feeds of gorgeous (but sold out) kits, perfectly prepped December Daily projects and dozens of digi Christmas kits? Do you start each December hoping to add a cute album to your shelf?

I do! I’ve bought nearly every Christmas Kit Flergs and Kristin Cronin-Barrow have released, and talked to dozens of scrapbookers about their Christmas scrapbooking processes on the December Daily inspiration podcast.

Whether you want to document the highlights of your Christmas season or document every day, thinking through the different options can help you nut out the sweet spot for documenting your festivities.

December Un-Daily

Did you know you don’t need to do a December Daily project to scrap you Christmas? Yes, it’s true! Take a moment to think about what you’d like to achieve. Picture how you want your album to look at the end, and then about the types of stories or memories you want to capture. Maybe a Holiday Faves or an†ongoing Christmas Album that you add a few pages to each year. You can still buy and use some fun supplies!

I’ve love Ali Edward’s approach to December Daily, “For me this is a one-story-per-day project.” Not necessarily a Christmas event, but a little moment she wants to capture. December06_spread1

I, on the other hand, seem drawn to documenting a whole day. Whenever I try to just focus on one thing in the photo choice for the day, I end up writing it all in the journaling too! That’s OK. I know that I like to document the days, rather than a specific story. So I’m running with that.

Another option is to just make a layout summarizing the feel of a number of years, or that whole Christmas season. I used a photo from 2003, to sum up my Christmases growing up.

What Format Works for You?

The size of the project can have a direct impact on the amount of time it takes you to complete it. For many people, a larger page takes longer to complete. So if time is an issue you could try to emulate Ali Edward’s 2012 album. With a small 4×6 footprint, it may help speed up the process.

I’ve tried 12×12 pages in digi and 6×6 pages in paper. When it came time to print my albums, the smaller 8×8 photobook are the sweet spot for me. I love that my photobooks take up a lot less space than the paper album.

Have you tried a few different formats? Which works best for you?


Whether your Christmas is in the blazing summer like mine or in the middle of winter, we all have photo challenges. Messy backgrounds, bad lighting, less than stellar phone photos. I’ve come to accept not all of my photos will be brilliant.

My simple solution is to:

  1. Take lots of photos
  2. Use a tripod (or use auto shake reduction in PSE!)
  3. Adjust the levels in my photos or run them through Radlab.
  4. Add a white border

A quick bit of photo triage and I can select the best photo and run with it.

Foundations, Templates and Winging it

Our paper-scrapping sisters are in a frenzy of cutting and pasting, and filling pockets right now. As digi scrappers, we have a couple of options templates, pre-making foundation pages and winging it!

I’ve been working with templates from all over the digi community for my albums:

  • 2009: Jessica Sprague’s Holidays in Hand.
  • My own templates to make a December Daily and I used them again in 2011.
  • 2012, I was swept up by the cuteness of paper mini albums and ordered Simple Scrapper’s Holiday Kit to try my first paper December Daily.
  • 2013 I used Nettio’s Holiday Faves templates.
  • 2014, I create my own designs on each page using a digi foundation file I created.
  • 2015 I used Janet Phillip’s templates that were part of the Digi File last year.

I’ve learned a few things from all these templates.

  1. I love lots of photos, and always seem to add more.
  2. I keep buying templates with square photo spots, but I prefer rectangles
  3. I’m over rounded corners
  4. I buy more kits than I can use! (Even though I usually mix and match a couple of kits!)
  5. I’ve never found embellishing ahead of time helpful.

I like that templates can make my scrapping faster, especially when I have enough photo spots! In 2016, I’m planning to select a background paper I’ll use throughout the album, and just create my pages on the fly. I think this will help me to avoid my ongoing fight with square photos and rounded corners!


In 2009, I followed along with Jessica Sprague’s Holidays in Hand class. I printed off her daily documentation sheets, and even lugged them with us on our seven hours driving, and then seven hours flying across the country. I dutifully wrote out my journaling in response to each prompt. And then did nothing with it.

Ali Edwards has a great list of† December story inspiration†ideas from a few years back that may inspire you.

In 2011†I used simple prompts again, and documented the daily journaling on my blog.

  • Traditions
  • Listening
  • Singing
  • Decorating
  • Remembering
  • Watching
  • Organising
  • Buying
  • Giving
  • Eating
  • Realising

These prompts made blogging easy, but I still went back and added even more when it came to scrapping! I can’t bear to leave out the who, what and when!

In 2012, journaling in paper seemed fast for me, but using a 4×6 photo on a 6×6 album size left little space. As much as I loved the paper album in the end, I just couldn’t put aside the nagging feeling. What if it got ruined? With digi I can always reprint it!

I’ve also enrolled in†Journal your Christmas by Shimelle Laine and that inspires me to draw on my past Christmases in today’s journaling.

Overall I find that I use mostly factual journaling, along with a few anecdotes to explain the back story of one or two traditions each year in my album. What do you enjoy?

When to Scrap

If you are doing a December documentation project like December Daily, it can be fun to join in with the community and scrap along. In 2010-2013, I tried to do that with varying degrees of success. I always enjoy scrapping the first few days of December, even if I don’t continue.

If you want to savor the season, why not write a few notes, take photos now and scrap later?

In 2014 and 2015 I followed along with†Alice Boll’s Scrapbook Christmas in January. Alice emails prompts to take photos daily up until Christmas and then we scrapbook them together, in January. I have stayed motivated to finish my albums thanks to this class!

Scrapbook ChristmasÖ in January! Make Christmas easier by knowing you'll have the important details ready to scrap in January when Christmas is over!

What Makes Me Happy

I’ve discovered:

  • I like documenting what our days look like
  • I love the look of square photos, but I really prefer a full frame in my scrapping
  • I like simple backgrounds and lots of photos
  • I prefer digi over paper
  • I don’t mind finishing the album later than December

What do you enjoy? How can you make it part of your scrapping this Christmas?

Countdown to Christmas

It’s time to start the big countdown to Christmas Day. My little ones are constantly asking, “How many more days?”

This set of {26} 4×6 cards are the perfect way for us to COUNTDOWN TO CHRISTMAS! And it is absolutely FREE for our members.

If you are already a member, check your download area.

If you aren’t a member...become one today! You’ll get lots of great products from this month PLUS this awesome set of countdown cards!

Gratitude Journal {week 48}

On Sundays this year at The Daily Digi, we are going to be sharing a FREE weekly gratitude journal spread.

These pages are a place for you to record little memories you don’t want to forget, little reasons to be grateful. Each week their will be a gratefulness quote as well as a few photo spots.

You can use these FREE pages in a number of ways:

1) As digital scrapbooking templates. The download will always include .psd files for both 2-page 12×12 spreads as well as 2-page 8.5×11 spreads. You can add your own papers and elements and scrap ’till your heart’s content! (This is also a good option for those of you who get twitchy because I started the week with Friday. Since January 1 is a Friday, I like to start each week that way, but you may not! Feel free to adjust as needed!

2) As a digital journal. Keep the colors and text just as they are. Simply flatten the layers and add your notes of gratitude. Easy peasy!

3) As printed pages. Print out and write on them the good old-fashioned way. There is a .pdf file included for printing two letter-sized pages. Print your photos and attach!

If you have missed previous weeks, grab them HERE.


If you have used the templates or print-outs, we’d LOVE to see them! Share a link in the comments or EMAIL ME . We just might feature your page!

Be sure to be back next week for your next FREE journal template!

Years’ Worth of Christmas Ideas

It’s hard to believe The Daily Digi has been around for EIGHT years! And in that time, we’ve published a whole ‘lotta Christmas ideas.

Now that Thanksgiving is in the books (and hopefully the scrapbooks, too!), it’s time to focus on “the most wonderful time of the year!”

Check out just a few of our past Christmas posts…and be inspired!

Before we get to the sampling of great Christmas posts, I want to highlight this one. It’s important.

With that out of the way, check out these awesome posts as you think about creating and keeping awesome holiday memories!

Thankful for Fridays

I am so thankful for each designer who pours their heart and talents into amazing products for us to record our memories and document our stories. Even more special… these awesome deals!

Black Friday Sale – Save 50% off in my store through 11/30.


This is the perfect time to get ready for December memories! The Scrapbook Lady Salutations set will give you printable cards for your scrapbooking and some fun stationery options as well!


It’s time to celebrate the holiday season and get festive with this sparkling collection by Digital Scrapbook Ingredients!


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Few days left to grab the November Templates Bundle.


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That’s it for today!

Creative Cloud 2017

Adobe released the 2017 update to Creative Cloud recently. Let’s take a look at upgrading and the awesome new features! Plus, we’ll look at one feature I hate, and how to roll it back. 🙂


CC2017 requires a new install. But, you can still keep 2015.5 installed if you know the secret button. To update your software, you’ll need to launch the Creative Cloud app on your computer. Click on the Apps Tab. Three things to note:

  • You need to update apps individually (one at a time) if you want to keep previous versions installed.
  • You need to click ADVANCED OPTIONS and uncheck REMOVE OLD VERSIONS or Adobe will uninstall your older versions when it installs the new one.
  • By default, your preferences and settings will be copied to the new install. If you want a completely clean install, you can opt to uncheck that setting. If you want your workspace and tools to be the same as your current version, then leave that option checked.

Sit back and relax while your apps install! They can take a while.

New Photoshop Features

In-app Search

Adobe added a new search panel to help you quickly find tools, panels, menus, help content and more. This will make Photoshop discovery so much easier!


Start a new project using your own presets or Adobe Stock templates from the File > New menu. The File > New menu is completely revamed, so spend some time poking around and getting used to all the new options.

Enhanced Properties Panel

The Properties panel now displays information about common layer types as well as the document, so it’s easier to make precise adjustments.

New Creative Cloud Libraries capabilities

Creative Cloud Libraries allow you to save your own templates, graphics and more in your Adobe cloud account, making them accessible instantly through drag and drop. If you have space in your account, it’s a great way to save your favoriest. With CC2017, Creative Cloud Libraries can now save Adobe Stock templates. Plus, Send Link has been updated so you can share read-only access to a public library. When you follow a library, it appears in your Libraries panel and updates automatically.

Introducing Typekit Marketplace

If you like to buy fonts, you can now buy them through Adobe’s Marketplace and keep them stored in the cloud for instant access. I prefer to buy mine and manage them myself, but if you like the cloud to do it for you, it’s a great new option.

Feature Enhancements

Select And Mask Workspace: Polygonal Lasso tool is now available; High-quality refined previews on mouse down. Switch to low-resolution previews for better interactivity.

Face-Aware Liquify: You can now apply Face-Aware Liquify settings to the eyes independently or symmetrically; Click the link icon to lock the settings for the left and right eyes together.

Text: You can now simply click outside a text box to commit text.

Selection: Improved marquee selection to only select elements on the active artboard

Surface Blur: now up to 10X faster for 16-bit images

What’s Changed

Cmd/Ctrl+F now brings up Photoshop search. Previously, it was used to apply the last used filter. If you are like me and can’t stand this change, go to Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts and reassign the shortcuts.

Mac OS X 10.9 (
Mavericks) is no longer a supported operating system for this release of Photoshop CC.

Auto-Select is now the default setting for the layer Move tool. Turn it off by clicking the deselect Auto-Select buttonon the menu bar. By the way, this is the way Photoshop Elements works by default. It will select whatever you click. In previous versions, if you click with the move tool, it doesn’t matter where you click, it moves the layer you have selected in the layers panel. You can toggle this on and off easily. I find uses for both modes, though I leave mine off by default.

Layer styles can no longer be applied to artboards. As a workaround, include the contents of the artboard in a layer group and then apply the layer style to it. Did you know that we had artboards in Photoshop? I have never used them. Have you?

New Lightroom Features

Raw support on mobile

Local adjustments for Mobile
: (feature vary for iOS or Android) split view and slide over multi-tasking, view presets while shooting with in-app camera, Enhanced Tone Curve tool, Split Tone adjustments, Quick camera access, 3D Touch support, direct import from camera

Lightroom for Apple TV
: Available with fourth-generation Apple TVs.

Adobe Stock
: Submit your photos directly from Lightroom to Adobe Stock and sell them

Guided Upright
: Fix perspective by controlling and straightening skewed lines

Boundary Warp
: Stretches the edges of a merged panorama so you don’t have to crop out any important details.

So what do you think about the Creative Cloud 2017 update? Personally, I don’t see anything earth-shattering here. It’s going to take some time for me to get used to the new document interface. I can see the benefit of the search feature, but overall, there’s not a whole lot that seems useful to me personally. Have you discovered anything in CC2017 that you love (or hate)?

Layouts We Love: November 2016

It’s been a few months since we have featured some of the layouts we are loving. But a quick look at our Flickr pool and I am, once again, totally inspired. Fall is definitely in the air!

I bet you will be inspired too! As always, click the image to see the artist and credits!