Just Pick a Kit

We have all been there…the dreaded SCRAPPING RUT.

I’ve shared about it before, including ways to break free from it.

I still find myself there frequently, though.

For me, it looks like this:

I want to scrap.

I feel guilty for not scrapping.

I think, “I’ll try to scrap something right now.”

I look through my photos.

Nothing inspires me.

I look through my kits.

Not much inspiration there either.

Try again another day.

Repeat, repeat, repeat.

Or, I follow these steps and actually find a photo I want to scrap, only to be so out of practice and uninspired that I give up and throw whatever I have made away.

The problem is, that doesn’t get me anywhere! I still don’t have pages scrapped. But the longer I wait, the more out of practice I feel. Often this is where I pull out a template and make myself try to at least make something. It sometimes works and it sometimes doesn’t.

Lately, I have really be trying to scrap more. I love looking through our albums and I know my children do as well. I hate that the past few years have so few pages. However, if I wait for inspiration to spark, I might never get another layout done!

So, I have pushed past the uninspired feeling and simply chose to create pages, no matter how I feel. One of these easiest ways for me in this process has been what I call,

Just Pick a Kit and Get Scrapping

It’s simple. I literally go to my scrapping supplies folder which has previews of every kit I have. I scroll through, find one I like, and pull out papers and elements. I have so many amazing kits, some of which I have had for years and still haven’t used. I don’t try to mix and match kits. I literally just grab a few things and make a page with them.

I then find photos I think will go well (I know my photos fairly well and this process doesn’t take too long). I don’t let myself think too long about any of it, or I will give up. Working fast without a lot of deep thought enables me to just get it scrapped. After all, for me it us much more about the stories and the memories than the creative outlet (as much as I love it.)

I still don’t get to scrap as much as I would like and I still feel out of practice, but at least pages are being made and our memories preserved.

What about you? What do you do when you are in a scrapping rut?