From Above

Last week, I share how important it is to stoop to their level when taking photographs of children. I argued that a good photo would show the world from the vantage point of the child.

However, I have also shared that there are other photo angles you might not have thought of.

The angle in which you capture an image makes a different in the story you are telling. While shooting at the eye level of a child is often the best choice, there are other angles that at times tell a better story.

A few weeks ago, for example, my kids were out on the front porch playing with playdough (that my mommy bragging must say was made completely by my ten-year-old for his little siblings).

After taking a few photos straight on, I decided to try a different angle. I will often shoot multiple angles in order to see which I like best. I stepped up on the picnic table and shot from above.

I loved the vantage point I had and I kept shooting.

I love that you can see my three little ones all at once. I can’t see their faces, but I can see their little hands and I can see them all playing together. I see the playdough creations and the way they are interacting. I see the bright and happy colors of childhood and I see little details of who they are (my son is just in a t-shirt, my eight-year-old has the watch and hair band she loves to wear on her wrist, and my five-year-old is in a tutu).

Shooting from above let me tell a story I couldn’t capture from standing beside them.