Stooping to Their Level

One of the biggest mistakes parents make when photographing their children is to take photos from the vantage point of an adult. Most often, parents see a cute scene in front of them and they snap a picture. The problem is, as adults we are obviously much taller than our children. We end up with a “looking down on them” image.

These pictures don’t capture childhood because they are in actuality, capturing adulthood — meaning, the photo is simply showing what a child looks like from where an adult is standing. Rarely is it a good image (there are always exceptions!)

When we want to capture children in our photographs, we have to get down to see their world from their eyes. In doing so, a whole new world opens up and we enter into their world.

A few weeks ago, I was at the park with my kids. My three year old was playing on the swing as little ones like to do: he was swinging on his belly.

I could have stood over him and taken a picture, but instead, I sat down on the ground and photographed him from there.

The resulting images capture the world from his vantage point. He looks sweet and innocent, just as he should!

My older son was also playing on the swings, in the way older boys do. In order to get these images, I had to almost lay on the ground and shoot up.

As I mentioned in my post, Photo Angles You Might Not Have Thought Of, taking pictures from various angles is one of the best ways to improve your photography. When taking pictures of young children, try getting down to see what they see and capture their world rather than your own.